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  1. I recommend not using the Refined Storage as it does cause a lot of problems like this. Refined Storage is a broken mod, so if/when you are able to I would switch to AE.
  2. Account Name: RazAssassinRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: worldeditReason for Request*: The reason for this request is I build a lot and find it would be easier for me to build my structures and remove them if I need to.
  3. Your Name: RazAssassinItem Name + Amount: Digital Upgrade - Power UpgradeCoordinates (format x, y, z): 1715, 64, 2795Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: NoneDescription of Issue: I logged on today to find that my efab crafting grid was replaced with obsidian and inside were those items. I was told Epic sometimes did that with blocks that are causing lag. And knowing that you can no longer craft the digital upgrade I would really like it back. And for proof, not sure what counts exactly but. https://gyazo.com/6af45c9ec4d697fab0fb631151c6f2b2
  4. Found out that you can just Auto spawn the Elder guardian to get sponge. T/C
  5. yeah, that's what happened in the 1.6.0 update. You need to use wrenches to break/remove the machines.
  6. Your Name: RazAssassinCoordinates: 1717.84, 79.77, 2769.68 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): Today/ 11:40amDescription of Issue: I went to shift click my ItemWirelessTerminalUniversal in my AE system using my Baubles Wireless Terminal. Now When I log back in I move around for like 3 seconds the dc.Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Your Name: RazAssassinItem Name + Amount: Quantum solar Panel + 2Coordinates (format x, y, z): 1739.165 / 65.94882 / 2781.586Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: noneDescription of Issue: Servers tps dropped to 4 when I tried to break the solar panels one turned into a basic machine frame the other vanished when I used a wrench on it.Screenshots (Optional): sadly none, didn't think I needed to take a ss..
  8. Your Name: RazAssassinClaim Leaders Name: RazAssassinCoordinates of claim (use format xyz: 1845 64 2374) : In space.. 6656.079 /126.000000 /-5631.610Claim members: NoneReason for request: Update to 1.6.0 removed my claim access to my space station
  9. I think Sponge should be added to the spawn shop, the only place to get sponge is in the water temples in the ocean. I think it would be a good addition to the spawn shop. 😁
  10. you should only need the Guide Computer and a Planet Id chip/ and I believe the dst for the moon is Luna
  11. Your Name: RazAssassinItem Name + Amount: Cryo-Stabilized Fluxduct +34Coordinates (format x, y, z): 1728.078 / 67.12340 / 2766.680Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: NoneDescription of Issue: Server Crashed while I was replacing my Glass Cables with Cryo-Fluxducts. When I logged back in they were gone.
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