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  1. Sending the IP of your server in the chat, even when someone asks is forbidden. The 1st offense is kick and warn BUT if you send the IP of another Minecraft server you skip ahead to 3rd offense which is a 2 day ban. It is specifically stated in the rules (Rule 3). I'll tag @gerry_lmao since he did the original ban.
  2. Saw him doing it in-game, jailed. T/C
  3. The username cannot be seen clearly
  4. Hi there, this means that someone played on the server before with your username and registered. If you have a premium account, try joining with play.craftersland.eu (for Europe) or play.craftersland.us (for US).
  5. In my opinion regular bees should look like the baby bee, the adults are huge ? Also I'm very hyped for the new biome!
  6. Hello! You were banned for ownership of clearly duped legendary keys, which falls under Rule 2 (Bug Abuse). You say you didn't give them to anyone and "they" didn't let you know. I feel like it's pretty much common sense that duping is not allowed, but it is in the rules which can be found right here on the forums for future reference. And of course, not knowing that it's illegal doesn't mean it's justified, imagine how many people we would have to unban if it did though ? As for the appeal, I don't find it appealing enough and you didn't even use the correct template. Ban r
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