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  1. Hey! Hope you had a great birthday

  2. Rip, I remember when it was last reset and I was one of the first few to get on. I was lucky enough to find a village and build near it and make a decent little place.
  3. Merry Christmas!! Missing the friends I made. Should I come back in the next month or so? Things in my life seem to be starting to calm down now...

  4. Missing everyone. Life is still pretty tough to handle on a day-to-day basis. Maybe by January I will come back :)

  5. rip my staff rank. i hope to come back in a few months

  6. so you want an inventory rollback? Edit by Geri33: If so, please mention the date and the hour of when you died.
  7. looks cool. also it's "mesopotamia" xD sorry, i am a history major and that era of history is super interesting
  8. Break and replace the blocks first. If that doesn't work, then please comment down below
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