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  1. Sure, I simply said that it was illegal to fly pvp, and it is obvious that using such an item is ban, inept jajajajajajja
  2. You tell me that I am part of the problem? What do I have to do with his illegal key? and at no time did I deny that he used that key and the fact that "I used the fly for the test" doesn't mean anything, you just did it (fly pvp)
  3. Are you slandering me for having these kinds of keys? And it is clearly noticeable that you use the fly to reach the player and hit him, regardless of a test that is illegal, you could very well climb;)
  4. Please explain to me in which part of the tests the duped items are shown? Imgur: The magic of the Internet Another thing, why do you abuse the fly to reach the player to attack him and try to kill him? It shows that you used fly to reach him, that is also illegal (you can see that in the video test you sent)
  5. As I would like them to support Assassins Craft again, the only thing the community wants is for everything to be as before, this was a good project
  6. Also, I know the World Edit very well;) but the decision is up to you. Thanks!
  7. My motivation for this is to be able to help with the construction of new structures in AC together with the other builders, and I already understand some strict rules as a builder that I must comply with. A sample construction https://youtu.be/zu_hZ25OmOY
  8. Please explain to me how it is possible that I have made a purchase more than 5 days ago and it takes that amount of time to respond to me and after that they tell me that they do not find any payment in my name and I show them a screenshot of my buycraft, now I They ask for ID, wtf? If they are going to ask me, to do it on time, I am a busy person who handles my mail often and I need to be deleting other emails, I am too upset and I feel that I lost my 12 euros I will check my cell phone to see if I can verify the ID, I covered it in the screenshot that I showed them of my buycraft think
  9. I already wrote an email to the gmail of the server store, honestly I feel scammed
  10. In game name: Suarez_MC Proof of Purchase: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Description of Issue: I made a purchase several days ago:/// and they did not give me my purchase in the game, I think it is a bug and if not, I feel scammed, after that I made a post that same day and they did not respond, I put 1 bump and neither, I feel like they are stealing my money...... It cost me 12 euros Date/Time of Purchase: Monday at 4:26pm(Colombia) Items/Rank Bought: Custom prefix in 2 colors Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  11. MMM, Makes sense, this server is full of bugs ( and dups:/ ) I hope it is the "Low line" error
  12. Username: Suarez_MC Description: I made a purchase 30 minutes ago and they did not give me my purchase in the game, I think it is a bug and if it is not, I feel cheated Server: Network Proof/Screenshots: Look my buycraft - Imgur: The magic of the Internet
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