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  1. I did a research and I found out that the only account that is banned is itsPip (itsPit has never join the server). Currently, the account is unbanned (yesterday 24th) so there shouldn't be any issue joinning the server. I want to make clear that the account was banned for having Dupped Iteams in Pure Survival. Please do not use/have/make them again, otherwise the account will be banned again. T/C
  2. ZengZ


    I have buy three ranks in the server.. my question was if I can get back the money I have spent here?
  3. Okey... this is a hard one. You have all the right to present a complaint against them. But they haven't broke any rule.. I dont know what you're seeking with this complaint. We can not ban them for this reason. But I'm sure we can warn them and make them stop harrassing you. Personally I think this situation shouldn't happen. You should be open minded with other sexuality. I'll speak personally with the tekkit staff. I'm sure this issue should stop anytime soon.
  4. Posted in the wrong section. Post moved into tekkit complaints.
  5. Bryad last connection was three months ago. How long have you guys been sharing account? And who gave that account to you?
  6. Another topic was added in the correct section. Ill close this one.
  7. Account Name: ZengZ Rank: Sponsor + and GM Requested Commands: /gmsp or gm 3 Reason for Request: I´m requesting this command in Pure Survival because the X-Ray that I´m using to track hidden and illegal chest is crashing constantly. Plus I´m doing a proyect and I want to record it when it´s finnished and make a cinematic.
  8. Topic close for innactivity.
  9. Could a moderator move the post to trash?
  10. Was the skin issue solved? Sorry for the delay on the replay
  11. Solved? He havent join forums since the same day he lasted posted. Closed
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