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  1. Thank for the information. :D Situation update - I'm not sure if it get back to normal when the server restarted. I joined the server after that recent crash a day , and it appeared that I can enjoy the server and lost nothing. But after that , I got kicked again after standing in the same place for half an hour with the same reason.
  2. Could you try to send me back to the spawn? My username is NatureGecko. Last time it appeared similar issue and the best solution for now might be sending that player out of that chunk. So that player can be in the server once again, but they can't be there again untill that chunk is regenerated. ( I'm not sure if this is true, but last time this method worked very well. Also , I may have to do Item refund as well. )
  3. I went to the mining dimension and built a quarry there before the server is updated. Everything was very normal. I came back to the server after the update , and began installing ME-system there. When I was storing the items from the quarry, I was kicked by the server , and was not be able to return again.
  4. Your Name: NatureGeckoCoordiantes: -216 721 [ Next to a spawn ]Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 13 / 10 / 2018Description of Issue: Someone destroyed the automated farming system and took a machines in the area that I didn't yet claimed , and what were left are some pipes, plants, and an ugly dirt pillar at the center of the hallway. It is very fine for me if the admin can't do a rollback for that area becuase those chunks are not claimed , but if possible , I would like to let admins find that bad player and do a punishment for him. Screenshots (Optional): \/ Ugly dirt pillar. ? \/ Mystic hole. (?)
  5. Everyday I get into the server , the first thing I will see is the reactors fuel is critical and the power generation is low. When I looked at the reactor , there were a ton of waste accumulating in the rods. When looked deeply around the automated fuel refill system, I found a cables on the ground and a holes in the wall. When I looked ahead , yes~ the cables were ripped apart. This may caused by the security teminal , because before I put it on the system , nothing did self-destruction for a week. Good new is no drives were lost this time , and no need for rollback request , because when the drives are dropped, the hopper near to it will bring them to the safe storage place , waiting for me or someone to go and reinstall them again. But for the cable , unfortunately , they were lost forever. ?
  6. The new from the mall The grand opening of Malavian Plaza will be situated sometime after 25 Oct this year. The main structure is completed , and inner interior has began!
  7. I teleported randomly to someone's base near the world border and got disconnect after standing there under a second. When I tried to join the server again, I got instant disconnected again, and can't even join the server again. The first message that appeared said : Mod map 15... [ Something ] and after that time , it will appear : Internal exception , all the time I joined. My username is NatureGecko
  8. This is the further progress about the building, now its main structure is already built up to three floors. This is the view a the front of the building, only one floor left and its roof top. The gardent at the back of the building. The roof top. In the hall. This secret tunnel leads to the another building, and that power line is for carring the power from the generator to the mall.
  9. I'm back again with the new update about my plaza. New expansion of the plaza is under construction, this department will serve as the shopping center with a lot of function to do in it. This is the front look of the new building. [ Not yet completed ] The main theme of the mall is Babylon, from Mesotopemia. [ History ] When entered the building, the first thing you will see is the information counter. [ But now will be only the framed escalator ] A little further steps in the building. Basement level.
  10. Thank for the news. Now I'm moving from RS to AE2 and also wiped all the RS system in my base.
  11. Your Name: RaiaanCoordiantes: -241 92 718 [ The storage area is built in a single chunk.Time/Date when everything was fine : 16 / 8 / 2018Description of Issue: After the update from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0 , the storage disks on my base are vanished. But everything else was doing well.Screenshots (Optional):
  12. -*- Added *-* No item lost when clicked on that block, I put it in the auto charger and completely forgot about. Everything was fine except for Ender IO stuffs and my inventory after clicked on it, the only way I found to organize my inventory is to relog. x_x
  13. It happended in the lastest version og the game, I can't interact with any of the Ender IO stuff and it also massed up my inventory. However, when I entered to the server , everything was fine, except for thost things that I can't open its GUI. I also lose 1 item, which I held when opened that machine and my inventory was massed, but it happened sometime.
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