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  1. Memories

    Hello. As many you know I left the server a long time ago. Today I join Network server and sadness arrive me. I realised that I had wasted almost a year in this awesome community. So today Ill share with all of you my memories and screenshots I had taken. First, in my first days I only met @BasGroen. He thought me almost everything I know about the server, I still remember when him was HELPER and with admiration I saw him success. He was promoted to JUDGE with 3 other staffs, and KillerWhite join to HELPER. We were just having fun. https://imgur.com/a/3U6ti With the time, I get accepted into the network staff. I was shocked and proud of myself, finnally I was going to warn/ban rulebrackers. Great momories I had, trying to learn new commands with my HELPERS fellas. MarceLOL Terminator and Creeper https://imgur.com/a/66NqG I was SHOCKED when I finally met POWERWARP in "person". I was always in good company when he came by. When I saw his MANAGER rank I was astonished. I was with Jimmel and then with Fire_light when I spoke with him. https://imgur.com/a/g1CGb I had never seen him before, but if you do RUN! "Slade_Wilson" He only play ACV, but is not part of the staff and he is allowed to EVERYTHING, He had Inked Leather armor before everyone had one, I was scared when he check my IP and told me where I used to live. I keep spoken with him and he is a nice guy, the most peacefull hacker I had ever met. https://imgur.com/a/37q55 This one is GOLD. When the spawn of PureSurvival was erased with World edit by an old staff member. I still remmember that Brunyman himself, joined to network and shot down the PureSurvival gamemode for maintenance reasons. https://imgur.com/a/zenPb haha, what a great day that I had when me,bunnylau,fire_light and KillerWhite. Now know as PandaSwag. Built the biggest massion in PureSurvival with World Edit. My house was even beyond the barrier! https://imgur.com/a/zenPb My best memory is when I achieve illegally GM +. haha Majestik change my prefix, allowing me to 30/30 help pages in ACV. I remember that I help Adria out to build parkours! Here is when I stopped playing.. this was TO much power for a simple ADMIN. I told Powerwarp about this to reset my perms to ADMIN, but you know.. powerwarp is allways bussy. https://imgur.com/a/r0kac Well, here´s where my best memories end. Please you can share with me and all people in the Network club your memories and screenshots too! Keep it up NETWORK!
  2. [Presentation] Mainblast

    Finally you got accepted into the staff. Wish you the best being in staff, hope you can learn a lot from the best, and make a change in Network servers.
  3. Congratulations.. wish you the best in the staff!

    1. Main


      Thanks ZengZ, but I would feel better if you were here :(

  4. HB in spawn #2

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  5. Report

    User already punnished. Thanks for reporting! T/C
  6. Report

    Please dont post unnecessary things. User punnished. Thanks for reporting!
  7. Report

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  8. [Complaint] Staff

    This aint gonna happen. Only managers can do this labour. You most know a few years ago something like this happen and it was a completly caos. Only a trusted person by Brunyman is allowed to make this. (Powerwarp)
  9. Ban evade

    Sorry for delay. Users are already unbanned, I'll ban them again Thanks for reporting!
  10. [Complaint] Staff

    PandaSwag close all the inactive complaints. Thanks for reporting! T/C
  11. [ACv1] Bug Abuse #22

    Do you have more evidence? Those screenshot dont show SkiriiLexx´s Name
  12. Ban Evade @Suomigamer_ + HB in Spawn again // ACv1

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  13. HB in Spawn // ACv1 // ReDGH0STYT

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  15. HB in spawn #2 - Ac v1

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