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  1. Moved to complaints. You are free to mention the player's name. Please modify your post and use this template:
  2. Please edit your post and use this template:
  3. I have no say in whether the rollback is approved, but the player has had the equipment needed to dupe for a long time before evidence was gathered of the bug being abused (please don't mention the dupe method in this topic). There is no way for us to verify how long or how much the dupe bug has been abused.
  4. Refunded 2700, since you would have bid 300 for the item. T/C
  5. Wood refunded in a chest in player's base. Reactor casing cannot be refunded as we discussed. T/C
  6. Can you tell me the materials and upgrades you used? eg: wood binder wood handle 200 redstone etc...
  7. Granted. From now on you will be obsessively fixated to anything who yells out your name. I wish I could tell how much someone likes me while I talk to them.
  8. @macciato I asked chinougly on the infinity server and lucky for you, he confessed. Here are the screenshots (I was on a console client) I made you a rollback post here, expect your base back by Friday:
  9. Your Name: MacciatoTown Name: JavaCoordinates: -4156 85 4593Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 22/6/18Description of Issue: Player was found with duped items, however proved the items were gifted from another duper rather than duped by the player himself: His base was regenerated and now needs to be rolled back.
  10. I haven't responded as I've not been able to find anything incriminating on the players mentioned here. Even though you sound sincere I can't decide based on that alone, so I'll try confronting the two in game, I'll keep you posted.
  11. Unban request denied. T/C
  12. Rules state clearly that spawn grief receives a permanent ban. I see no reason for an exception here. [8] No Griefing Any Protected Territory:  1st offense = 7 days ban. 2nd offense = 14 days ban. 3rd offense = 28 days ban. 4th offense = 60 days ban. Includes everything that changes the environment of claimed land. Includes any block, item, action, liquid, that can bypass protection. Includes Griefing of own Town if other members did not agree and worked hard. Griefing spawn is a permanent ban. If you want to play on the server again consider buying an unban. You can do that here: http://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/167474
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