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  1. Hello, I am an old player and recently discovered the addition of dw20 1.16.5. Hyped me instantly downloaded it willing to start a new adventure in 1.16.5 modded, but i couldn't join the server. Tried several times to connect but failed, then i learned that non premium users aren't supported yet to play 1.16.5 modded and i am wondering why that's happening and if there is any news about when we wil be able to play again on craftersland. I don't know who to ask or who knows anything, so i hope someday brunny see this and reply. Any info is welcome. Thank you, SatanIsMyLord.
  2. Required Item Name:Acidic Heart Quest Name: joining the four horsemen Quest Tab Name (and sub tab if exists, ex. space exploration/the moon): Introduction Notices (ex. restricted item or item not accepted): Acidic heart can be obtained by killing Osvermis that spawns at desert, but i was searching for many hours and 0 spawns. Solution (if you have any possible) : My solution is to add at the shophippocampus spawn Egg and osvermis spawn egg with a decent price, so people can proceed with the quests without the need of searchin many many hours without any result.
  3. Your Name: SatanIsMyLord Item Name + ID + Amount: Gold Ore Dimlet Base coordinates: x= 780 y=109 z= 954 Description of Issue: I crafted after some grind a gold ore dimlet with dimlet workbench and i made a pattern => rftools dimension with gold ore and left it inside the inscriber and server restarted suddenly.When i came back i looked inside it and the pattern transformed into default dimlets only, and i lost everything i used to make this patter including gold ore dimlet.I am requesting the gold ore dimlet OR material absorber with 100% gold ore and the parts to make the dimlet like memory/energy etc. Screenshots (Optional): https://ibb.co/b5Xd942 https://ibb.co/PTBhDcY
  4. Thank you very much, everything is fine so far. T/C ~D34D
  5. Your Name: SatanIsMyLord Coordiantes: x= 780 y=109 z= 954 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 13/10/2020 GMT +3 Description of Issue: i was trying to upgrade my energetic allow seeds to 10/10/10 then suddenly server lagged , and all my base was nuked. Screenshots (Optional): https://ibb.co/5v4456C https://ibb.co/XCx4ngd
  6. Your Name: SatanIsMyLordCoordinates: X: 1791.771 Y:12 Z:-361.494 Mining WorldTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 28/3/19 aprox 21:50 GTM+2 Description of Issue: I broke a chance cube and got inventory bomb without droping nothing on the ground, just my inv filled with dead bushes.Screenshots (Optional):
  7. SatanIsMyLord


    Can someone make a step-by-step guide for installing shaders for continuum modpack? (Craftersland launcher) Thank you
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