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  1. New Modded Server! Pick the modpack! Vote here!

    oh i never knew that it was outdated. That wizardry mod is pretty cool, it will be fun to play that. But for that server i think revelation modpack will be pretty awesome. OR if brunny decides to make a Magic server like pvp with spells etc, i dont know tho if that will bring more players , but i always wanted to play on that server. with ftb revelation modpack i think we will be satisfied
  2. New Modded Server! Pick the modpack! Vote here!

    What about a modpack with Ars magicka 2? ( http://www.9minecraft.net/ars-magica-2-mod/ ).
  3. New Modded Server! Pick the modpack! Vote here!

    I think its better not to add another Expert modpack since we have Infinity evolved server, I also want to see more Magic mods on a server,even tho i voted for revelation 1.12
  4. FTB Infinity Evolved Server time for WIPE? Vote!

    Thank you Brunny
  5. FTB Infinity Evolved Server time for WIPE? Vote!

    Last days i see less lag than other days making me think why do we even need a wipe.Maybe for the lag spikes? Is that a serious reason for a 3-month Old server to wipe? i am just feeling sad for the hours i have spent the last 2 months hoping to last more.
  6. FTB Revelation 1.12.2 seems pretty fine and awesome modpack.
  7. FTB Infinity Evolved Server time for WIPE? Vote!

    I think 3 its too early for a wipe,3 months arent much. Personaly, i joined 1 month ago and i am still mid game so starting all over again for me it too early, probably wont even start again. I hope it doesnt get a wipe :/ Feel sad that some people with a few lag vote yes for a wipe.Last week there are only some lag spikes, not that unplayable lag there was 2-3 weeks again.
  8. Server Lag

    As everyone knows by now Infiniy Evolved Server has terrible lag spikes/time outs or even restarting in a loop for ~10 mins, that makes it unplayble. From the time i joined the server, a month ago, the lag was there, some days lighter and some other barely playable, some days at not peak hours when less than 10 people are online everything is smooth as it should be but other hours lag is there. Why i am making this post? Well i am trying to reach the right people who can make a change at this situation and for everyone else to post down their ideas on how to fix that unplayable lag. My first thought are Chunkloaders/World anchors.They keep chunks loaded in many end-game bases with heavy machinery going on there reducing dramaticaly server TPS. Another known problems are Capacitors banks from Ender-IO as RF cables to many different chunks.Some people for some reason used that way to transfer rf making many lag spikes.Most of them have replaced those capacitors banks with cables, and seems that lag has been reduced. Do you know any other block/item that causes lag or anything you think causing lag? write it down below. In the end only brunny can make a difference I hope he will fix it soon. Sorry if i tired you reading this.
  9. World Automation: Is It A Successful Modpack?

    I prefer add a popular modpack and a NEW Modpack too like FTB infinity Evolve or FTB Crackpack because i see some youtubers playing those mods which mean many fans of them who would like to play in a server and many of them are cracked will find this server and play them And somehow the server needs more advertising because its the only one cracked modded server not abandomed
  10. New Spawn Suggestion (Now With Poll!)

    Its a nice spawn i approve it as i saw it online do it
  11. [Modded Servers] The Solution

    I totaly agree with your post and i would like to add that the FTB server is kinda dead with not many people online so i want to suggest to add FTB crackpack or other newer versions of FTB and not the FTB direwolf20 I know it is very good modpack but there are new modpacks too

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