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  1. JeyTee84

    More on the duct bug

    So as you may heard ducts sometimes just stop working for a minute or so. Like everey hour. But when they do that they also do this weird disconnect stuff as well but only in a few chunks. Here are some pictures, i hope they help
  2. So there are no chunkloaders but the player is also only loading about 24 blocks away wich is pretty short imo :/ Here's a vid of my pretty close pumpjacks not pumping to the destillation tover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRMi7ZEMn_k Could the Chunk loading lenght be a bit extended maybe? :)
  3. In-Game Nickname: @Beh Time and date: 06.16. 2:52 Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/LjUtats Description of what happened: first of, its a meme, here is the origin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYpnINrZM_M second, what makes it even more hillarious, is that im black... i mean i get it and appreciate it and dont really care about the mute either but this is just silly oversensitivity...
  4. but then i cant use the rest of the area for other plants ?
  5. a temp. fix is to put another gatherer on top of the first one
  6. The whole thing sometimes just stops working. I think I've figured out why: https://imgur.com/a/stF47xb The trees (all kinds) sometimes grow without their bottom block, this way the geatherer doesn't see it. If i place a block of wood in the bottom, it starts working again. (Also the fluxduct on the gatherer sometimes just disconnects, but thats for another day ). Hope it could be fixed soon ps.: the same problem exists on DW20 1.12
  7. wazzzuuuup (with Revelations )
  8. JeyTee84

    AE2 Ender Pearl Dust

    the shop at the spawn doesnt work with some items (like the booster) :/ it just displays an empty line in the chat when clicked
  9. Hey Guys! I asked when the deep dark is reset. Bruny said at the beginning of each month. Picked it up before the beginning of the month so that it wont get deleted. Set it back up a week later. The deep dark got reset . Can i get a refound please? (Tesseract, EnderQuarry, Silk Touch upgr., Speed III upgr.)
  10. Simple basic cyclic assembler turned to obsidian due to antilag i guess. Why is that and how can i prevent that? (beef wellington crafter btw ) http://imgur.com/a/Eevbu
  11. JeyTee84

    Market Tinkers' bug

    Nah, im fine thanks, just wanted to draw atention to this so that bruny or someone could do something about it so people wont lose their precious merchandise :3
  12. JeyTee84

    Market Tinkers' bug

    Tinkers' Construct tools turn into unusable wooden tools in spawn market. The hammer in my hand used to be a fully upgraded magical wooden hammer.
  13. JeyTee84

    Deep Dark reset

    Well isnt it posible to leave it for longer? actually that's the deep darks only real purpose... to set the quarrys ther, so the overworld wont get ruined. This way it's kinda dangerous to quarry there. btw on infinity it hasnt been reset for a while now (around 3 weeks i guess)
  14. JeyTee84

    Deep Dark reset

    Simple question: When is the Deep Dark being reset? Most of us has a quarry there so would be good to know when it is done.
  15. JeyTee84

    Passive Anchor + Mob spawner?

    Not even this setup pls help im desperate

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