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  1. ive been at his base when he has made multiple machines in his town, and you got no rights to take items when ur thrown out. doesnt matter if u made them, his town, he's machines you used, he's resources, he's stuff=he's items, also he is a creative player and the town mayor that means rule 8 is in use and u are to leave empty handed,. and who invited you back into the town? after you got kicked?
  2. So Crafty wanted me to say how i felt about this situation so here it is. i was shown the screenshoot of where it states that ”OpPGold Is A Hypocrite” and i did not think of this as a joke, i was alittlebit offended by it in the begining but it wears of with time. The server is a no Harass zone!
  3. Item given, as it dissapeard when u we're fighting i find it okay to refund this item to you! T/C
  4. If something cause a fatal error in the server it will rollback to the save where it wasnt fatal and go from there, sorry to hear that you lost all your items! I would suggest to make an refund request
  5. Account Name: OpPGold[not my towns] Town name: / Character name : TheTown and Moskov Server: dw1.7 Coordinates: Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 14.03.2019, 18:35 gmt +1 for both towns Description of Issue: They kinda got wiped when i was doing a wipe on a dupers base, hopefully we can fix this. *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
  6. Item returned safe, Topic Closed! T/C
  7. Im on it, give me 10 minutes and it will be placed in your inventory
  8. Items placed in inventory enjoy your playtime in the server T/C
  9. After we in the DW20 1.7 Staff have spoken abit and we came to a agreement to reduse the punishment to 1day and 20 hours because we dont have fully proof of you guys duplicating and hopefully you can live with this, the rest of the punishment is because you used exploited items and didnt inform staff about it after you got unbanned. Hope your friend can apologize to me and my staff about he’s behavior on discord! T/C
  10. U used it and therefor get the punishment for it
  11. Well, why didnt you tell anyone about the exploited items? you used the armor and laser so you know ur breaking rule 2
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