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  1. Account Name: TheRebel424 Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: World Edit Access (Add the node of the commands if you know it so they are easier to add.) Reason for Request: I'd like to have world edit access onto the Pure Survival server aswell, because i like to build things and world edit will come in handy when doing asimetrical builds. (Add the reasons for each command you are requesting.)
  2. *BUMP* @brunyman @Henk @EPICfighters @brunyman
  3. It's in AC server, and there's one more problem with the Skyblock server, the uSkyBlock plugin needs an uptade @brunyman
  4. Has this city been added to the live map? Because i cannot find IT.
  5. In-Game Name: TheRebel424 Rank: Sponsor Description of the problem encountered: The crafting table that sponsor has access [through commands such as: /craft /workbench] doesn't work anymore. What i mean can be understood easily by looking at the photos posted that serve as evidence. Evidence (optional*): https://imgur.com/a/gjtHFpd
  6. Account Name: TheRebel424 Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: /flyspeed /walkspeed and world edit[in hipoplots] Reason for Request: I've made the request for these commands/benefits because i want to travel the world faster[into the AC server i mean] and world edit so i can clear out areas and build much faster. And ofcourse i know that abusing these commands/benefits will result in punishment. @brunyman @Henk @EPICfighters
  7. Yeah actually you're right about the population on the network server, and i think this is a great idea, fingers crossed.
  8. Simple but Nice You could continue it like a medieval theme or something like this
  9. Best of the best! You stayed the same even improved your building skills! Keep it up man! Bafta multa!
  10. Waiting for my new PC components!

  11. Waiting for my new PC components!

  12. Robert


    Plan on upgrading my pc Actually this Wednesday my new pc parts will arrive Specs: CPU: INTEL I3-6100, 3.7GHz, 3MB, BX80662I36100 GPU: Asus GeForce GTX 950 Strix 2GB DDR5 128-bit PSU: Seasonic ECO 430w MOBO: MSI H110M PRO-D, chipset H110, socket 1151, 2xDDR4, 4xSATA3, mATX RAM: Kingston Fury Black 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz HDD: Toshiba 1TB 7200RPM 32MB SATA III Case: Segotep Case AND Black-Red Anyway Nvidia are insane
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