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  1. ZengZ

    Verbal harrassing

    Well it is normal in spanish community the swearing and being toxic. I understand that point. If you kill them they wont stop hunting you down every single time they have the chance. Plus you have to consider this is a pvp server. Anyhow, I dont believe in toxicity. I dont think this is a proper behavior. I'll speak personally wity the user. Thanks for reporting. If you need to contact me, discord, forums pm, or even in game. T/C
  2. Finally! We had waited long time for this HUGE step on network. Thank you bruny to take such effort making this possible. I'll see you all around!
  3. ZengZ

    Error autorization

    For which server is causing this error? I´m a 100% not for network
  4. ZengZ

    Report - ACv1

    Topic closed. lack of evidence, not using template.
  5. ZengZ


    Sorry but I can not understand what you are trying to say. Is he wearing someone skull? He have skulls in his inventory? I will be watching him in the meantime.
  6. ZengZ

    Without P+ 7u7_Paradox_7u7

    Topic answered by Henk. I'll close this one.
  7. Hi. We are having pluggin issue on network rigth now. We are waiting for an update. This issue kick players (which is normal latly, even myself have been kicked for discconect.spam) Are you able to log in? Or everytime you try you go discconected?
  8. ZengZ

    Come in and I do not have my p +

    Hi. I hope you are speaking of PS. A while ago Pure Survival got wipe out, the ranks also were "deleted'. Please if you lost yours let us know your ingame name to restart your rank with proof of your ownership.
  9. ZengZ

    Vanilla PVP Tournament

    Thanks everyone who participated. I'm gonna be rewarding each of the winners today/tomorrow (I have to study and work). I saw the emotion and expective from the network community and from SF(Regency got secound, huge honor). We have on mind having more tournament with highly production when acv get updated to 1.13 Thanks to each of the staffs who where there to make this out, especially to @MarceLOL and @BasGroen. Topic locked
  10. ZengZ

    Vanilla PVP Tournament

    Thanks everyone for participating. 1 @VeryCuteLoli 2 @xRegency 3 XxShadow_LPxX 4 KennyGamer1981
  11. ZengZ

    Vanilla PVP Tournament

    I´m happily announcing that the tournament is gonna take place in ONE hour on ACV gamemode. Staff is already in the server waiting for players.
  12. ZengZ

    Vanilla PVP Tournament

    According the poll. The tournament it´s going to take place saturday 13. There were a tie on which part of the day will be. But I´m gonna take @MarceLOL idea. 21:00 London´s time zone. 17:00 Chilean - Argentina´s time zone. 15:00 Peru - Colombia´s time zone. 22:00 Spain Time zone. Either way I´ll on acv two hours before the tournament start. Also Making a post to remind you. I hope everyone could do it, and if you dont know which hour is the tournament in your time zone, google it! Zeng
  13. ZengZ

    Vanilla PVP Tournament

    Hello. We, Network Staff, are organizing a pvp tournament. We´re specting players from all server, everyone one craftersland community is welcome to sign in. We´re specting 32 or even more players on ACV1 gamemode. We´re remodeling an old PVP arena where the tournament is gonna to take place. We´re aware if you never have play here, you wont have a decent equipment to pvp. That wont be a problem. You will be given a pvp kit. Here´s the rules you will need to follow if you´re participating. If you are spectating you can not interfere on the combat We have on mind to reward the fourth, third, secound & first place. Please reach us on Discord for more information.
  14. It´s almost 2019 and new seasons and new series has been added. Anyone would like to share what have you been watching? Need we series!

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