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  1. Myiume

    True ACv2

    I might have something in store for that server in the near future. Stay tuned
  2. You know what they say "With great power comes great responsibility". You ought to be careful with worldedit. It looks to me like a lesson for you. You can always rebuild that, the damage ain't that great. Be careful next time!
  3. Myiume

    What You Have To Do If You're Crashing The Server!

    Teleporting people to spawn when they're offline is not as easy as it sounds. Location is held into the player.dat and you need to alter that in order to tp the player to spawn. Bukkit server works with online players not offline players. To do that, you need to alter the player.dat which might cause other issues on the way. Especially on modded servers that is highly recommended against.
  4. Myiume

    Factions Survival Server Update Details


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