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  1. Josephmcleod15

    [Refund Request] Josephmcleod15

    Thank you
  2. Your Name: Josephmcleod15Item Name + ID + Amount: £8000 - £10000 and sponsor claim chunksCoordinates: Description of Issue: i made a post requesting that my money and extra claim chunks were refunded after the reset, the topic was closed and i didnt get anything back i still have only 20 claim chunks Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Josephmcleod15

    Money Request & Extra Claim Chunks

    ok thanks
  4. [Refund Request] Around £8000-£10,000 Your Name: Josephmcleod15Item Name + ID + Amount: Josephmcleod15, in-game balance £8000 - £10000 (left over sponsor money)Coordinates: Description of Issue: after reset, my balance dropped to £150 Screenshots (Optional): Also, would it be possible to have my extra claim chunks that came with the sponsor rank, they get reset after a wipe I think, thanks
  5. Josephmcleod15

    DW 1.7.10 Wipe?

    I'm not sure I think there may be one soon, judging from another post.
  6. Josephmcleod15

    DW 1.7.10 Wipe?

    the last wipe was 4th May, does anyone know when the next one is due?
  7. Josephmcleod15

    claim blocks sponsor

    thanks bruny
  8. Josephmcleod15

    claim blocks sponsor

    hey, im a sponsor on dw 1.7.10, would i be able to get my claim blocks because i only have the default 20. thanks
  9. Josephmcleod15

    Money refund

    thanks bruny
  10. Josephmcleod15

    Money refund

    hey, I just came back from the wipe and I think I had between 7-8000 in my balance before the reset. would I be able to get that back and I haven't come across a template for a money refund and I don't have any screenshots of my balance before. - DW 1.7.10 thanks
  11. Josephmcleod15

    Chunk loader

    oh okay, thanks
  12. no you don't need to be online while you purchase the rank
  13. Josephmcleod15

    Town removal requests

    I had to reclaim the land there under another town name as the other one was left, so there is no one in the town Delete thanks
  14. Josephmcleod15

    Town removal requests

    Account Name(you): Josephmcleod15 Server: dw 1.7.10 Town name in question(case sensitive): Delete Coordinates: x=53 z= -2675 y=95 and x=30 z=-2794 y=77 Town members: there used to be a few members although they have not been online for 4 months Reason for request: none of the town members have been on since 4 months ago except SNFoxy who came online yesterday, so it was only me in the town really. so I deleted the both towns but now I realized that I'm a sponsor and a lot of my old creative town features are now in the wild for people to go to, I don't want to be banned for this or anything but I could world edit them out so no one can get the old items. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  15. Josephmcleod15

    Chunk loader

    hey, does anyone know which chunk loader we're allowed to use on the DW 1.7.10 server? thanks

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