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  1. altair990

    Missing Sword Ender Chest

    I will be connected until 5:05 thanks
  2. altair990

    Missing Sword Ender Chest

    Please can return my sword? but in my hands, because the last time I left on my chest ender my things disappeared u.u
  3. altair990

    Missing Sword Ender Chest

    2 days ago had enchanted sword Sharpened IV iron, Appearance Fire II, and Thrust II in the inventory, then store it in my chest ender and continue playing. Yesterday I connect to the server and my sword with a white horse (minor yesterday buy another) I have a screenshot of the sword of 07.03.2016 and a screenshot of yesterday. Please do something? ScreenShot (03-07-2016) http://prntscr.com/bsnoq1 ScreenShot (14-07-2016)(Yesterday) http://prntscr.com/bsuzrj
  4. nothing is true everything is permitted

  5. "Nada es verdad, todo esta permitido"

  6. Thanks u _ItsCloud_
  7. http://prntscr.com/blc0br this is how I leave my chest ender and my inventory before disconnect please help
  8. I do not have a picture of my objects before they disappeared, but remember what I had and just wanted q me back some things since some objects servian me (pages assassins, mail armor dungeon, golden swords without importance, potions fire resistance, etc) but took me a long time to dungeons and collect things that had: -11 Potions instant damage -41 powder -34 Red stone -2 Fishing rods (Lighthouse in carnia) -64 Cooked potatoes - 64 chickens cooked - 5 stacks arrows - 20 bones - 4 regular golden apples - 4 apples -8 breads - 1 blowfish and that's all I think http://prntscr.com/blbyh0 <---- my inventory and ender chest actually
  9. Today everything was normal, until around 12 pm, when I turned to connect to the server and observe my chest ender, was completely empty, except for the first row of this, I do not know what happened, besides this happened after I returned the 18 gold before had swindled me, please help thanks
  10. altair990

    Assassins Craft V1- Hoobs Me Ha Estafado

    tengo mas fotos y el video pero son demasiado pesadas para agregarlas al topic
  11. Sabado 25 de junio de 2016, aproximadamente a las 12 horas con 45 minutos realize un intercambio con el jugador llamado "Hoobs", este venderia una botella de xp a 3 de oro cada una, al preguntarle cuantas botellas me vende respondio: 15, asi q intercambiamos, le di 45 de oro y el solo me dio 9 botellas(el costo seria solo 27 de oro), gasto todo el oro q le pague en algo del player shop , pues cuando el mod DeathMetal reviso solo tenia 1 de oro, luego se fue, necesito q me devuelva los 18 de oro q le di de mas y no quiso, tengo un video de prueba, por favor pido la cooperacion de algun admin o moderador

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