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  • Must Read! Community Rules


    For the purpose of keeping this community a nice environment for everyone involved in it we have developed the following rules and guidelines.

    Forum Rules:

    1. Do not use foul language.

    2. Do not act hostile, flame, or troll others.

    3. Do not CAPS ( Posts and Subjects).

    4. Do not Discuss Bans, Mutes, Locked Threads.

    5. Do not hijack a thread or go off-topic.

    6. Do not revive dead threads.

    7. Do not spam.

    8. Do not advertise.

    9. Do not distribute inappropriate content.

    10. Do not flame the Staff Members.

    11. Do not make accusations.

    12. Do not use other languages than english while posting.

    Server Rules

    1. Do not use foul language.

    2. Do not act hostile, flame, troll other players.

    3. Do not CAPS ( Global chat or private chat)

    4. Do not steal from others.

    5. Do not grief.

    6. Do not Tp Kill people.

    7. Do not abuse Glitches and Bugs, Report them.

    8. Do not harass staff members.

    9. Do not destroy someone else's work no matter the situation.

    10. Do not complain about a Staff's decision in-game, you have the forums for that.

    11. Listen to staff members when they are requesting you to do something. Failing to do so can get you a punishment.

    12. Do not deceive or con players for your own favor.

    Failing to follow those rules will lead to sanctions.

    Best regards,

    Myiume - Craftersland Community Manager

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