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  1. Happy birthday! :P

    1. abisredbull


      Thanks alot!


  2. I searched my computer and I still have that map.I will be sending it to brunyman right now.Hopefully I will have time to make new maps in the future.No promises for the date though. Also good job on the map @KayWolves We need more people to create content in order for the community to stay afloat.
  3. Happy birthday! Enjoy.

  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. Happy birthday dude. ^_^

    1. ZengZ


      Jim why i cant give you reputation?

  6. The old lobby was well... kinda old.We decided to remove the signs and make a smaller lobby that will meet our needs.Hope you like it!
  7. Boring day.Thought about building something.Came up with this. Song that I've listened to while building this: Pictures with shaders: Pictures without shaders: Inspired by an old map I've made for League like 2 years ago.If anyone still remembers League.
  8. Thought I shouldn't let me builds gather dust in a folder so I made a new CTW map out of them.Hope you will like it.For more pictures you can see my old posts where I showcase evey individual building. Basically: -The build entitled 'Citadel' is now the base where players spawn. -The build entitled 'WatchTower' is where the wool will spawn for each team. -The build entitled 'Marketplace' is the middle area.A wool would also spawn on top of the middle mountain. Songs I've listened to:
  9. Hello everyone.I built this in the last two days since I had a really cool idea.Hopefully you will like it aswell! Songs I've listened to while building this: Images with shaders: Images without shaders:
  10. Sorry I forgot to include the song.I've been listening to two songs this time: And
  11. This was made as a comission for another server so I thought why not share it with you guys.Hope you like it! Here are the pictures without shaders since someone requested those in the old thread: And with shaders:
  12. Haha I believe not.At least not for now.
  13. Thanks.Means a lot to me!
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