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  1. Hello, sorry made the list later than promised. Your Name: SnoopDawgrrItem Name + ID + Ammount: [Quantity] Item Name (ID) [1] Redstone Furnace (Basic) (1691) [1] Pulverizer (Basic)(1691:1) [1] Magma Crucible (Basic) (1691:4) [1] Induction Smelter (Basic) (1691:3) [1] Phytogenic Insulator (Basic) (1691:11) [1] Energic Infuser (Basic) (1691:10) [1] Fluid Transposer (Basic) (1691:5) [2] Tesseracts (1698) [32] Hardened Fluxducts (2179:1) [256] Yellorium Ingots (4631) [64] Ender Energy Conduits (5142:2) [1] Alloy Smelter (1202) [1] Sag Mill (1201) [1] Painting Machine (1204) [1] Soul Binder (1226) [1] Slice N Splice (1225) [1] Experience Obelisk (1231) [3] Octadict capacitors (4160) [64] ME Glass Cable - Fluix (4099:16) [1] ME Crafting Terminal (4099:360) [12] ME Drive (201) [1] ME Pattern Terminal (4099:340) [10] ME Controlers (200) [1] ME Security Terminal (212) [12] Molecular Assembler (169) [18] ME Interface (203) [5] Inscribers (194) [About 70] 1k ME Storage Cell (4103) [4] ME Export Bus (4099:260) [6] ME Storage Bus (4099:220) [1] Logic Press (4098:15) [1] Calculation Press (4098:13) [1] Engineering Press (4098:14) [1] Silicon Press (4098:19) [4] Crafting Unit (166) [4] Co-Procesing Unit (166:1) [2] 1k Crafting Storage (168) [2] 4k Crafting Storage (168:1) [2] 16k Crafting Storage (168:2) [2] 64k Crafting storage (168:3) [32] ME Smart Cable - Fluix (4099:56) [32] Acceleration Card (4098:30) [16] ME Dense Cables - Fluix (4099:76) Coordinates: x: -990 z: -4515Description of Issue: Linking back to my my Town rollback request Server Moderator suggested me to make a refund of the major items because they didn't have a rollback that goes as far. The items i listed are mainly only the machinery and storage settup i had. Of course i had tons of materials (Iron,redstone, you name it), but dont think that matters because its fairly quick to recover from if i have my machinery back.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/wt0p3Db ( There are few screenshots where you can spot my ME settup, i didnt have any other proof) Thanks, Again sorry for troubles. ? SnoopDawgrr
  2. Okay, i'll try to make a list and make a new refund request by the end of the day. Did you try going back to last available save?
  3. Account Name: SnoopDawgrr Town name: / Character name : Town name "England" Server: Dw.1.7 Coordinates: x:-990 z:-4514 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: About 4-5 months back (i dont know if that is possible tho, i just hope that it can be rollbacked to the point the stuff shows back) Description of Issue: So i took a break playing on this server (mostly playing games at all) about the start/middle of september as far as i remember. Decided to join back 2 days ago and found out that most of the machines in my town have vanished (ME system, processing machines,cables,ect). To be honest i dont think its servers fault or anything, but more-likely my town members (BaBoon and BionicalGaming). I only have 1 suspect really which is BionicalGaming, because BaBoon havent logged back in since i last saw him in the server (about 6 months ago). I can say that 100% of ALL the work to the town i contribiuted on my own. BionicalGaming only joined at very start, made a hole in a mountain and never showed back really (only few times to look around). I just think its unfair to be in this situation and hope this can be resolved.? Thanks, Sincerely, SnoopDawgrr *Screenshots (I'd add more of them but cant because of the total size)
  4. No, the drives that were destroyed just droped like they would be destroyed with a pickaxe or something
  5. Hello, I recently made a rollback request about my part of my ME system being destroyed. It happened again but i witnessed it. After regular server restart (happened at 22:40 or so) i logged back in and saw my system being destroyed and had all items drives and controllers on the ground. I dont really know whats causing it so it would be nice to understand the problem. Thanks! Here are some screenshots http://prntscr.com/jwvlue http://prntscr.com/jwvm2y (i hope the links will exist for some time)
  6. Hello ? Account Name: SnoopDawgrr Town name: / Character name : Town name - England Server: Direwolf20 1.7.10 pack Coordinates: x; -980 z; -4511 y; 57 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 5 hours from current time the post was made Description of Issue: Somehow parts of my ME system disapeared in straight line. This issue had happened to me before, but it just deleted controllers. This time it affected the drives that were filled with storage units.? Screenshot: Thanks.? Can i request another rollback for the same thing if the time is incorrect?
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