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  1. Ah ok. Then it was not a glitch. But the horse inside the jail is xd.
  2. Hi, I found a glitch where people can glitch into jail using horse. And if you drown yourself, and you get released from prison. It teleports you back. Username: 6lxx Problem: I found a glitch where people can glitch into jail using horse. And if you drown yourself, and you get released from jail. It teleports you back into jail. Proof: Proof #1: https://imgur.com/a/0tH6XjQ (Me in the prison. They did not /jail me i glitched in using horse) [PS. I'm not abusing this is the first time] {MiniTermi77 was witness} Proof #2: https://imgur.com/a/Xpt5MWJ (He t
  3. Congrats on your acceptance. I hope you can make new parkours and you can also show me your new ideas/projects xd. Don't make it too hard hahaha. Anyways have a nice day man.
  4. I agree but what about shadow armor? I think if netherrite would be added it would defeat the purpose of shadow armor since it's ridiculously expensive at 48 gold blocks each. Nevertheless i think it should be added
  5. Yep, i saw him doing this in AC right now. He seemed surprised when i showed him there was a report on him. His friend told me to go for some reason https://imgur.com/a/cKyqWfn
  6. Got solved today by Jimmel. He was really nice and cool about it. He gave me back everything that i had. Thanks! You can close this topic.
  7. My inventory screenshot was https://gyazo.com/f5ab03702d0f3456e3f9480c629782b8 i got it from that post:
  8. I tried doing that, but it doesn’t work. I even have a screenshot of what my old inventory looked like if that helped. When I changed my name, I logged in to craftersland AC and found that all my stuff was gone. One of the staff members told me to make a post and that it’s normal if someone changes their names, it treats them as a new player
  9. Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : AC In-Game Nickname : 6lxx Nickname of the one you are complaining about : SimonPro123 Description of the situation : I asked in chat if someone is selling diamond armor, he was friendly to me and told me to send my money to him ($114,000). Once i sent it, he completely ignored me and later on admitted that he scammed me. At the end, after another member told me that SimonPro123 stole his armor. We both started making comments and he told me to come so he can give me armor and he gave me a leather. He stopped being frie
  10. With the effort that you put in + the time, you're going places. I hope you get accepted to be a builder.
  11. Old username: Qeaox New username: 6lxx Reason for transfer: I changed my username from Qeaox to 6lxx a while ago and lost all my stuff. Can you please transfer everything I've had from my old account. I had lots of balance, full diamond with full enchants, tomahawk, along with other things that i forgot to mention. I hope you can recover my belongings since I played on this server for many time and worked hard. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day
  12. Shut up lmao. Literally no point in you replying to this topic
  13. in ACv1 my previous name was "Qeaox" I had full diamond with tomahawk etc. Now my name is "6lxx" and all my stuff is gone even my chest is back to level 1. Only thing remains is my VIP rank
  14. Username: Qeaox Problem: I tried purchasing the book "Channelling" from Enchanter Bill and it wouldn't give me my book. Everything would go normally except my item. I have already told iiTzFermin_ about it and he said he couldn't help me and needs a GM. I bought the book twice and the same thing happend. Proof: Purchase #1: https://gyazo.com/cbc098c46d5e8c59f2f404dd38703ea2 Purchase #2: https://gyazo.com/ee45af649ea080e634092846c133ef6e Inventory: https://gyazo.com/f5ab03702d0f3456e3f9480c629782b8 I'm aware that this isen't good proof but may
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