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  1. I think a wipe would be beneficial
  2. my ender quarry did this to a part of my base too but i fixed it
  3. Your Name: Josephmcleod15Item Name + ID + Amount: £8000 - £10000 and sponsor claim chunksCoordinates: Description of Issue: i made a post requesting that my money and extra claim chunks were refunded after the reset, the topic was closed and i didnt get anything back i still have only 20 claim chunks Screenshots (Optional):
  4. [Refund Request] Around £8000-£10,000 Your Name: Josephmcleod15Item Name + ID + Amount: Josephmcleod15, in-game balance £8000 - £10000 (left over sponsor money)Coordinates: Description of Issue: after reset, my balance dropped to £150 Screenshots (Optional): Also, would it be possible to have my extra claim chunks that came with the sponsor rank, they get reset after a wipe I think, thanks
  5. I'm not sure I think there may be one soon, judging from another post.
  6. the last wipe was 4th May, does anyone know when the next one is due?
  7. hey, im a sponsor on dw 1.7.10, would i be able to get my claim blocks because i only have the default 20. thanks
  8. hey, I just came back from the wipe and I think I had between 7-8000 in my balance before the reset. would I be able to get that back and I haven't come across a template for a money refund and I don't have any screenshots of my balance before. - DW 1.7.10 thanks
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