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  1. Oh yaa! Thank you for congratulating me. I was just voting strictly for the cmds you get at first because it makes the gameplay much better for me. Now though i'm honestly glad that I can help the server(s). Plus I bring a decent size MC family with me and I feel we are gonna stick around a while.
  2. I got this game and its actually really fun. Thanks
  3. Awesome! I can't play anyways because of stupid modem issues so this is just perfect timing.
  4. Awww that's ok.. was worth a shot to ask anyways.
  5. May I please bring my tinker's tools with me to the new reset? I understand how unfair this might be and I probably already know the answer but it doesn't hurt to ask anyways. I also understand this means a total character reset as well because of quest books and stuff it just has to be. Is there any way I could bring them though? Pretty please kind Admin Lords. Thanks
  6. Ok well that works as well.. idk what anyone has reported so I just try any and everything just to see
  7. Yeah gimme! Thank you kind sir.. and btw /fly still works even if you don't have the topvoter tag idk if you care (probably do) but I noticed it last night
  8. I have to say that I have not donated and on Continuum I have been able to use the /me command. I do have top voter as of today but I have been able to use /me without any tags before today. IDK if you guys care, probably do but just letting ya know!!
  9. Yea that's right ! New(ish) to Craftersland but I intend on sticking around a while! Thanks yo..
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