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  1. Hey, I want to give two answers for this post, first as a staff member and then as a Sponsor player which I actually am. As a Staff Member: First I want to thank you for taking your time to write such a post. I want to let the entire Network Community know that we are working on Network and that we are listening to you. You cant imagine the many changes we have done under the hood, and well you also can see some of them like Glaskerville, The command blocks to TP you back (still is under development), the changes in AC map and fixes, and some of the bug fixes we all know, but there are still many things we are doing, mainly focused on fixing bugs and improving everyone's experience. So we will listen to this post, but for doing so, we need everyone's opinion. Each comment you make to this topic might help taking a decision or doing something to improve this. Thank you again to all the ones who take their time As a Sponsor donator: I couldnt agree more with many things you said. Sadly it wouldnt be that easy to fix the issue, and it isnt really possible to add a "Spawned by" tag to blocks placed with WorldEdit. The only way to do that would be to store in a database each block spawned with creative, and when someone breaks it check in that database if the block is in that list, and it would just be a performance mess. (And of course this would need to be a custom plugin) So what about World Edit? Well I dont really think its a feature Sponsors should have. Why? Well firstly because they have GMC which basicly lets them build everything they want. The truth is that you are in a Survival server. What is fun about a Survival server? (at least for me) Well, to play and get everything and do my best to be the richest one in the server having all the items and etc. If I do that with gmc, then well there isnt that much fun because I already have everything I could have, there is no goal, just create a beautiful house and you are basicly done. WorldEdit is just an addition which shouldnt be in a Survival server, in the Creative one yes, but on a Survival one not. It just brings more problems than the ones we have (not only with duppeds but also with destruction of protected zones) and it isnt something that really improves the experience of a Sponsor player (again this is my personal opinion of a Sponsor player I am). What about creative in particular? Well, in part I really explained that having gmc isnt something I would desire for a Survival server because it basicly ruins the experience and my desire to play such a server, but again, Im talking about myself. We might find a solution to this topic, and all your suggestions are welcome. For now I find it hard to remove the command because there are people who actually bought the rank for having creative. We will improve compability in order to prevent abuses, and I cant wait for your suggestions and for what you think about that command. Conclusion: First thank you again for bringing this topic to life. We will consider everything that is talked in here, we will think for solutions and fixes to this isssues, and of course when we do something about it we will let you all know. Cant wait to read what others think. Thanks!
  2. Do you have minecraft premium? If you do, in the past you joined with cracked or always with Premium? The same for you Critic. We are investigating the issue, this information could help. Thanks!
  3. Hey, could you please let me know if this bug is fixed for you? I checked in game and it is, but Ill wait for your confirmation before closing this post. Thanks for the report!
  4. Hey, this error only happens (at least what we tested and could recreate) when the arrow you throw with the hook falls into the void. What happens? Well basicly the plugin is waiting for an arrow to impact something, but this will never happen because the arrow is falling into the void or "died". So as the plugin is waiting for the arrow to hit, you cant use the hook until it does (to prevent spamming). So basicly by using your bow, you are throwing an arrow which impacts and it acts as the hook did. But as far as I could test, after you did this your hook starts working again and if you keep throwing arrows with your bows it wont work (unless your hook arrow fell again to the void). If what you mean is that there is another way to recreate this bug, please explain how or send a video (in the video please show where the arrow you are throwing is going). Thanks!
  5. Hey, we cant punish this players because they are not breaking a rule. We will investigate what we can do to prevent this kind of "unfair" thing, maybe there is a way to prevent spawned creative items to give you points in the leaderboard. Thank you! Topic Closed.
  6. Hey thanks for the report, just pinned @Slendy to fix it. Thanks! Topic Closed
  7. We will investigate that player. Your unban request has been declined because you had dupped keys and you were using them, having no knowledge of the rules doesnt mean you cant be punished. Becareful of what people gives you. Topic Closed.
  8. You have been banned because of having and using dupped Legendary Vote Keys. Translation of what Fermin and I said: "En el foro debes hablar ingles y para pedir ser desbaneado debes llenar ese ejemplo de post que Fermin te adjunto. Fuiste baneado por tener y usar llaves de cajas legendarias duplicadas"
  9. xtomyserrax


    Player punished. Thanks for the report! Topic Closed
  10. Hey, tpa issues have been fixed. About chest loot, please keep sending me any location found and we will fix them! Thanks
  11. Thanks to everyone who made Glaskerville possible. You guys cant imagine the amazing work this people have done and the effort they made! Wish you enjoy the city!
  12. Please ask an online GM to refund it when you see one
  13. xtomyserrax


    Player punished again not for that evidence but for new dupped items. (For that evidence he was banned before) Thanks for report. Topic Closed.
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