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Suggestion of a Kit in Pure Survival (1.15.2)


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my idea is to put an armor kit on the pure survival market. I would cost you 100k

Diamond_Helmet: https://imgur.com/a/UigBZH3

Diamond_Chestplate: https://imgur.com/a/z9iWe5o

Diamond_Leggings: https://imgur.com/a/Cw41chv

Diamond_Boots:   https://imgur.com/a/7hTgAVW

PD: I'm giving this idea because normal armor doesn't protect much, this would be like a new level of protection

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Hey thanks, we will look at your suggestion. We actually want some ideas to add new stuff to Pure!

One question though, isnt really really really hard to get that amount of money in PS? I was told that the economy was extremely hard (ofc considering that you didnt get the money with illegal methods...)

100k = 12.5k emmeralds


So in summary, I like this idea to add new kits or stuff to PS. If someone has more, please share them :P

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7 hours ago, xDrews_YT said:

would be nice then if you could transfer money from AC to puresurvival, since in pure you only can get money by selling stuff to others, wihch can take a long time until you got 100k together.


I dont think that is a good idea as it will break economy, moreover with this dupping issues.

But I agree we need to do something with Pure economy. If you guys have ideas of what we could do, let us know! (we have some in our minds but we want to know from you guys)

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