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  1. Report partidas terminada antes de los 10 min

    first of all english-only on forum. now... you say "termina partidas antes de 10 min, full ender" (complete matches before 10 min, FULL ENDER") enderpearl are not illegal, right? I already played that map and I know you need 4 enderpearl to win because this map is very small If you have complains about the use of "enderpearl" i recommend you this post> http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/19452-pollvote-enderpearl-in-capture-the-wool-ctw/
  2. unban juanstankovic

    [1] In-Game Username: juanstankovic [2] Details of Situation: I have been banned by powerwarp permanently, it says the ban hammer has spoken and i do not undertsand what i did. [3] Ban Category: The Ban Hammer Has Spoken [4] Ban Duration: permanent [5] Staff Member: @Powerwarp [6] ScreenShots: http://prntscr.com/fin51y [7] Your Reason: I am not really sure why i got banned im always good and i even sponsored for the server. Btw ... "if I get unban" anyway i do not know if I get it bcs my account is very bug
  3. [IDEA] Host SA?

  4. queja

    oye chamaco isma hace un buen trabajo por esta mierdas te banean a cada rato http://prnt.sc/dwfrgh decis que te gusta el server pero te la pasa duplicando cosas ilegales ----
  5. Ban Player locking and grifing homes

    http://forum.craftersland.net/forum/150-complaints/ i do not waste my time griefing your shitty house MasterKiller lock you lol you spam me tp

    cuando mas necesitas al staff mas te van a ignorar xD PD: todos los post en ingles y en su sección correspondiente
  7. CTW Anti-knockback

    i like your voice lol

    calm down babe just wait for any staff member unban you and demote
  9. [Presentation] Juanstankovic

  10. [Presentation] Juanstankovic

    Name: juan kian stankovic IGN: juanstankovic Age: 16 years old Crafter's Land Servers you play: Netwoooork Location: Argentina :^) A short description of yourself: I am a simple person who likes anime, games and annoy people (quisiera ser buena persona pero nunca me salio ) Hobbies and interests: my hobby... hmm... draw? yes its draw my dad gave me a wacom when I was 12 years old (I lock myself in my room all day drawing). (and i have DeviantArt TOP SECRET) Discord / Skype Name: discord: juanstankovic senpai #5127 skype: juanstankovic.
  11. Ilegal Items In Pure Survival

    LOLOLOL hahahaha
  12. Ilegal Items In Pure Survival

  13. Bother

    ignorancia por favor. i repeat... i kill those who have illegal items http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/16888-help/ http://prntscr.com/cy2fg7