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  1. PRAIM is a friend of mine and 20170813 is also a friend only that we are in a CYBERCAFE or public internet where we play the game, the intenter is of several people so it detects the same ip
  2. [1] In-Game Username: battlefiled [2] Details of Situation: my ban time was extended to avoid it [3] Ban Category: Evade battlefiled [4] Ban Duration: 6 days,22 hours,50 minutes [5] Staff Member: geri33 [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: sorry for avoiding the ban but I like the game, I couldn't take it to end my ban
  3. sorry but in the shulkers I lost there was nothing forbidden I don't even know how to dupe
  4. i dont remember so much lost my shulker last week during my ban
  5. [Refund Request] 'In-Game battlefiled' " In-Game Name: Server ( PureSurvival)Item name: shulker box Item ID: food Time & Date: last week Description of Issue (lost in my house )
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