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  1. TaraBites

    Missing Storage Disks

    Hi, here's the template. Please make another post following this: T/C
  2. Actually, it was probably something in your inventory. Any idea what it might be? A backpack or Refined Storage drive?
  3. TaraBites

    Inappropriately named claim

    Bruny, can you figure out what clan he's talking about?
  4. Problems have been figured out T/C
  5. TaraBites

    [Inventory Rollback Request] EmeraldDMS

    Player never responded T/C
  6. TaraBites

    ReActive Rank

    Rank transferred T/C
  7. TaraBites

    Corrupted island

    Island fixed yet?
  8. TaraBites

    Tara Said to. "Need Readadded"

    Problem fixed T/C
  9. TaraBites

    lost item

    Player never responded T/C
  10. TaraBites

    [Inventory Rollback Request] lorton

    Been over a month since last reply T/C
  11. TaraBites

    Complaint: maxing15

    fix the link please

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