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  1. Direwolf20 crash land

    Player managed to log in. T/C
  2. [Rollback Request] Y_D [DW 1.7]

    @Y_D Unless you lost a large amount of highly customised items a refund would be easier to deal with: As for the thaumcraft research I'm afraid I don't have the ability to unlock it.
  3. [Refund Request] 01010101

    Item refunded in a minichest in your base. T/C
  4. Lost Iridium ore due to a lag spike

    Refunded in Tesadorn's inventory. T/C
  5. This doesn't seem like a bug, but is indeed one of the inconveniences of chunk loading in minecraft. However I suggest the following: Have the computer and modem in the same chunk as the reactor. This will prevent the program finding no reactors and crashing as you are approaching the area. If this yields the same issue then the next best thing to do it to load all chunks that the reactor, computer and networking cable is in (which can get really costly). Feel free to post the results here.
  6. Requesting help for Witchery Infusion

    Last Stand is bugged on 1.7 unfortunately, and draconic armour isn't on the pack.
  7. [Refund Request 2]NarubiaN

    I refunded the items in your inventory except for the legendary keys which I cannot refund, but @quagma can.
  8. [Refund Request] ImprovedGamer

    Refunded in player's inventory. T/C
  9. Account Name: craftyguy23 Town name: sleepville Coordinates: -1383, 80, -1 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 2/11/17 before 20:00 gmt+0 Description of Issue: town was griefed by protection bypass. I'm making a rollback request to save time as the town residents aren't on. This is not my town.
  10. [Rollback Request]<NarubiaN>[DW1.7]

    It's almost like the bound pick is cursed to ruin ME systems: What I ended up doing to stop it ruining my day and running to the forums crying, was to place a vacuum chest attached to a tier 3 modular using an item node below the floor, at a level where the pick wouldn't reach it. This would recover all the storage modules.
  11. The issue resembled more of a refund request, and all items were refunded in game. T/C
  12. [Rollback Request]<Luca_The_Grim>[dw20 1.7]

    It would be better to make a Refund Request instead of a rollback. Please make a different post. T/C Edit: Refund was dealt with in-game.
  13. Command Request

    I'm not in charge of command requests, but could you give some more information on "build in peace"? It's a bit vague.