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  1. The plan "on paper" sounds good but în practice i dunno. Anyhow im down for this(You asked for opinions)
  2. Looks really good imo. Great job guys on all the updates that you've done latley @MiniTermi77 and @N3co_ Hope i'll be able to give you a hand later.
  3. Robert

    AC New Tutorial

    Looking pretty good
  4. Another house design https://imgur.com/a/1aoQcPJ
  5. I'd like to apply for Builder on AC/Network Servers. If i get chosen as a builder i'd love to give MiniTermi77 a hand with the upcoming updates on AC, maybe even on the other network servers. Maybe, if @brunyman or @EPICfighters likes the build, it could be added on AC server. https://imgur.com/a/On7mbQD I'll just respond to this topic with updates on the build further on. Here's a sample of what the full build of the walls/corners looks like: The last part is kinda long because i wanted to do a small house to show my idea of how the houses inside the castle would look like. NOTE: Please ignore the dude on the background.
  6. I've seen something similar with checkpoints in a parkour made by SlendyOff; the FAN temple i think. EDIT: Maybe it's made with command blocks?
  7. Tbh i've played here for a long time in the past and some now. Never knew about the existence of a bug, and i don't want to know details. Maybe its unfixable. Anyhow i've got another idea not related to the fly matter. Lets say we remove all the OP weapons/leather armor and add netheriete stuff instead.
  8. Actually that, command blocks that deactivate fly in parkours + a checkpoint system/plugin would please everyone (this checkpoint thingy was mentioned before in this topic by @MiniTermi77). But, and here is the big problem this would require an enormous amount of work; and to be honest there is not enough staff members to complete such a project.
  9. Well its one against the majority. If you remove fly then sponsor or sponsor + becomes pretty much premium. Imo removing features will drive away players not attrack em. Anyhow we're just debating so untill brunyman decides anything it'll stay that way
  10. I get your point, heck i actually enjoy seeing ppl that still care about the server. The biggest problem is respecting the Mojang Eula. Remember when that dropped they had to remove the /gm 1, so just because of legal reasons i think that the god command will not see the light at the end of the tunnel
  11. The god command would bring up another set of problems which imo are far worse than actually having access to /fly
  12. This request was fulfilled by @EPICfighters(props to him for helping out); so if anyone is willing to close this topic that'd be great.
  13. Account Name: TheRebel424 Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: /skull + /flyspeed on Assassins Craft /skull; /flyspeed and Wolrd Edit on Pure Survival, Hippo plots; Skyblock
  14. To be fair, Vip is 5 euros and premium is 10; when Sponsor is 50 and Sponsor+ is 70, so the fly command doesn't seem all that exagerated
  15. Account Name: TheRebel424 Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: World Edit Access (Add the node of the commands if you know it so they are easier to add.) Reason for Request: I'd like to have world edit access onto the Pure Survival server aswell, because i like to build things and world edit will come in handy when doing asimetrical builds. (Add the reasons for each command you are requesting.)
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