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  1. [Morph Bug] zbyshek

    Player confirmed the bug is fixed. T/C
  2. You will get what you lost back one way or another, give brunyman some time.
  3. [Morph Bug] zbyshek

    Account Name: zbyshek Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 16/10/17 22:00 GMT+0 Description of Issue: zbyshek has 3 hearts permanently in all morphs because of the known morph bug. I made the request for him as he is a new player and doesn't have a forum account.
  4. Items lost

    The refund will be postponed. If the rollback is unsuccessful the items here will be refunded.
  5. Items lost

    Please edit your post to fit this template:
  6. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but you are not allowed to have any of the sauce unless you flawlessly imitate this guy: every time you entered the store. I want to be a top American model and be featured in fashion commercials.
  7. Refund Request

    Refunded and placed in inventory. T/C
  8. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but whoever touches what you have moved using your powers, including yourself, will annihilate like antimatter. I wish humanity would sustainably live on Mars.
  9. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but world peace will instantly crumble the moment you close your eyes and fall asleep, so ya better stay awake! I wish to travel back in time.
  10. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but its worthless monopoly money, have fun selling it as scrap paper. I wish The Avengers were real.
  11. [Claim Removal] RosaGardiner

    Player confirmed the issue was solved. T/C
  12. Your Name: Ginkorouge Claim Leaders Name: RosaGardiner Coordinates of claim: 2157, -271, 68 (xzy) Claim members: RosaGardiner Reason for request: The player (Ginkorouge) is expanding his base, and this claim is in the way. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  13. Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    * The three of them would have to fight to the death...
  14. Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    Dave cleared his eyes, and came closer to make out the letters. It was written in squid ink, however he noticed a red bias to the colour, it read "You have reached the temple of enlightenment, only one of you shall see the light. You have 5 minutes to enter the tree's hole and unlock the door with the golden key of knowledge, may you choose not to, an eternal life of pain and hell fire awaits".
  15. Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    Giving in to his temptations, the fishman vomited, he wanted to swim in the pink goo one last time. He was having the time of his life, swimming, alone in an enclosed bubble of dreams, euphoria and floral aromas, willingly ignoring that his life was about to be cut short.