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  1. Which gamemode are you talking about?
  2. I'm sure this is not in the right section. Which server are you playing?
  3. It's in the right section.
  4. I wish it was me. Sadly I did not. By the way, why I'm your suspect? Do you have hard evidence I was the one who destroyed your things? Let me save you some trouble. I didn't. We will check world edit logs and try finding something out.
  5. going to take care. topic closed.
  6. Post closed to avoid further responses. Just wait for Ness answer.
  7. Thanks for reporting, I'll speak personally with each one of them. I'll close the post for further UNWANTED reply. Only staffs members will be able to make more post.
  8. Happy Birthday South!

  9. Which server are you playing? You posted in the wrong section. This information will help a staff to move the post.
  10. You posted in the wrong section! Wait to your topic to be moved.
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