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  1. ZengZ


    Request has been cancel. Topic closed
  2. I've been playing in network for almost three years and that has never pop out in the chat. I assume that's only a modded issue. Post moved to Revelation suggestion section.
  3. Which gamemode you're requesting the password reset? I'm pretty sure you're not a network player.
  4. Topic moved to Direwolf Technnical support.
  5. Do you have proof about this? This is a big acussation, you most have evidence for your argument. If so, let me know in Discord. YVELYA27 has been jailed. Oswaldo's place has been deleted and taken care of the Dupe items. Altho I can't get into his echest because he's not online. But he's also banned. T/C
  6. Please edit the post using the following template.
  7. I believe that I'm speaking behalf all network staff that you won't be given enchant access. One of the main reason to buy Sponsor and Sponsor + was to gain access to /enchant. However that command was taken away because Sponsor players start selling command enchanted items (which was illegal). Second of all, not even GM has access to /enchant. So why would you? Thirdly, stop tagging Brunyman and Supermoderators for this kind of post. Could a forum moderator move this post to Network Tech Support?
  8. I'm going to close this post. And it's going to take care in this one.
  9. topic moved to Infinity Evolved Tech Support.
  10. Hey thanks for reporting. Oswaldo and Kike are banned right now. T/C
  11. First of all, I'm sorry for replaying this late. I was watching 20170813 behavior in GMSP. He had a ilegal potion. He (you) was killing joadr in xTayxon house. The potion gave you and incredible strength effect, killing with only hiting once. Also he was jumping higher than normal. Considering the account 20170813 do not own a rank (that mean that he wasn't allowed fly) After 20170813 was banned I decided to investigate his house, were he had dupped items and 5 more of this potions. I also checked the 20170813's ip and it matched PRAIM's and MUERETE's ip. Surprisingly, after that 20170813 was banned you "PRAIM" connected inmediately. I decided to search your sethome and you had more of the same potions hidding in an underground white shulker. So, both of the acccount had the same items (illegal). Praim was banned for ban evading 20170813. unban request denied. I wont close the post yet, waiting a new reply from you.
  12. I did a research and I found out that the only account that is banned is itsPip (itsPit has never join the server). Currently, the account is unbanned (yesterday 24th) so there shouldn't be any issue joinning the server. I want to make clear that the account was banned for having Dupped Iteams in Pure Survival. Please do not use/have/make them again, otherwise the account will be banned again. T/C
  13. ZengZ


    I have buy three ranks in the server.. my question was if I can get back the money I have spent here?
  14. Okey... this is a hard one. You have all the right to present a complaint against them. But they haven't broke any rule.. I dont know what you're seeking with this complaint. We can not ban them for this reason. But I'm sure we can warn them and make them stop harrassing you. Personally I think this situation shouldn't happen. You should be open minded with other sexuality. I'll speak personally with the tekkit staff. I'm sure this issue should stop anytime soon.
  15. Posted in the wrong section. Post moved into tekkit complaints.
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