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AE system submitted suicide

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Everyday I get into the server , the first thing I will see is the reactors fuel is critical and the power generation is low. When I looked at the reactor , there were a ton of waste accumulating in the rods. When looked deeply around the automated fuel refill system, I found a cables on the ground and a holes in the wall. When I looked ahead , yes~  the cables were ripped apart.





This may caused by the security teminal , because before I put it on the system , nothing did self-destruction for a week.


Good new is no drives were lost this time , and no need for rollback request , because when the drives are dropped, the hopper near to it will bring them to the safe storage place , waiting for me or someone to go and reinstall them again. But for the cable , unfortunately , they were lost forever. ?  


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This is very much a security terminal problem, trust me I have felt it's wrath too :P I had an entire 3x3 crafting cpu destroyed by it along with a 3x3 grid of molecular assemblers and interfaces multiple times wiping out the patterns. Therefore along with saying this will happen so so many times as I can't even count how many times I have had to replaced the same cable over and over again. Prepare for worse to come because the glorious mod of Applied Energistics 2.. Still can't fix the security terminal :P (Btw if you want one of us can refund some cable if really needed)

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