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  1. ZengZ

     [Command Request] (ZengZ)

    All working perfectly. T/C
  2. ZengZ

    Rank buy

    You get mistaken. You bought the rank only for "Vainilla" Network server. No for modded server (DirectWolf). I just register with your mc name on Network server (where you bought the rank) and its there. http://prntscr.com/joocz4 Sadly Im not a adminstrator, only them can help you with the rank issues. @Yusixs @Henk
  3. Account Name: ZengZ Rank: Sponsor + Requested Commands: Worldedit Reason for Request: Im requesting access to worldedit commands for personals motives. I waste a lot of time building block by block on pure survival. Having access to this commands would make things easier (saving time), I will only use this command for building, I dont have intention to hurm or destroy players structures. Network, Pure Survival
  4. ZengZ

    Rank buy

    You bought a Network Sponsor + rank? Why you did this if you play on DirectWolf, there is different rank for each servers. @Henk could you help him out?
  5. ZengZ

    HB in spawn

    Do you have more evidence? This not enoght.
  6. ZengZ

    Bug Abuse - Juanmax12

    Please edit your post using the following template https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/7154-read-before-posting-complaint-report-format/
  7. ZengZ

    Advertise - ACv1 / PS

    Thanks for reporting! Users are punnished. T/C
  8. ZengZ


    It's not good enough. We need to see him throwing you the posioned arrow.
  9. ZengZ


    Do you have more evidence? Is not enough to make a punnishment.
  10. ZengZ

    [Complaint] geri33

    Thanks for reporting! User warned.
  11. ZengZ


    Thanks for reporting! User punnished. T/C
  12. ZengZ

    Team troll

    Thanks for reporting! Topic closed.
  13. ZengZ

    ACV1 Asking for items,msg spam

    Thanks for reporting user has been muted. T/C
  14. ZengZ

    hb in spawn - IcingSugar

    @SniperWolf This is excellent evidence. Thanks for reporting! T/C
  15. ZengZ

    Bug Abuse - cemalefeknkski

    Do you have more evidence? Both screenshots aint enought to decide the punnishment.

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