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  1. Happy birthday Jim! ?

  2. Wow, those were good times! Nice to see you again around here Yasso ?
  3. LOVE YOU, ALESSIS! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333

  4. Hola Fire_Light! te acuerdas de mi? xD

    1. FireKun


      No, tu no por dioos!!!!!!!!!! xDDDD

      Como no me voy a acordar.


    2. ElGamesHD


      Jajaja. me meti para recordar viejos tiempos, un gusto ver que sigues por aqui, felicidades por el moderador

    3. FireKun


      Gracias compañero ?

  5. ugly minion, just like you

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    2. Adriiibr
    3. iiTzArismaltor_


      It's a lovely minion. The heart that it's holding can prove it too. :-)

    4. WaterIsIllegal


      i agree with adri

      it looks like a potato

  6. Minions :) xd

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    2. WaterIsIllegal


      *facepalm* *extreme facepalm*


    3. FireKun


      Have you got any problem with my lovely minion? x(

    4. WaterIsIllegal
  7. In Mexico is still your birthday sooo, happy birthday! Hope u had a really great day :)

    1. FireKun


      Haha. Thanks mate! :-)

  8. Happy Bday,

    Disfruta tus 150 añitos :D

    1. FireKun


      Haha, thanks dude! ;)

  9. Feliz cumpleaños! :P

  10. Hi, could you look into my forum post please? I'd appreciate it.

    1. FireKun


      I can't do anything with pass resets.

  11. IMPERIUM, the Templar City Hello Assassins! Im glad to finally be able to show all of you the new AssassinS Craft city, Imperium. The city is located next to the Assassins Hall, near Carnia. But be careful, this is not a normal city, this is a templar city, the most dengarous zone you will find on the AssassinS world. It's full of templar guardians that will try to kill you without mercy. So, if you aren't prepared I don't recomend you to go there. For the ones who think that they are enough prepared don't think it two times, go, but remember that maybe you will not come back alive. Only the ones who survive on Imperium will be considered Real Assassins! https://imgur.com/a/qb3JD We hope that you like it, this is not a simple parkour, this is a city that tooks a lot of time and work. Dungeons will come very soon. Builders: AdriStrike - KayWolves - Fire_Ligth And I want to thank in name of all of us to Henk because without his help we never have been able to do this kind of projects.
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