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  1. -*- Added *-* No item lost when clicked on that block, I put it in the auto charger and completely forgot about. Everything was fine except for Ender IO stuffs and my inventory after clicked on it, the only way I found to organize my inventory is to relog. x_x
  2. It happended in the lastest version og the game, I can't interact with any of the Ender IO stuff and it also massed up my inventory. However, when I entered to the server , everything was fine, except for thost things that I can't open its GUI. I also lose 1 item, which I held when opened that machine and my inventory was massed, but it happened sometime.
  3. Malavian , community mall and tiny mordern friendly factory. This building is seem to be very gigantic and massive at the same time, but it causes very little TPS drop, or it doesn't cause any lag! Proved by turning all the machines with 10 players in the server and observe the TPS. Excluded the mob farm, which is still the massive problem because it causes huge TPS drop and lag. The most greatest TPS drop it had done was 8. something. 😛 /spawn , turn right , and walk for 500 meters. What will the building opperate when it is finished? Mainly a massive product, everything is done in the manufacturing area, where an ore miner gains a single ore every second. In front of the mall , ยินดีต้อนรับ in Thai means WELCOME . Welcome to my plaza! [ Base, possibly.... ] The first thing you will see after walked into the factory area, is the escalators. This walk way links between Factory area and Malavian community mall. However, I had no idea why I built that tiny baby escalator, for lazy people? Like me. XD DDDDDD This elevator linked all floors. - B1 - Power plant and resources generator. The foundational stuffs can be made here, and the power supply that supports the entire building, excluded Storage System, which is using lava power generators seperately. - G - Manufacture zone. Every single items will be made here, mostly... - 1 - High tech center. Storage system, Draconic, research center are stiuated here. - 2 - Garden on the roof. Prefer green cities! Plantation will be done here! NOTE - The stair and escalator are not linked to the underground area. View from the second floor to the gigantic spawn center. This hall was for ME system, but now Refined sotrage has taken this part instead. The garden, after the structure is completed, the garden will be very nice for everyone to relax and party! Those are not all about this center, I'm always welcome everyone to visit my base and feel free to see how my things work. [ Unless I'm on AFK because of something and I can't speak to you that time. ]
  4. NatureGecko

    ME bug, caused 30 missing drives.

    Thank for the information! However I still prefer to leave it there untill it happened again and I caught it on time. Because I don't actually know when did it happen in a period of 1 month ago, and if I requested rollback, the new progress on that area will lose. [ Maybe? I'm not sure. ]
  5. NatureGecko

    ME bug, caused 30 missing drives.

    Thank , but I don't know how many I lose and what is inside those drive, it is fine for me to fine a new things. At least those can be gathered by my automated factory or easy to fine. [ There are roughtly 1200 kinds of items and 100 000 items, my brains would havd gone if I had remembered all of those. XD ]
  6. I didn't actually think that the bug can also breaks the block components like ME Drive or Controller , but it did 30 drives deleted after the ME drives had submitted suicide and all gone with a massive items. Maybe it happened before the update because I was not in the server for almost a month. Is it better to have Refined storage instead?
  7. NatureGecko

    AE2 - The system components break themself.

    My Me is bugged again and I tried your method, it appears that it works! Thank again for your suggestion. 😎
  8. NatureGecko

    AE2 - The system components break themself.

    My system is no longer error after its reinstallation but it could occure in every minute, I will put the answer here once it is breaking down again. Thank for your suggestion. 😁
  9. This happens roughly once a week, started with losing the permission to get or put the item into a drives. [ Simply say that I can't use my system ] Some of the cables were dropped on the ground with no reason, ME crafting terminal turned into a normal one, blocks break itself when replaced, but it is still on function even is is died, all the busses still working. The only way that I could find out to fix this is to rebuild almost the entire system and it can be in use for a week.
  10. NatureGecko

    [Refund Request] Raiaan

    Your Name: RaiaanItem Name + Amount: 1 Night vision googles 1 Angle ring 1 Drill with 5 upgrades -- 1 Speed 1 -- 1 Speed 2 -- 1 Fortune 1 -- 1 Fortune 2 -- 1 Drill mining augment 1 Wireless crafting terminal with infinite booster card. 1 Unbreakable wand 1 Axe of the wyvern Coordinates (format x, y, z): The end , at the first point to reach by the portal at the spawn.Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: There is no death info given after death. Description of Issue: There was no platform at the warp point at the end. When I jumped down to the portal, it sent me to the end but no platform to stand. That was instantly bring me down to death. After that, I decided to keep my inventory empty and jump to the void to make a floating dirt, which will help me to make the temporary platform . Then add a dirt along the pink beacon up to each of the level to find my grave. But only grave that is spawned is outside the admin's claim. So, my things are definitely gone. Screenshots (Optional): [ My grave isn't spawn in that area and I can't interact with it ]

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