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  1. xtomyserrax

    Game Of Hangman

  2. xtomyserrax

    [Unwarn Request] [Jiimmy_04]

    Hey for you to know, I just edited your translation of "sensible" because in english sensible means sensato, so I changed to sensitive which was what you meant. (just a small edit for english staff)
  3. xtomyserrax

    Advertising - ACv1

    Players punished. Thanks for the report! T/C
  4. Wow I have played the released version of 1.13 and it sucks. It is the slowlest game ever. How does Microsoft think that people is going to play that game? I have a: GeForce 1080, 16GB of RAM, i7 Kaby Lake and only nVme SSD and the game is really slow. Again Microsoft killing another thing... I started going to the water and the game started to freeze everytime I moved I deleted that world, created a new one with Creative again. Everything was normal if I stayed in the woods. I spawned one dolphin and another fish and caboom, again lagging. GG 1.13
  5. xtomyserrax


    Wooow it is amazing, I really like it! One tip: I would make roofs a little bit higher the next time, I mean, like make it 3 blocks hight and not 2 as in the 6 and 7 screenshot. Again: it is really amazing, loved how you made it!
  6. xtomyserrax

    Ban evade

    sebasgo2 banned for ban evade. Thanks for the report! T/C
  7. xtomyserrax

    Report - iiTzKukash_

    Yes I know it is the first picture but could you explain it please? Because the direction of the arrow is to the abuser and not to you...
  8. xtomyserrax

    Report - iiTzKukash_

    It was for the other two (I edited and tagged them) Please answer my question
  9. xtomyserrax

    Report - Jiimmy_04

    I know but that happens everywhere. The entire staff team will respect your rights as we will do with everyone, doesnt matter if someone likes you or not. Also things are related with behaviour and well, you can say that some people are mean to you but also ask why. As said before: I will always respect your rights and also the staff team and we will NEVER discriminate you. We will consider this report and give an answer.
  10. xtomyserrax

    Report - iiTzKukash_

    Please use english in forum and dont make useless posts. (@IamKiaritha_ @iiTzKukash_) @SniperWolf could you explain me the picture where we can see the arrow please?
  11. xtomyserrax

    Report - Jiimmy_04

    I said that the gay thing should be talked between staff first. The language screens lack context and arent worth punishing. And there is also lack of context with the gay thing, when you report language you should send the entire screenshot... And I dont want to escape from you, that is why I am posting. If I wanted to escape from you I would have simply ignored the thread.
  12. xtomyserrax

    Ban Appelation [Username: Juanitosare]

    Henk's translation. Traduccion de lo que dijo Henk: Powerwarp es uno de los staff mas correctos/ejemplares de todos los tiempos. Si su ban dice que estabas haciendo publicidad constantemente, estoy mas inclinado a creerle a el que a vos, no?
  13. xtomyserrax

    Ban Appelation [Username: Juanitosare]

    Post triplicated. Please stop making more posts. (Por favor deja de hacer tantos posts, considera el que dejo abajo en el link) Please consider this one:
  14. xtomyserrax

    Ban Appelation [Username: Juanitosare]

    As RuisuMC said in the other topic you made, please use this template and dont duplicate the post, just wait for an answer. (Como dijo RuisuMC en el otro post que hiciste, por favor usa esta planilla y no dupliques este post, espera la respuesta). https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/151-unban-requests/ (Moved to Unban Requests from Complaints)
  15. xtomyserrax

    Report - Jiimmy_04

    Hey, well please stop this argument. About the language: he never said something worth punishing. Gay is not and should never be considered as an insult, but Jimmy said it in a way to offend the other: because why did you need to call someone gay or not, it is not like you are calling everyone straight. No, people tend to say that in a derogatory way. The HB evidence isnt enought, he may have done it but unluckly we wont be able to punish that without clear evidence. About language: I dont see that disrespectful. There is lack of context in those screenshots. The gay message I think that should be talked between staff as we should try to protect everyone here, and as I said again: you dont say you are straight to people, you say gay trying to insult them and gay it is not an insult and we should help stopping that wrong and oppressive concept.

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