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  1. Hey, this is not a bug, its intended. Fly isnt allowed in Glaskerville because the intention was to bring something amazing and a new experience different from what we are used to in AC. So Ill tag @Henk so he can leave a better answer if he wants and also his opinion about what you said about the shop description
  2. Moved from Network to InfinityEvolved. Please remember next time that Network section is for vanilla servers and Modded for the different types of Modded servers we have in CL. Thanks!
  3. Im going to move the post. Please remember next time to make it in the correct section, this is Network (vanilla servers), the proper one would have been in Modded (of course in rlcraft section)
  4. Hey! You posted this on Network (meant for vanilla servers). I just moved this topic to the proper modded section!
  5. I dont think that is a good idea as it will break economy, moreover with this dupping issues. But I agree we need to do something with Pure economy. If you guys have ideas of what we could do, let us know! (we have some in our minds but we want to know from you guys)
  6. Hey are you talking about network or modded? When do this creatures disappear?
  7. Hey thanks, we will look at your suggestion. We actually want some ideas to add new stuff to Pure! One question though, isnt really really really hard to get that amount of money in PS? I was told that the economy was extremely hard (ofc considering that you didnt get the money with illegal methods...) 100k = 12.5k emmeralds So in summary, I like this idea to add new kits or stuff to PS. If someone has more, please share them
  8. Hey, yeah LiveMap link of PureSurvival is not working. We wish to fix that soon!
  9. Hey which modded server is this about? For the next time, remember this section is for Network (vanilla). Let me know the modded server and Ill move the topic. Thanks!
  10. Hey what server are you talking about? This section is for Network (vanilla). If its for modded, please let me know the server so I move the topic! Thanks!
  11. This bug has been fixed! Thanks for the report and sorry for the time it took!
  12. Hey you are duplicating the topic. "which modded server are you talking about? This forum section is for network (vanilla)! Let me know the server and Ill move this post!" I have closed the other topic you made. Thanks!
  13. Hey which modded server are you talking about? This forum section is for network (vanilla)! Let me know the server and Ill move this post! Thanks! EDIT: This topic will be closed because it got duplicated by:
  14. Are you talking about PureSurvival or which server?
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