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  1. I couldnt be happier to read this! And it makes me even more happy to read that more things are coming soon! I have tried the new fame system in the test server and it is amazing! Players could help you with suggestions for new features/changes in this post or another one! Thank you bruny!
  2. Report - ACv1

    I dont know other staff but I dont see this evidence enough. In the first two pictures he is not holding a smoke and he could easily say it was a potion. And in the others we cant see his name. Sorry but for me this isnt enough. If another staff member agrees with me please close topic.
  3. [Command Request] xtomyserrax

    Thank you. T/C
  4. Suggestion - ACv1

    Well I think that we could nerf a little bit Smoke, or make it more expensive, or add a kind of cooldown to throwing it. Smoke is really cheap, lasts a long time and it is really annoying! We could follow one of the three paths haha!
  5. [Refund Request]

    Please bump after 48 hours.
  6. personal storage ACV1

    Duplicated. Link to the other one: T/C
  7. [Suggestion] Parkours in lobbies? xd

    Added poll. It is kind of cool for me, for people who are bored and want to do something else than running in lobby it would be fun!
  8. the gamer juegamr

    Moved from Rules to General as I dont understand what is this post about and couldnt find another category. Also: please write in English on forums. He said: "the field is going to be in jungle with a team of 5 each". I dont understand what is he talking about.
  9. Advertising server

    Player banned. Thanks for the report! T/C
  10. Spamming

    Player punished. Thanks for the report! T/C
  11. Ban Evading

    IPs dont match. And also: I think you used the same evidence you used in the spamming report. Do you want to post the evidence or should I close?
  12. Report *CTW*

    What I meant was to wait another staff member and see if he/she considers it as bug abuse or not. And Aris, I know that according to logic this could have been bug abuse, but we all punish people if we have clear evidence. We never use logic to punish and always need to see that the player actually did it. Sometimes this finishes in letting bug abusers free because we may have seem them but we dont have the right evidence, but it is also a right for everyone. With this punish methods we use, noone should be banned without evidence or with more or less intentions than others.
  13. Hb in spawn - karol3

    Player punished. Thanks for the report! T/C
  14. Report *CTW*

    zLilSerp06 warned. As for the others, I dont see the evidence enough. I dont know if you have pictures of them taking the armor from their enemies wool, but with this screenshots there is no proof of how the took it. I just let this open for another staff member to confirm. Thanks for the report!

    Hey Wolfie, if you have more screens please post them! Thank you!

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