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  1. Happy birthday Jim! ?

    1. Jimmel


      Thanks man! 

  2. Wow, those were good times! Nice to see you again around here Yasso ?
  3. IGN: FireKun I will show all of you my pro pvp skills ? .
  4. LOVE YOU, ALESSIS! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333

  5. You think we can trust you seeing this? http://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/history.php?page=1&amp;uuid=4ddf74e3-9c7a-36c2-b5cb-d9c24bfcdedf&amp;from=bans
  6. Hola Fire_Light! te acuerdas de mi? xD

    1. FireKun


      No, tu no por dioos!!!!!!!!!! xDDDD

      Como no me voy a acordar.


    2. ElGamesHD


      Jajaja. me meti para recordar viejos tiempos, un gusto ver que sigues por aqui, felicidades por el moderador

    3. FireKun


      Gracias compañero ?

  7. What is happenig with you guys? We are a community full of wild animals or what? We are uncivilized people that wish the death to the other ones? What's this, I can't really understand it... Are you discussing for a girlfriend in minecraft, a person that you don't even know...? Is it so difficult to behave as a good community? Why instead of report to others ones you don't try to improve yourself, you don't think that it's a bit unfair insult an staff member and wait his answer to report him for beeing removed from the staff team...? Let's use the common sense, I know that South has not answear you correctly, but this is for a reason... Probably because some of you are provoking him all the time? I don't know, but all the reports against him are because you provoked him previously. In my case I don't care about insults and things like these, I have been staff for a long time and this kind of things don't affect me. Im not saying that the only gulty behave is yours, South's behave is as gulty as yours, but probably if he had not received all of this he wouldn't be like is he now. I think I already said all that I wanted to say, I leave the final decission of what to do with this to Henk. My intention is only to make you think that beeing staff is not easy and that we can be better as players or as staff members. I already know that many of you will ignore this, but I cant do anything more. Try to behave better and to improve the community, because doing things like these ones the only thing that we are doing is killing it, a communtiy that has more than 5 years and a lot of people worked to make it better and better. Hope that this post has been helpful for making all of you to think.
  8. Well, as far as I know, the idea of Pure Survival is to play Minecraft Vanilla in multiplayer, and if we add a costume map we will break this idea. The map is awesome, but I think it could be very hard and tedious to play it in survival. For example, how you break those enormous trees? How you clim those high mountains? I don't know, it could be a great idea, but not for PS.
  9. We can't do anything with this kind of situations, if you accidentally throw away something it's your fault. We can't obligate the player to give it back to you or remove the item from his inventory, give it to you back it's his decission. As Jimmel already said, be more careful next time. T/C.
  10. Moved to Sky Factory 3 Technical Support.
  11. All items refounded except the Assassin Souls since they are not obtainable. If you have any problem, send me a PM. T/C.
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