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  1. ZengZ


    Lack of evidence and post havent been edited. T/C
  2. ZengZ

     [Command Request] ZengZ

    Everything working great. Thanks for understanding T/C
  3. ZengZ


    Mapex please edit your post using the template. Also make sure to update enough evidence. If your post is not using the template. It would be ignored.
  4. Account Name: ZengZ Rank: Moderator Sponsor + Requested Commands: /weather clear /skull Reason for Request: I'm requesting /weather clear because my computer suffer from a drop of FPS when start raining. I'm not the only one who is affected, many other players too and basicly im on Pure Survival most of my free time. In the othet hand I am requesting /skull to decorate my fields. Thanks for understanding 😛
  5. ZengZ

    Team troll

    I was playing CTW and I saw him trolling. Thanks for reporting! T/C
  6. ZengZ

    HB at spawn

    Thanks for reporting! User punnished. T/C
  7. ZengZ

    Hb at spawn

    Thanks for reporting! User punnished. T/C
  8. ZengZ

    Hb Spawn

    Topic Closed. Lack of Evidence
  9. ZengZ


    Topic Closed
  10. Hi since the wipe on 1.13 Pure survival my rank and permissions have not been added yet. Nickname: ZengZ Gamemode: Pure survival Requesting: (Sponsor +), (Judge) and (World Edit)
  11. ZengZ

    Crafter's Land Newsletter | July 2018

    It would be great to have a new gamemode in Network. People start to get bored with the same old gamemodes
  12. ZengZ

     [Command Request] (ZengZ)

    All working perfectly. T/C
  13. ZengZ

    Rank buy

    You get mistaken. You bought the rank only for "Vainilla" Network server. No for modded server (DirectWolf). I just register with your mc name on Network server (where you bought the rank) and its there. http://prntscr.com/joocz4 Sadly Im not a adminstrator, only them can help you with the rank issues. @Yusixs @Henk
  14. Account Name: ZengZ Rank: Sponsor + Requested Commands: Worldedit Reason for Request: Im requesting access to worldedit commands for personals motives. I waste a lot of time building block by block on pure survival. Having access to this commands would make things easier (saving time), I will only use this command for building, I dont have intention to hurm or destroy players structures. Network, Pure Survival
  15. ZengZ

    Rank buy

    You bought a Network Sponsor + rank? Why you did this if you play on DirectWolf, there is different rank for each servers. @Henk could you help him out?

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