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  1. Post closed to avoid further responses. Just wait for Ness answer.
  2. Thanks for reporting, I'll speak personally with each one of them. I'll close the post for further UNWANTED reply. Only staffs members will be able to make more post.
  3. Happy Birthday South!

  4. Which server are you playing? You posted in the wrong section. This information will help a staff to move the post.
  5. You posted in the wrong section! Wait to your topic to be moved.
  6. Topic moved to Tekkit Tech Support.
  7. Thanks for reporting! Matter is being taken care.
  8. For your information. We haven't take any vacations. Please save yourself the comments.
  9. I'm sure this has nothing to do with network. In which server are you requesting this rollback? Just to move the post to the correct section.
  10. ZengZ

    IP Premium

    As Fermin said, forum language is english. Do not post again in other language or the post won't be answer. Premiun IP play.craftersland.us play.craftersland.eu
  11. ZengZ


    Request has been cancel. Topic closed
  12. I've been playing in network for almost three years and that has never pop out in the chat. I assume that's only a modded issue. Post moved to Revelation suggestion section.
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