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  1. If you're talking about minecraft 1.17 @PaulMEdwards, Find for the latest version of Minecraft on the launcher. If that isn't an option, try this ====> https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360047764411-How-to-Manually-Update-Minecraft
  2. @NitroBladeI totally understand this issue - Its probably to avoid more serious crashes/bugs etc so if server restarts frequently, these crashes will be at it's minimum level. Thankyou for submitting this. - bunnylau
  3. Simple and short report/information about @Juanceto777 I've collected from in-game experience (Craftersland.net, Vanilla): Language: Spanish/English - His English is decent - whenever a player needs support from a staff but isn't English, this is where Juanceto777 steps in, translating the Spanish to English for me to solve simple to serious problems then translating the English to Spanish for the specific players that asked for support/help. Personality: A Helper - Juanceto777 Helping is a strength of his but not only that, he is more than happy to stay as a Helper (If he gets accepted) meaning that he's careless about a promotion as he enjoys helping + not having to remember Commands (In-Game/Discord) that higher ranked staff have. Juanceto777 isn't into gaining powers; he's applying for the ability to help people. Below are strengths of Juanceto777's for becoming a Helper: (I've collected from him/Realised) - He's Multilingual, - He's Clever, - Has a good knowledge of the Vanilla server (Especially Pure Survival) including most of it's rules, - Friendly - Behaviour, Doesn't break the In-game Rules. Overall, Juanceto777 is a great person - I recommend him to become staff. Simple as that. I wish you the best of luck Juanceto777. - bunnylau
  4. Welcome back to the community :) remember me? hahaha

  5. Happy birthday man! Terminator told me about it today :P

  6. hello


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    2. KirbyMegaX


      um are you a friend of ZeeDerpMaster?

    3. KirbyMegaX


      i'm sorry for wasting your time.... if you do not want to answer.

    4. bunnylau


      Nope I'm not and it's fine lol

  7. Hi can i ask how could you protect you house or building from natural disaster? If I use the protections like PVP, Land and Magic, they don't protect against tornadoes and meteorite. Is there even a way to protect it???
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