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  1. Youtuber rank

    I've had enough of this attitude from you in the past days, you're lucky I am going to give you just a verbal warning now. You don't get to talk like that to the staff team, especially calling us "dicks" and you don't get to bother brunyman just because he did not have enough time to look over this. I'd rather you not bring those topics up when you barely know anything. As for this topic I do not wish to have this community affiliated to such an individual and as I said before you don't meet requirements thus I will reject your request. As brunyman has veto rights he can override my decision if he feels like doing so, but for the sake of keeping this post civilized seeing you can't keep your comments to yourself I will lock this topic. If brunyman wants to override my decision or say something else he can post in locked topics. In the meantime DO NOT make any topics on this subject or they will be locked.
  2. Youtuber rank

    1 I don't agree with giving exempts for any of the rules, it's unfair to the rest of the players plus that channel is as good as new, barely any subs and we don't know the quality of the work that'll be there. It's not worth risking to upset the players just because of this. 2 If you are a sponsor you can set one yourself, if you are talking about a tag, you can buy one form the store for the same reasons as above, new channel/unknown quality. 3 That's not a proper reason to request a GM command.
  3. Your favorite music

  4. Command Request Supaspork

    Hallo, Your request can not be granted because: 1.Catching rule breakers is the staff job not the playerbase's 2.Your perms were removed, it doesn't matter under which circumstances, I will make no exceptions. Have a good day. T/C
  5. UNBAN (Ihax4uv1)

    If you wish to have your unban request reviewed you will have to edit your post using the template.
  6. Happy Birthday, have a great day bro  

    1. Voodoo


      hmm, should have saved the file name as something other than a button bash. >.>

      Happy birthday anyway man


    2. Skilande_


      Thanks, mate!

  7. Happy Birthday Skilande :D 

  8. Happy birthday man! ^_^

    1. Skilande_


      Thanks xD

  9. Unban TheToxic_Avenger

    Issue has been dealt with. T/C
  10. [Grief](quagma)

    Those screenshots don't prove anything more than quagma investigating your base and taking a safari net and some named sheep as evidence. I can't see him or anyone else destroying your grinders, safari nets or killing your mobs. If you won't come up with actual proof I'll have to lock this topic, also we don't have the time to deal with false claims so in the future if you don't have actual proof abstain from posting.
  11. Admin giving me warning for 4 messages

    It doesn't matter if your messages were broken by quagma's messages, they were identical ("Nice opinion! :D"), which weren't even a logic answer to either of his statements. If the messages were relevant and different it wouldn't have been considered spam, but they weren't, thus the warning will stay . Feel free to close the topic.
  12. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    The second option would be the best.
  13. Your favorite music

  14. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    "This would give everyone the chance to get a nice spot on the map and try new strategies. It might also fix the economy and market prices so that people don't get to end-game in a few days. All this will probably get new people to the server so the player base rises back to what it was before the 1.10 server came out. " Everyone gets a dirt block and a tree as a staring area so, that's the only spot on the map and if they want new strategies they can reset their island. It takes more than a wipe to fix the economy, it will be stable for a couple days yeah, but after that it will reverse, so until we can permanently fix it, that is not a reason to wipe. The start of dw20 1.10 didn't affect SF as it did with dw20 1.7, the playerbase is high. " I personally think a wipe would be good. It would encourage players to come to the server again because they have things to do again. And make it less boring for the people that are "done" with their base. One of the reasons a lot of bases are abandoned is because the owner was "done" with his/her base and doesn't know what else to do anymore, because there is no challenge anymore. " Considering you don't play on the server your personal opinion isn't as important as it would've been if you know how things worked on SF. Again people can abandon their bases as much as they want, it's an infinite map and unless they find starting from a server WIPE much more challenging than starting from an island WIPE, there still won't be a challenge. "Some of the players haven't played in awhile because they have nothing else to do. They have reached top tier items and more. A wipe would make them restart and maybe have more players and more fun and maybe attract some new players. I have the suspicion that although new players come they don't stick around after they realize the amount of time passed has made a negative effect: broken eco and bored endgame players. You just don't feel like you are on the same page. It's how I felt when I last joined, people were dumping free goods on me and there wasn't any spirit to progress. It's one of the reasons lots of mmos have seasons, so the players get a new restart. Most players won't quit on their own and delete their work, but if it comes naturally they might want to restart, especially if 100 other players are doing the same." The points I made above apply here too, because it's pretty much the same idea, except the seasons. Yeah they have seasons, but at the same time they have seasonal rewards they have something that make the players wait for the next season, we don't and I see no way in which we can incorporate it at the moment.