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  1. Hello! You were banned for ownership of clearly duped legendary keys, which falls under Rule 2 (Bug Abuse). You say you didn't give them to anyone and "they" didn't let you know. I feel like it's pretty much common sense that duping is not allowed, but it is in the rules which can be found right here on the forums for future reference. And of course, not knowing that it's illegal doesn't mean it's justified, imagine how many people we would have to unban if it did though 😛 As for the appeal, I don't find it appealing enough and you didn't even use the correct template. Ban request is denied. T/C
  2. Wow thanks for letting us know, I was so hyped for this update.
  3. About the hb in spawn, the proof is not enough as I can't see the name and in the ss where I see the name you are not poisoned. But I warned him for spawn camping 2nd offense (he was not online so I could only warn). Edit: player has been jailed by termi. Thanks for reporting, T/C.
  4. Warned. Thanks for reporting. T/C.
  5. lel bug

    i accidentally sent 2 messages xdxdxd

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