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  1. xtomyserrax

    Network Assassins Craft 1.12.2 Updates! - Part 12

    OMG terrific update! I cant wait to see the things that will be comming and see this released as oficial version! Thanks for the awesome work!
  2. xtomyserrax

    [ACv1] Advertising

    Player punished, sensitive information hidden. Thanks for the report! T/C
  3. xtomyserrax

    Impressionating Staff - server_security

    Player punished. I took more evidence of him saying he was going to warn me in the server and saying he was staff. Thanks for the report! T/C
  4. xtomyserrax

    Disconnecting in PvP - KevinPro_PvP

    There is no rule against this. T/C
  5. xtomyserrax


    Nice map! Keep up the great work people! Keep trying to help the server, keep being creative! Thank you for what you have done!
  6. xtomyserrax

    Your favorite music

    Obviously The Killers. Best band ever on earth. I cant pick a song as I love all of them, it sounds terrific and their lyrics are beautiful!
  7. xtomyserrax

    [Suggestion] New Lobby to CTW! / No Oficial / By SS / 1.8.X

    Heeeey, cool lobby! I really like how you made it and the decorations! Keep up the amazing work!
  8. xtomyserrax

    Content Creator Program!

    Amazing idea! Cant wait to see what people make!
  9. xtomyserrax

    Bug Abuse - _Pro_GG_

    Player punished. Thanks for the report! T/C
  10. xtomyserrax

    HB in spawn

    Sorry but evidence is not enough. It would be really helpful if you could screen record this! If you have Windows 10, there are some easy to use tools to screen record! Thanks for the report, T/C.
  11. xtomyserrax

    TPKILL + abuse

    Player warned for caps and spam chat. Where is the TP kill evidence?
  12. xtomyserrax

    Hb in spawn - Pol_Pvp

    If that is the only screenshot evidence is not enough. Do you have more? @iMccGames
  13. xtomyserrax

    HB in spawn

    After talking between all the staff we concluded that this is bug abuse. Sorry for the inconveniences or the rejection. Please try recording a video, it will be easier for everyone. Thank you for the report, player punished!
  14. xtomyserrax

    Ban Evading

    Please send the complete screenshot the next time. The IPs dont match so I cant punish. Thanks for the report. T/C
  15. xtomyserrax

    HB in spawn

    Hey, thanks for the report but the evidence is not enough. A video or more screenshots showing when the player actually throws the HB would be really useful! Thanks and sorry! T/C

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