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  1. Password reset. Next time use the proper template and post in the right sub-forum.
  2. Request denied, I have previously removed your perms due to abuse, that means you can not request further perms.
  3. Congratulations and since the transfer has been already made I'll close the topic.
  4. Worldedit added. Do not use on large areas, it will cause lag. I will not add the kill command, you've got /suicide for that. Also any abuse of said commands will result in you losing them and being unable to request further commands.
  5. It does have to follow the format, so please edit it accordingly before I review it.
  6. 1. "Your" rank hasn't been approved for transfer yet. 2. I can only grant you World Edit if said topic gets approved , "being able to build in peace" and "I don't like to have him know I am online" are not a valid reason to request vanish.
  7. 1. The rules are generalized with the purpose of covering as much gray areas as possible, however the way they are applied and the punishments are fixed. 2. The purpose of a unban post is not for the staff to prove said player was guilty, it's for the player to prove he wasn't. If he can provide even a little evidence of him not being guilty then yes, the staff member(s) that did the ban will provide material, otherwise it will be closed when it either derails or not enough proof is given by the player. 3. The ban plugin is constantly being worked on by brunyman but like with any bugs it takes time, tekkit being on a 1.6.4 platform doesn't help at all either. 4. We already have a tag plugin for creative items. Another tag would clutter the item. Having duped items in a large amount with or without a tag would be the same, you might have a slight chance of finding out whose items are but every system can be abused and tekkit has shown it too many times.(The keys aren't craftable) 1`. Tracking staff members interferes greatly with our job. Computer craft can and has been abused in the past so I am against any kind of editing or removal of this rule. And the promotion of staff is none of your business or something you will be told.
  8. As I stated earlier, Henk didn't create any rule, if a rule needs to change it must be approved by Bruny, Power or me( in the best case by all 3 of us). The rule was later made obsolete so it's not really relevant to this discussion.
  9. @brunyman Let me clarify it: Henk didn't change any rules, the rules were changed by Power and I when he tasked me with uniforming the rules on all servers, the only thing that Henk did was enforcing the rules and he did a good job.
  10. Do not post anything unless it's relevant to the topic @_ItsWolfie_
  11. Permissions removed, sorry for the wait I just had a lot of work this week.
  12. I've had enough of this attitude from you in the past days, you're lucky I am going to give you just a verbal warning now. You don't get to talk like that to the staff team, especially calling us "dicks" and you don't get to bother brunyman just because he did not have enough time to look over this. I'd rather you not bring those topics up when you barely know anything. As for this topic I do not wish to have this community affiliated to such an individual and as I said before you don't meet requirements thus I will reject your request. As brunyman has veto rights he can override my decision if he feels like doing so, but for the sake of keeping this post civilized seeing you can't keep your comments to yourself I will lock this topic. If brunyman wants to override my decision or say something else he can post in locked topics. In the meantime DO NOT make any topics on this subject or they will be locked.
  13. 1 I don't agree with giving exempts for any of the rules, it's unfair to the rest of the players plus that channel is as good as new, barely any subs and we don't know the quality of the work that'll be there. It's not worth risking to upset the players just because of this. 2 If you are a sponsor you can set one yourself, if you are talking about a tag, you can buy one form the store for the same reasons as above, new channel/unknown quality. 3 That's not a proper reason to request a GM command.
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