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  1. True ACv2

    I might have something in store for that server in the near future. Stay tuned
  2. You know what they say "With great power comes great responsibility". You ought to be careful with worldedit. It looks to me like a lesson for you. You can always rebuild that, the damage ain't that great. Be careful next time!
  3. What You Have To Do If You're Crashing The Server!

    Teleporting people to spawn when they're offline is not as easy as it sounds. Location is held into the player.dat and you need to alter that in order to tp the player to spawn. Bukkit server works with online players not offline players. To do that, you need to alter the player.dat which might cause other issues on the way. Especially on modded servers that is highly recommended against.
  4. Factions Survival Server Update Details

  5. You are reading this topic. That means you are either playing or willing to play skyfactory and you are interested into the gameplay. Everything you need to know about starting the gameplay can be found here. If you have any more questions or additions you think we should add, feel free to reply. Starting Island Schematic: You start with a tree and a little dirt island. That is it, no chests, no extra blocks. You want to be able to harvest as many sapling as possible, so for that purpose, an item called "a Crook" has been added. It is used for harvesting leaves. All you do, is break the leaves with it and your sapling yield will increase enormously. Crook: Once you have a decent amount of saplings, you can start getting yourself some extra dirt to expand your farm. In order to do that you need a barrel. Barrel: Barrels are used for composting. You add organic materials into it and wait for it to dry until it turns to dirt. Compost: From time to time if you are lucky enough, while harvesting saplings from leaves, a little silk worm will fall from the leaves. You can plant that little Silk Worm into the leaves and wait for them to create silk. Once your leaves have enough, you will be able to get some silk from them. Silkworms: Once you have your little silk farm going, you might want to try a sieve. A Sieve is a crucial item that will help you get items you need badly to continue your gameplay. Throw some dirt into it and it will yield certain items. The most crucial one for now is the dirt's drop of stones. You can craft 4 stones together to get yourself some cobblestone. Sieve: Stones: I am sure you are wondering how to get yourself a cobblestone generator to continue playing. For that reason you will need yourself a hammer. Hammers are tools used to break cobblestone into gravel -> into sand -> into dust. Hammers: Once you get yourself some dust, you can use it to make yourself some clay. Place some dust into a barrel full of water, which you can gather from the rain. Clay: Once you get yourself some clay, you can craft yourself a crucible. Crucible: That's about everything you need to know to get yourself started. I am sure you will have more questions and for that reason I will forward you to this topic, the original of Ex-Nihilo, the mod that adds this awesome gameplay. Make sure you read everything ^_^ Knowledge is power. Click here!
  6. Optifine

    Optifine is a mod. Really easy to install on any client using forge. Also, you did not post a link to it and you're not quite explicit. Some screenshots would be useful also. And yes, it is the wrong Section, this is supposed to be for players to make suggestions regarding our server, not regarding user made guides. I'll move it to the proper section.
  7. The following rules are in place in order to help us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment in this Community and its Servers. Our community has certain features that allow you to create your experience as you see fit. By using your Private Messages and Mails you can keep in touch with other players playing, while the same way, you can ignore a person using the Ignore Function which will stop you from seeing anything that person is writing. If however, you witness another player posing a serious threat to the Community, Servers or the Players, you have the Forum's Complaint sections to let us know about that and let us deal with it accordingly. Players who think that they have been falsely accused of breaking a rule or commiting an offense can and should submit an Unban Appeal in the Forum's Appealing Section. Hacking Software that can be used to gain an unfair advantage in our games may not be used. Knowingly exploiting a bug Players must not use any cheats or errors which they may find in our servers. Staff Impersonation Players must not attempt to impersonate Craftersland staff in any way, for any reason. Scamming Do not try to persuade or deceive another player to give you their personal data or items. Unofficial Player Run Events You must not advertise, organise, promote or take part in any unofficial player run events where in game money or items are given away or gambled. Inappropriate language or behaviour You must not use any language which is offensive, racistic or obscene. This also includes discrimination, solicitation, threats, bullying and spamming. Advertising Players should refrain from actively advertising in any of our servers or forums. Griefing Players are not allowed to destroy any of a player's work by any means.
  8. The Craftersland Community Forums are a place to communicate and have mature discussions surrounding the Craftersland Community Servers. In order to achieve this goal it is necessary that all participants abide by the the rules, as outlined below. Any user who does not follow these rules will have their permission to use these forums removed. Please note that all rules are subject to change at any given time. The moderation team's decision is final. General Rules 1. Language The use of language which is sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive is forbidden. This includes both clear and implied language, images, or links to websites with such content. Posts and thread titles consisting of this language will be edited accordingly. Moderator action: Edit or Delete Posts. Members violating this rule will be verbally warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 2. Harassment Harassing other players is not acceptable. While discussing the game-related content is allowed, personal attacks are forbidden. This includes the distribution, release or discussion of any real-life, personal, or private information both real life and game related about other players or moderators of Craftersland. For example, posting phone numbers, home addresses, email-addresses etc. is not allowed. Repeatedly targeting a specific player or persons with harassment will lead to further action. Moderator action: Mods will hide all posts that are deemed harassing after the victim has stated that they do not want further communication with the harasser. In the case of sexual harassment, all offending posts will be hidden. Posts which contain private information about a player or family whether it be real life or game related will be edited accordingly. Members violating this rule will be verbally warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 3. Respect You must respect others and their rights to enjoy this game and the forums. In order to show proper respect, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, insult, name call, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players or the moderators. This includes using words which do not fall under the coverage of rule 1 concerning inappropriate language. Patronizing new players/posters will be frowned upon. Moderator action: Posts which are deemed to be disrespectful to others or immature will be edited accordingly. Members violating this rule will be verbally warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 4. Constructive Be constructive, when posting something. You should quote relevant and necessary text that you relate to, or if appropriate, provide a link to the originating source. If you want to criticize ideas, back your opinion with facts or suggestions. You should not make posts or threads that are solely intended to create controversy, anger, present misinformation or contain personal issues with other members of the game or forums. Moderator action: Posts which are unconstructive or unhelpful will be construed as spam and edited accordingly. Members violating this rule will be verbally warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 5. Correct sections There are many different categories to be found in the forums – for a good reason. To make it easier for visitors and readers to find what they are looking for, take the time and create your threads in the appropriate sections of the board. While we accept that users make mistakes and can become confused by the categories, we will not accept blatant acts of posting threads in the wrong sections, often due to the desire of the poster to gain increased exposure. Action will be taken against continued abusers. Moderator action: Threads created on incorrect boards will be moved to the correct forum. Temporary or permanent redirect link may be left in old forums depending on moderator decision. Members repeatedly violating this rule will be verbally warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 6. Flaming, trolling and baiting You should not attack/provoke others into verbal fights, or create posts intended to cause unrest. This includes immature name-calling and personal conflicts with other members. Moderator action: Posts deemed to fall under this category will be edited or hidden by mods. Offending threads will be closed. Multiple instances will be hidden. Members violating this rule will be verbally warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. Continued abuse will lead to a ban from the forums. 7. Spamming „Spam“ in general is unwanted and should be avoided. Stay on topic and keep personal one-to-one discussions out of threads. Moderator action: All spam will be deleted. Members violating this rule will be warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 8. Links Do not post links to sites that have no direct connection to the Craftersland Community or its partners. No linking to websites that would contain content in violation of any forum or game rules stated here. No linking to sites that market, promote or advertise non-Craftersland Community related business, organizations, people or websites. Questionable links will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Moderator action: Posts containing offending material will be edited. Members violating this rule will be warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 9. Impersonations Do not impersonate or pass yourself off as any other Craftersland Community owner, developer, moderator, or in-game player. This includes creating similar variances upon names in order to deceive, misrepresent or post false information to others. Moderator action: Posts made by impersonators will be edited accordingly. Impersonators will get banned and the staff will be informed to check the in game character name. 10. Inappropriate names Illegal nicknames are those which contain inappropriate language as detailed in rule 1. Furthermore, no nicknames are allowed whose intention is to belittle the conditions of others or impersonate anyone or are in any way obscene, vulgar, or profane. Moderator action: Offending posts which fall under this category will be hidden. The forum nick will be removed and the staff will be informed to check the in game character name. 11. Advertising other servers All other servers are blacklisted. Any mention of another server can be considered advertising it Moderator action: Posts containing such material will be edited or hidden accordingly. Members violating this rule will be verbally warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 12. Copyright Violation Posting information, Pictures, Videos or any other content that you do not have the permission to post is considered Copyright violation and is not allowed. Moderator action: Posts containing such material will be edited or deleted accordingly. Members violating this rule will be verbally warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 13. Signatures and avatars Your avatar must be no bigger than 150 pixels by 150 pixels in size and no larger than 50 KB. Signatures are limited to a size of 500 (width) x 200 (height) pixels or 5 lines of text (in a combination of picture and text a line of text counts as 20 (height) pixels) and 2 images at most. Empty lines count as text lines (“enter” between 2 text lines or between 2 pictures). Undersized text counts as normal size text, oversized text is not allowed. Images in signatures may not be larger than 500KB. What can and cannot be included in signatures and images for avatars follows the same rules and regulations as anything else posted in these forums. Moderator action: Illegal signatures or avatars will be removed and a warning will be given. Re-offenders will face severe penalties. 14. Closed threads Closed threads have been closed for a reason. If this happened, do not – under any circumstances – repost it in any form. On questions, why your thread has been closed/deleted or moved, please contact the forum moderators. Moderator action: Repeatedly reposted or reopened threads will be deleted. Members violating this rule will be verbally warned or infracted depending on the severity of the violation. 15. Recreating Banned accounts If your account has been banned you are not allowed to create a new forum account without the permission of a Forum Administrator. If you wish to appeal against a ban you have to do so using the support system. Moderator action: New Accounts used by banned members (both temporary or permanent) will be given a permanent ban. Users sharing their accounts with banned members will receive a permanent forum infraction 16. Failure to comply to the rules Continuous failure to comply to these forum rules will result in a mod-issued forum warning in the offending thread. Further offences made following this warning could result in a temporary or permanent forum or account block, depending on the severity of the offence. You may appeal a decision made by mods/forum mods by discussing the punishment with an Administrator. Moderator Actions: Penalty System The moderators of Craftersland Community Forums are here to keep the forums clean and enjoyable for the whole community. They may often clean a thread without giving any warning to offenders if the violations are deemed minor. However in some cases verbal warnings or infractions will be given out, those can be 3 types. Unofficial warning: In the form of a post in the thread, private message or any other way of warning without using the forum infraction system. This is used only for minor offences and when the moderator decides that the user can clean/correct the problem themselves. For example it can be used for minor signature and avatar rule violations. Official warning: A warning is a reminder to reread the forum rules and to respect them, it is not a penalty, it doesn’t add points towards a ban. It has several categories which are listed below (the same as the infraction categories). And will be given for more serious violations as a last warning before issuing a penalty for that member. Warnings are stored in the Forum log and will be visible for moderators on the warned user’s profile (even after they expire) Infractions: An infraction is a penalty for violating the forum rules. Every infraction has two attributes, Points and Duration. Points depend on the severity of the violation, and different offences have different Point values. Duration is the time for which Points are “counted”. If a member reaches 5 points he will be added into a moderator queue, waiting for a moderator to confirm his posts, until enough infractions expire to reduce the total points below 5. If a member reaches 10 points (that still have their duration value active) they will be unable to post on the forums until enough infractions expire to reduce the total points below 10. If a member reaches 15 points (that still have their duration value active) they will be banned from the forums until enough infractions expire to reduce the total points below 15.
  9. Due to certain reasons like duping bugs and stability issues we had to ban/disable certain items. The items banned here were absolutely mandatory to get removed in order to assure the safety and stability of the server. Thank you for understanding. Last Update: 3.October.2017 Disabled Mods: Inventory Tweaks - Duplication bugs. Restricted Items: Arcane Bore > Thaumcraft - Protection bypass. Hungry Chest > Thaumcraft - Dupe bugs. Everfull Full > ThaumicExploration - Dupe bugs. Black hole talisman > Botania - Dupe bugs. Block Breaker > OpenBlocks - Dupe bugs. Block and Chain > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Bottled Taint > ThaumicThinker - Protection bypass. Bound Tools > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Brews > Witchery - Protection bypass. Bucket of liquid death > ThaumicThinker - Grief. Builder Block > rfTools - Grief. Chunkloader > ChickenChunks - Lag Issues. Cloud in Bottle > Chisel - Protection bypass. Crane > OpenBlocks - Protection bypass. Crumble Horn > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Cube of Annihilation > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Cut firestone > Railcraft - Grief. Draw bridge > ThinkerMerchworks - Dupe bugs. EnderIO > EnderIO - Protection bypass. Energy Bazooka > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Energy Blaster > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Extrapolated bucket > Botania - Protection bypass. Fancy workbench > Bibliocraft - Dupe bugs. Filing cabinet > ExtraUtilities - Dupe bugs. Florbs > ThermalExpansion - Protection bypass. Hand of ender > Botania - Protection bypass. Ice Bomb > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Imperfect ritual stone > BloodMagic - Dupe bugs. Leonards urn > Witchery - Protection bypass. Letter > Forestry - Dupe bugs. Liquid absorber > RFtools - Protection bypass. Liquid Slime Dimlet > RFtools - Lag issues. Mana blaster > Botania - Protection bypass. Mana lens bore > Botania - Protection bypass. Mana lens kindle > Botania - Protection bypass. Mana lens weight > Botania - Protection bypass. Manastorm charge > Botania - Protection bypass. Material absorber > RFtools - Protection bypass. Charged Porter > RFtools - Dupe bugs. Advanced Charged Porter > RFtools - Dupe bugs. Mining Laser > IC2 - Protection bypass. Needlegun > MFR - Protection bypass. Plastic Bag > MFR - Dupe bugs. Network tool > AE2 - Protection bypass. Orb of testing > BloodMagic - Unstable. Paragrims generators > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Personal anchor > Railcraft - Lag Issues. Petrotheum > ThermalFoundation - Grief. Petrotheum dust > ThermalExpansion - Protection bypass. Plasma Launcher > IC2 - Protection bypass. Rod of Terra Firma > Botania - Protection bypass. Rod of the Hells > Botania - Protection bypass. Rod of the Molten Core > Botania - Protection bypass. Shard of Laputa > Botania - Protection bypass. Slotted Book > BilblioCraft - Dupe bugs. Smashing Rock > Chisel2 - Protection bypass. Spell Table > BloodMagic - Protection bypass. Spot Loader > ChickenChunks - Lag Issues. Tectonic Bucket > ThermalExpansion - Protection bypass. Terra Shatterer > Botania - Protection bypass. Turtles > ComputerCraft - Protection bypass. Twisted Dark Iron Block > Factorization - Unstable. World Anchor > Railcraft - Lag Issues. Machinist Workbench > ThermalExpansion - Dupe Bugs. Cursor > OpenBlocks - Dupe Bugs. devnull > OpenBlocks - Dupe Bugs. ftb.craftersland.net
  10. The moment you've been all waiting for is now here. I finally finished working on the 1.5.2 server and it is ready to get past the Alpha Phase and go into the Beta Phase. Testers are needed so everyone that can and wants to can join the 1.5.2 server. Please understand that Beta means it still has bugs to be found and it might or might not be stable depending on the bugs. As a beta tester player it is your responsibility to report bugs as soon as possible to me on the forums. People being caught abusing bugs will be permanently banned. Thanks to everyone that helped along. It is a long list to mention but I promise I'll take my time and make one later. You can connect using the Crafterslauncher 1.5.2 DW20 Pack or the FTB launcher. Both work just fine. IP for Connecting : ftb.craftersland.net:25550 Enjoy ^_^
  11. Random Thoughts

    Respect the forums rules. I deleted the topic because you were not respecting rule no. 12. English is mandatory. The topic was 90% not in english.
  12. Must Read! Community Rules

    For the purpose of keeping this community a nice environment for everyone involved in it we have developed the following rules and guidelines. Forum Rules: 1. Do not use foul language. 2. Do not act hostile, flame, or troll others. 3. Do not CAPS ( Posts and Subjects). 4. Do not Discuss Bans, Mutes, Locked Threads. 5. Do not hijack a thread or go off-topic. 6. Do not revive dead threads. 7. Do not spam. 8. Do not advertise. 9. Do not distribute inappropriate content. 10. Do not flame the Staff Members. 11. Do not make accusations. 12. Do not use other languages than english while posting. Server Rules 1. Do not use foul language. 2. Do not act hostile, flame, troll other players. 3. Do not CAPS ( Global chat or private chat) 4. Do not steal from others. 5. Do not grief. 6. Do not Tp Kill people. 7. Do not abuse Glitches and Bugs, Report them. 8. Do not harass staff members. 9. Do not destroy someone else's work no matter the situation. 10. Do not complain about a Staff's decision in-game, you have the forums for that. 11. Listen to staff members when they are requesting you to do something. Failing to do so can get you a punishment. 12. Do not deceive or con players for your own favor. Failing to follow those rules will lead to sanctions. Best regards, Myiume - Craftersland Community Manager
  13. This is the section of the Forum where you can report any issues that you have encountered when trying to connect to the server. In order to make this easier for everyone please use the following instructions when posting: Use the [Bug] *Yourname* Prefix in your Title for BUGS. Make sure the title describes the issue as good as possible so others can understand what report is about by reading the title only. Follow the following model: Account Name: Description of the Issue: *Screenshots: `Logs: * = Make sure you use [ img ] tags and post the full resolution screenshot. Use www.imgur.com to upload screenshots! ` = Use www.pastebin.com to post console logs!
  14. [RELEASE]Crafter's Land Launcher

    #For FTB 1.5.2: If the crafterslauncher does not work or gives you a whitescreen please use this one: http://www.craftersland.net/modpack/FTB_Launcher.jar # You will need this launcher in order to connect to the newest Addition of our Community , The FTB 1.5.2 server. It will also optimize your gameplay by having added mods for better FPS and performance. It will automatically install itself in your appdata/.crafterslauncher and will automatically download the needed mods for your client. All you need to do is open it, select the modpack and login. Let the launcher work its magic The first time you launch it, It will download everything the launcher needs, so It will take a while to load. 2nd time it will be way faster as it saves the files on your computer. Download links: Windows executable download: Main Download Link: http://www.craftersl...cher-v1.0.1.exe Mirror:http://www.mediafire...t938h43b1yk3t16 Jar file download for Mac/Linux/Windows: Main Download Link: http://www.craftersl...cher-v1.0.1.jar Mirror: http://www.mediafire...0pbq8jullkizx2b With all due respect, Myiume - Craftersland Community Manager