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  1. Regarding previous refund request

    Oblivion Jar placed in inventory T/C
  2. *URGENT* Ruined everything

    Item removed from inventory, try to join now.
  3. Refund request

    refunded, items placed in the chest. T/C
  4. [Refund Request 2]NarubiaN

    Key refunded.
  5. [Refund Request]NarubiaN

    Refunded and confirmed with player. Topic closed!
  6. Your favorite music

    Not sure if this has been posted here already, but it needs to be for sure (I know it's not the authentic version, don't hate )
  7. [Refund Request]*Luca_The_Grim*

    Refunded and confirmed. Topic closed!
  8. [Refund Request]doncase

    Refunded, items placed in inventory. Next time, remember to be in overworld when you log off.
  9. Items refunded, placed in your inventory. Please check your ME setup for what Henk posted to prevent things from going missing in the future.
  10. [Refund Request] Warotia

    Refund confirmed. Topic closed!
  11. Refund confirmed. Topic closed!
  12. Possibly a Server wipe?

    Hello! I have been Flying around and doing a lot of random teleports, and I've come to the conclusion that there is not a lot of free space for medium/big bases. This is mostly because of a lot of abandoned end-game bases all over the map. This makes it that the preferred biomes (plains/magical forest/forest) almost all have claims in them. and that less preferred biomes such as Desert and Taiga have a lot of free room. One way to solve this would be to go for a complete server wipe. The last wipe we had was this year on the 4th of March, so that is a little over 6 months ago. This would give everyone the chance to get a nice spot on the map and try new strategies. It might also fix the economy and market prices so that people don't get to end-game in a few days. All this will probably get new people to the server so the player base rises back to what it was before the 1.10 server came out. I personally think a wipe would be good. It would encourage players to come to the server again because they have things to do again. And make it less boring for the people that are "done" with their base. One of the reasons a lot of bases are abandoned is because the owner was "done" with his/her base and doesn't know what else to do anymore, because there is no challenge anymore. I think wiping would also be good for tps reasons because we are almost never on full tps anymore because of the huge end-game bases everyone has. And a new seed is always fun of course! This is just my personal opinion, so I would love to hear what others have to say about this!
  13. Items placed in inventory. Please try to always protect your quarry by claiming or warding it so it can't get stolen. T/C
  14. [Rollback Request] Aaron2550

    Rollback successful, T/C