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  1. ZengZ

    Cannot Login

    Well to start. If you are login with premiun ip (play.craftersland.us/eu) you dont need to have a password set. Secound. Since how long this issue is happening to you?
  2. ZengZ

    [Unban] Kipperoner

    I'm going to close this post. The player is already unbanned. If you like a rank reactivation you will have to make a new post in technical support section.
  3. ZengZ

    Changed name

    Hey. I never seen you in Network servers. I´m sure you play in a modded server. Could you please answer me in which modded server you play ?
  4. ZengZ

    [Command Request] ZengZ

    Command working perfectly. Thanks Geri t/c
  5. Account Name: ZengZRank: Sponsor + & Admin Requested Commands: /clean Reason for Request: I´m requesting this command because I want to clean my inventory faster in Assasins.
  6. ZengZ

    Refund request

    Already moved to revelation section
  7. ZengZ

     [Rollback Request] xRegency

    I think an inventory rollback will take longer. It would be faster that myself refound your iteams. Please contact me in discord.
  8. ZengZ

    Refund request

    This request is not for network server. Due in the evidence I see @Reverser I'll move the post into revelation technical support. moved
  9. ZengZ


    Could someone move this complaint into network section? This Issue has nothing to do with modded servers.
  10. ZengZ

    Lost Vote Keys and a Legendary Key

    Hi. I´m sure that your issue has nothing to do with vainilla server. Could you provide more information? Which modded server you´re playing?
  11. ZengZ

    Prefix removal

    Which is your ingame nickname?
  12. Please fill up this template when asking for a rank reactivation to make the refund faster and easier.For the topic title use: " [Refund Request] 'In-Game Username' " In-game Name: Rank: Server: Proof of Ownership (Optional):
  13. ZengZ

    Crash login in game (Continuum)

    Topic moved into Continuum Technical Support.
  14. ZengZ

    Verbal harrassing

    Well it is normal in spanish community the swearing and being toxic. I understand that point. If you kill them they wont stop hunting you down every single time they have the chance. Plus you have to consider this is a pvp server. Anyhow, I dont believe in toxicity. I dont think this is a proper behavior. I'll speak personally wity the user. Thanks for reporting. If you need to contact me, discord, forums pm, or even in game. T/C
  15. Finally! We had waited long time for this HUGE step on network. Thank you bruny to take such effort making this possible. I'll see you all around!

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