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  1. Sorry we cant roll it back. If you see me in game, I'll be happy to give you some of the items you lost from the grief. T/C
  2. [Morph Bug] R3n_

    Player: R3n_ The player suffers from the morph bug and his health stays at 8 hearts.
  3. Refund Request Gwaryan

    Refunded. T/C
  4. Welcome back! Please edit your post and use this template to help with the process:
  5. item refund-NEBEST04 (nathan)

    Drum refunded in your main claim. T/C
  6. Rank transfer request

    Please make your post in this section: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/ And use this template: T/C
  7. [Unban] Lews_

    The reason I banned you was because you was because you griefed a town you were given temporary permissions for to assist in building. The guy you griefed didn't even know you did it until I showed him as you managed to sweep it completely under the radar. Anyways here is a screenshot of you admitting to stealing his ME drives: (this screenshot was submitted by a player) The drives were stolen from the player Tesadorn, with TheVoid being his town. I don't believe your ban should be shortened, but its up to the community.
  8. The player's location is now overworld. T/C
  9. Rollback Request

    Refunded in a chest in the player's claim. T/C
  10. Shop Spawn egg [1.7.10]

    Ok I added that to the title.
  11. [Morph Bug] TheVizzer

    Your Name: TheVizzer Description of Issue: I'm making the post for the player as he doesn't have a forum account. He's having the morph bug and is currently stuck at 5 hearts.
  12. Shop Spawn egg [1.7.10]

    Is this for 1.7.10?
  13. Refund Request

    Refunded in inventory. T/C
  14. Refund Request

    Please edit your post and use this template:

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