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  1. Even though you caught him im gonna have to give you a warning for also using a hacked client. T/C
  2. Account Name: CuteLoli Rank: Sponsor + Judge Requested Commands: - Worldedit Reason for Request:- Building purposes
  3. Its been a long time my friend. Nice to see you again 😄
  4. Account Name: CuteLoli Rank: Sponsor + Judge Requested Commands:- /tp - /vanish Reason for Request:- /tp | to get to other players without them having to accept my tpa request. - /vanish | To be hidden from other players can also help busting a rule breaker
  5. Hello staff team, I recently changed my name from AlwaysJustin to VeryCuteLoli I would like to have my sponsor rank on that account with all my permissions like /speed /skull and /hat proof https://gyazo.com/24082d0169c9eba843f0b3c780307d4a Very kind regards Justin
  6. Speed is not working somehow it just locks at a speed 1 but it says speed 1-10
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