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  1. It was until recently, I changed my nick without knowing that I had to wait 30 days to do it again, so I'm waiting for August 12 to get it back ):
  2. Thank you all I'm happy that you liked it
  3. It is not 100% accurate but I hope it works
  4. forget it the problem continues i just connected and i'm out of my clan again
  5. Hi. No, the reboot was already done, it was more like an error report, but I was able to fix it (the leader of the old clan deleted that clan)
  6. Hello, I recently had a password reset, this was because I started playing on the server as a non-premium user, and I requested the reset so that my account was updated to a premium user (which I already own), however before Reset was part of a clan, and now I still have it, even though I'm not really a member anymore. The problem is that I have created a (verified) clan on 2 occasions and both times it removes me from my own clan, the last one was made up of 3 people and when I connected today, I was no longer part of the clan, which no longer had a leader . The only explanation I can find is that I am still on the list of members of my previous clan, and therefore it removes me from my new clan. I have already entered the old clan, but my name appears 2 times in the list. Could anyone help me please? :c Images: https://prnt.sc/syvxrr (clan lookup) https://prnt.sc/syvy4p (Clan roster DWS)
  7. nothing is true everything is permitted

  8. "Nada es verdad, todo esta permitido"

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