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  1. Adi6202


    I tried to obtain a soul of torment demon but the lord of torment vanished because of a bug...After he teleported me in the Hell he should have been there..but he wasn’t...Can someone give me the loot he was supposed to give?
  2. I tried to infuse me with an infernal animus potion but i died because the dead protection poppet its bugged..... and some players told me that i need a lauriel crown? But i dont know botania... What can i do?
  3. Im adi6202 and i tryed to make infernal animus twice in a kettel and my altar power was 5400. In the past it didnt worked to but i thought that now will work......I lost : 1. 2 Hearts of demon 2. 2 Redstone soups 3. 2 Refines Evil 4. 2 Potions of harming II 5. 2 Voodoo poppets (not bound) 6. 2 Blaze Rods
  4. Please make that wipe come faster.... I really want o build some awesome things but i cant because i know that the wipe will come...... Please wipe the server!
  5. ~adi6202 -I have an ideea... I saw on the server that a lot of people use Witchery Mod... on of this people obvious is me -What if the Admins or Moderators (idk) add to the vote and legendary crates a Witchery Chest? -At the Vote Key it can be a poppet , 2 wings of owl , 5 branches and 8 wool of bat ? & -At the Legendary Key it can be a redstone soup , a cristal ball and a chandelier ?
  6. 1.adi6202 2.Infernal animus 3.6 bottles 4.x2560 y64 z2526 5.As a witchery mod user i wanted to be infused, i died once because from a mistake, i dropped the death protection poppet that should protect me from death..... After that we tried for 6 times to infuse ourselves but unfortunately the death protection poppet didnt work....
  7. 1.adi6202 2. Death Protection Poppet 3.2 poppets 3.x2559 y2572 4.i was crafting this 2 poppets and then i was kicked out of the server and when i came back the poppets dissapear
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