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  1. SuperSlimesKing

    Disturbing/Insulting. Trying to make me angry.

    User warned, Thanks for reporting. T/C.
  2. SuperSlimesKing

    Suggestion - Skywars

  3. SuperSlimesKing


  4. SuperSlimesKing


    Congratulations. I could build something like this too but im too lazy 😜
  5. SuperSlimesKing

    Spawnkill CTW

    All three users warned for spawnkill. Thanks, for reporting, have a nice day. T/C.
  6. SuperSlimesKing

    FTB Revelation Modded Server is now OPEN!

    Nice, I like the server and the modpack.
  7. SuperSlimesKing

    Crashing every time i join

    What server is this?
  8. SuperSlimesKing

    HB in spawn

    Insufficient proof. Can you add more?
  9. SuperSlimesKing


    Both users warned for insulting. It was their 2nd offense but they were offline so the tempmute would not work. Also, in the future guys please edit your post if you have something to add. Thanks for reporting, T/C.
  10. SuperSlimesKing

    Craftersland dies

    The ACv2 server is a test server and is not really meant to have that much players until it is finished. But the problem is that this happened on all the servers on network. And I find it hard to staff a server with no players. The decrease of the players on network is worrying. I guess it is because people are losing interest in the server. We need something new, or a big update on network if we want to revive it.
  11. SuperSlimesKing

    Hb in spawn - Pol_Pvp

    It says the image has been deleted. Edit: Now the link works, but that is not enough evidence.
  12. SuperSlimesKing

    Report - CTW

    Well, he may have been banned for hacks or used them in the past but we cannot assume that he is using them now just because of that. And in this case it looks like it could have been just ping. But nevermind, we will wait for a higher rank staff member to decide.
  13. SuperSlimesKing

    Report - CTW

    To me it also looks like ping, since he went back, just some time after he was hit. So in my opinion he was probably lagging.
  14. SuperSlimesKing

    Network Assassins Craft 1.12.2 Updates! - Part 11

    I like it.
  15. SuperSlimesKing

    Unban x3


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