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  1. Hello, I was hoping to delete my account but I can’t find the option anywhere. If any staff member reading this could advise me where to look, or just delete it by them self, I would be grateful. Thanks.
  2. I will remove the signs and update the download link tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback, the news about your plans for the network server is very helpful.
  3. I don’t really see a reason I need this, but it’s really cool that you’ve done this! Now just collab with cheatbreaker and you’re sweet!
  4. That’s your 1001st post well done! I think that sounds good and would work well but a cool down is generally needed because even strength I pots can kill really easily.
  5. I think once per match sounds fine, taking into consideration that they could stack with diamond armour and pots once a match. Costing more really isn’t going to make a significant impact as it’s extremely easy to get coins anyway (enter pearl over and get two wools, pearl back)
  6. Personally, I disagree with this. I think it would be a very bad move as kits are the soul way some players get kills (sad as it is I know). I think instead, if they implemented a 30m cooldown, it would be a much better idea.
  7. Sorry for the very late reply. Here's some raw images, they don't look very nice because the default minecraft pack isn't really the nicest thing in the world. https://imgur.com/a/EjlG5aX Enjoy!
  8. Sure! I’ll do this in about 10 hours because of timezones! sorry for delay
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