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  1. Yes, hes always harrassing me aswell, i think this guy needs to be punished.
  2. Great tournament! hope to see more in the near future!
  3. In game name: i_Waffle_i Proof of Purchase: 6H8893137S605791W Description of Issue: Yesterday i bought my nametag for network servers, i got it on the lobby, and some servers, but never got it on Acv1. Date/Time of Purchase: 10/6/2018 Items/Rank Bought: Nametag, Premium/Premium+( I also had premium and premium+ on some servers, but couldnt find the purchase proof on my email, ) Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: EDIT: Fixed someone T/C, Thanks!
  4. Hi fellas, recently i was looking for some stuff on my pc, and i found something that i made a long time ago when i was Architect, i didnt remembered i built this, The only person who saw this Hub was powerwarp, we made it a really long time ago, but we never decided about using it or not, so i never posted it, some days ago when i found this i though, why not posting this for the Craftersland community, What do you guys think? Do you guys like it? It took me and my friend matt some hours of hard work to finish it, hope you guys like it. ( also have alot of random maps, maybe posting them in the future? ) Note: This is not a suggestion for a new craftersland Lobby/Hub, and it won't be added, its just an idea we had some time ago.
  5. Yes, its a very nice server.
  6. Hi i need help fixing my ranks, thanks
  7. Hi, for some reason i still have gm rank on the network servers, can someone remove it and add my premium rank thanks. @Powerwarp
  8. Name: Marc Bensoni IGN: i_Waffle_i (ez) Age: 17 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Network Location: Usa/Mex A short description of yourself: Im back from a long break i took a few months ago probably more than a year now, im happy to see all my good old friends, hope to play with everyone and have a fun time! for those who dont know me, im just a normal guy who likes going around making friends. Hobbies and interests: Minecraft, basketball ( Golden State Warriors ) Discord / Skype Name: I forgot my skype password, this sounds weird but its true! ): (L)
  9. Hi, im bugged falling into the void can someone TP me to spawn pls, this is on the server Assassinv1, ty <3 ign: i_Waffle_i
  10. si amigo haz lo que te digan, igual si quieres yo te regerso tus cosas, hablame cuando me encuentres conectado.
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