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  1. Or maybe link us to a design? https://br.sidoh.org/
  2. Could you specify how many of each reactor part you need?
  3. Since we have no backups we'll have to resort to a refund. Make a separate post and use this template: T/C
  4. Your inventory and towns have been transferred. Is there anything missing?
  5. The items you asked for, as well as other items on your other account's inventory have been transferred to your new account. T/C
  6. We can get your base back to exactly how it was originally. Please edit your post to use this template:
  7. You are in game again. Is this still a problem? got some info wrong. This may be an issue with your inventory. We should try an inventory clear and a rollback only if it doesn't work.
  8. You mentioned that I have withdrawn some evidence. I have not. Could you explain this a bit further?
  9. I will address your post point by point, in full honesty. "From the screenshot, I was sent it only looked like some text spelled out in blocks which personally I wouldn't have classed as breaking the rules." I classify that as a pretty nasty personal attack towards a player, that was definitely not meant as a joke as he confirmed. A player who is in your town might I add. That was my judgement as a member of staff. "He has accused me even though he has said himself it consists of creative items when I'm not a creative player that would be able to spawn the resources needed to make that" I asked you if you made it, and proceeded with the rest of my actions as if you had not. I was inclined to believe it was yours as another staff member had informed me it was your doing, and that you had a certain disliking to oppgold as you have argued with him about rules in the past. Might I add that a part of that statement is not necessarily true. "They also implied they would remove it without refunding the resources as can be seen in reference A" Incorrect. That was not at all my intention. I said I assume, but should you have said the non creative items are legitimate, I would have refunded them for you. That was me practically asking if you needed a refund, though I accept it might have been unclear from my phrasing. "I currently feel harassed as I am being forced to removed it and accused of making it with no accounted grounds" I started by asking a single question did everything to avoid it, and even poked harmless fun at me for being so serious. I did not force you to remove it. I even told you that I had absolutely no grounds for punishment. I only said that either you remove it, or I will. I also feel I am constantly being pressured into "admitting" a crime I have not committed. The reason I questioned you is because I had confirmation it was you from my peers, and was inclined to believe so. I still believe its you but I have no grounds to press any punishment. I did however take down the offending structure. "Also, the screenshot seems to show Uuu(sideways)GJLD IS A HYPOCRITE." I would have to say that it is possible but highly improbable. "Harassing someone != Offending someone" If you are offending someone intentionally, that might return false.
  10. Moved to complaints. You are free to mention the player's name. Please modify your post and use this template:
  11. Please edit your post and use this template:
  12. I have no say in whether the rollback is approved, but the player has had the equipment needed to dupe for a long time before evidence was gathered of the bug being abused (please don't mention the dupe method in this topic). There is no way for us to verify how long or how much the dupe bug has been abused.
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