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  1. @JimmelThis is the rank that I transferred to the modded, which was a rank that I had loaned to a player (Read well pls) And this is the S + rank of my old account "SuarezMC" that never left the network
  2. I have 2 sponsors +, but if you take a good look at "my history" I have 1 in RLcraft and the other in network, at no time have I passed my two ranks to RL. Thanks
  3. in game name: Suarez_MC Proof of Purchase: Imgur: The magic of the Internet my rank= S+..... as it is shown in the photo Description of Issue: I don't know if I have to upload it here but I do it because I have an error in AC and I don't know if in the whole network as well, the error is that apparently my [S +] is taken into account by the server in general as if it were a [S], as a consequence of that, in the plugin (PP) it registers my [S +] with the permissions of an [S], that is, I have many limitations, as shown here in the photos, and I do not have all the particles my range should have. If it is the wrong template, please correct me, but I do it because I consider that I have a tag of [S +] and not my permissions of [S +], the problem is that I have permissions of [S] and in reality I should have permissions of [S +] Date/Time of Purchase: ----- Items/Rank Bought: S+ Screenshots (Optional): ----- Any other important information: ------
  4. I want to report to the @iCekkaZ mod because he banned me for "bug abuse" supposedly for escaping from prison, but I want you to see the previous mute of MrThead where he also added the jail, THERE IS AN HOUR OF DIFFERENCE, he realized that no I was in jail 15 minutes before they banned me, but my time there was already up, this also seems like an abuse of authority. Imgur: The magic of the Internet I hope this time there is not some kind of corruption among the staffs so that they do not pay for their abuse of power. THANKS :DD
  5. @Dantecitoh My application is not to be a staff and prevent bad behavior from users, this application is based on a range that allows me to add structures and improve the AC infrastructure, I do not think that my sanctions intervene in a range where my duty is not to sanction to other players, also those bans are not for illegal items
  6. Sure, I simply said that it was illegal to fly pvp, and it is obvious that using such an item is ban, inept jajajajajajja
  7. You tell me that I am part of the problem? What do I have to do with his illegal key? and at no time did I deny that he used that key and the fact that "I used the fly for the test" doesn't mean anything, you just did it (fly pvp)
  8. Are you slandering me for having these kinds of keys? And it is clearly noticeable that you use the fly to reach the player and hit him, regardless of a test that is illegal, you could very well climb;)
  9. Please explain to me in which part of the tests the duped items are shown? Imgur: The magic of the Internet Another thing, why do you abuse the fly to reach the player to attack him and try to kill him? It shows that you used fly to reach him, that is also illegal (you can see that in the video test you sent)
  10. As I would like them to support Assassins Craft again, the only thing the community wants is for everything to be as before, this was a good project
  11. Also, I know the World Edit very well;) but the decision is up to you. Thanks!
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