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  1. Thanks for the ones working on this! Cant wait to experience Glaskerville!
  2. Hey, could you please use this template? Hola, podrias por favor usar este modelo de post? Or has your issue been solved? O fue tu problema solucionado? Thanks/Gracias!
  3. Topic moved from Network Complaints to SkyFactory Complaints.
  4. Apparently 1.14.1 is comming on Monday! This means: tons bug fixes (and some more new ones haha)!
  5. xtomyserrax

    Secret Room!

    The Secret Room is so secret nobody knows about it 🤔
  6. I am incredibly happy to see this post. Cant wait to see the community reaction and their ideas! We put a lot of effort here, and Henk did an amazing leader job (an also his textures)
  7. Sorry I just read this. Thank you for your words Henk, I had a really great time working with you on this. By this project I was allowed to meet you, to know how good you are and how much you care about this community. I am glad to have helped, though I am a new student to this and learning, I am really glad of all the knowledge I aquired (I am really surprised). Thank you, and I am always going to be here (with less or more time )
  8. xtomyserrax

    help :u

    Yes the server is open and you can play whichever gamemode you want! Just join and play! Server IP: Premium only: Europe - play.craftersland.eu USA - play.craftersland.us Non-premium: mc.craftersland.net
  9. xtomyserrax

    help :u

    Moved topic from Complaints to General. Hey, please use English on forums! AssassinS had a reset and made an awesome update, that is why everyone started again from zero! You should join and check the new amazing stuff and improvements the server and the entire network had! Please let us know if you have any other question!
  10. I do really like this post and to see what the community thinks. In this case, I agree that the enchant command could be something really OP for Sponsors but in my opinion the fly command should stay. It was the top reason of buying the rank and also something amazing for lazy people who want to travel around the world easily and also a tool for doing some really hard parkours. I know there may be tons of pros and cons about this so it would be amazing to see what others think (as for the good and the bad things) and to find the best solution! Thank you!!!
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