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  1. Taken care of with the player ingame. T/C
  2. So as many of us know, /fly has been removed from sponsors in Assassins Creed. Sponsors ingame complain about this and i think they have the right too because it means a few things. 1. /enchant is also removed meaning that the 2 best commands are gone. which makes the rank on ac rather useless. 2. many of our players actually bought the sponsor rank for the fly and enchant. which means they wasted their money. 3. Sponsors got used to the command, cant take it away now. Let me know what you guys think, if it should stay or its to OP. Also tell me about other commands which can be used instead of fly. -Bas
  3. User punished. Thank you for your report. T/C
  4. Thanks to every staff member who helped with this tournament. It was a lot of fun!
  5. Account Name: BasGroen Rank: GM & Sponsor+ Requested Commands: essentials.repair.armor Reason for Request: So i don't have to take off my armour when I want to repair it. Acv1 & if possible Acv2 Thank you for your time
  6. Thank you for telling us about it! Warms my heart
  7. Tried this ingame and I had the exact same problem. Thanks for reporting this bug
  8. Hey everyone, So we all know the fame plugin on acv1. Many players don't understand it and are disappointed that it gives no extra effect If you are a master assassin and have another rank/prefix your name gets ridiculously long. Also, it's not clear if someone is very good or not because no one knows the correct order of the ranks. So we came up with an idea. Basically, we hoped to solve all those problems with a new system. In this system, we work with actual ranks. For example: We think this looks great and thought this would improve some points in today's system like: -This causes less confusion by players since they can easily see if someone is good. -Your name doesn't get too long. -You can easily add effect to this (like every 10 levels a greater reduced fall damage buff) -This would bring more competitivity between players. -an unlocking system for new items. These levels can be obtained by killing, opening dungeon chest and with spending ingame currency Even when players have maxed out armour they still have a goal to work towards. We really like this idea and hope you do too. Let us know and tell us if you have other idea's This idea what thought of by AlwaysJustin and BasGroen
  9. User Punished. Thank you for your report. T/C
  10. User Already punished. (i was ingame) Thank you for the report T/C
  11. Happy birthday man! 

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