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  1. Hello! World Edit isn't available anymore as a command for players. I don't see an issue with getting the others though. Will just have to wait for the server manager to assign them to you if they also say you can have them.
  2. If I know about it for sure but I am pretty sure the manager will
  3. Not sure if you've gotten this but I will ping this servers manager @Ness27
  4. I think this is a great idea. I will mention this to OTwitch for sure
  5. It normally does and then those people finish the pack and it dies again.. Its just Continuum.. I actually love that it is so quiet tbh.. sometimes anyways.
  6. We will miss you Tater. The server being reset when it happened was just bad timing really. If you ever decide to join our servers again we will welcome you with open IP addresses xD. OTwitch is also an admin on Continuum, I however am not but I don't have to have the tag to be a helper :). We have a small group of friends that we actually met here at Craftersland and some RL firends that play Continuum so if you guys ever wanna join there let us know. Maybe we can all start together. If you have any Minecraft related questions feel free to contact us and we'll help ya out whether you are or aren't playing on our servers. Until next time we see you.
  7. This is really awesome. Good Job peeps
  8. DDSS Event list + Rules and Guidelines OTwitch and I (Nikkinz) are hosting an event this Saturday 19th of June 12 pm CST PVP and PVP related rounds: Free For ALL (Death Match) rounds will include the following: -Naked round(s) fighting with only your fists max 3 rounds -Armor and Weapons of your choice max 3 rounds -Bow and Arrow round(s) of our choice max 3 rounds Free For All will have 1 winner each round and previous winners will not be able to play a second round. Elimination style Tournament rounds will include the following: -Armor and Weapons of our choice 1v1 (we choose who fights who) and 1 round per fight til last man standing Tournament style will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners Color Coded Elimination: -This will be as it states. You choose a color to be in, we shoot a firework off and whatever color explodes is eliminated. If no one is in a color shot we shoot again. There could even be multiple colors eliminated in just 1 round. Near the end when there is X amount of players you'll get to choose a number from whatever range we decide to win a chance to rejoin the game. All of the unknowns will depend on how many players there are. Plus there may even be something special you won't read here but will find out when the game starts or in the middle of the game. Parkour: Each player will be naked. Top 3 players to reach the end win. RULES for PVP events: -NO FLY of any type this includes elytras and slimesling (except in "your armor and weapons" tourney) -NO /heal /feed (we will supply food) -NO teleporting in and out during events -NO Creative -Let's keep this kid friendly so same server rules apply RULES for Color Coded Elimination: -NO teleporting to other players -NO PVP -NO Creative -Same server rules apply RULES for Parkour: -NO teleporting to other players -NO /Fly, elytra, slimesling, or anything similar -NO Creative -Same server rules apply The point of this is to have fun and do something different for the server, its players, and any player who wants to join. Please use common sense and lets not find some loophole in the rules. If for some reason you break any of these rules you will be jailed and muted until the end of the event and released when the next one starts. If you break the rules a second time you will be jailed and muted until the end of ALL events. OTwitch will be watching the console and he WILL see if you break the rules by some command so I suggest you just have fun. There will be prizes at the end whether you win or not. See you all there ~Nikkinz
  9. Make sure that you have Java 8 and its 64 bit installed. If so uninstall and reinstall it.. Also make sure you have enough ram allocated to DDSS 8-10Gb. Hope this helps!
  10. I believe the latest version for DDSS is 8.0_R1 if you would rather use a different launcher.
  11. Nerd alert! Hi OutlawUsa/Matt! Me and Twitch also love camping, gardening, fishing, but we build drones and stuff like that. The Hot Wheels are still cool though I personally loved and collected them as a child but I have since lost that collection sadly.
  12. Oh yaa! Thank you for congratulating me. I was just voting strictly for the cmds you get at first because it makes the gameplay much better for me. Now though i'm honestly glad that I can help the server(s). Plus I bring a decent size MC family with me and I feel we are gonna stick around a while.
  13. I got this game and its actually really fun. Thanks
  14. Awesome! I can't play anyways because of stupid modem issues so this is just perfect timing.
  15. Awww that's ok.. was worth a shot to ask anyways.
  16. May I please bring my tinker's tools with me to the new reset? I understand how unfair this might be and I probably already know the answer but it doesn't hurt to ask anyways. I also understand this means a total character reset as well because of quest books and stuff it just has to be. Is there any way I could bring them though? Pretty please kind Admin Lords. Thanks
  17. Ok well that works as well.. idk what anyone has reported so I just try any and everything just to see
  18. Yeah gimme! Thank you kind sir.. and btw /fly still works even if you don't have the topvoter tag idk if you care (probably do) but I noticed it last night
  19. I have to say that I have not donated and on Continuum I have been able to use the /me command. I do have top voter as of today but I have been able to use /me without any tags before today. IDK if you guys care, probably do but just letting ya know!!
  20. Yea that's right ! New(ish) to Craftersland but I intend on sticking around a while! Thanks yo..
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