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  1. ShinyPorygon

    Server Crashing Way too much tps of 5

    I thought I would at least leave a reply and give you an update. During the periods of crashing I ran quite a few lag profilers that show me the entities, chunks, and blocks that are lagging the most and nothing comes up. And at one point I sat there and did it right before it crashed. This means that it's nothing I personally can see so I have to pass it up to higher ups. At the moment I've asked Bruny to make sure for some stupid reason it isn't the same problem we just had with it overheating (highly doubt that but it is worth a check) And I am having our manager look over the crash logs to see if maybe she can find the cause. I'll update you and everyone with what I know next but for now there is where we are
  2. ShinyPorygon

    My Excavator Disappeared.

    Item Refunded by details given in game given directly to player T/C
  3. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund Request]

    Item given directly to player T/C
  4. ShinyPorygon

    Can't login to the server (MAGNET Issue)

    Removed it from your inventory. Perhaps try logging in now?
  5. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund Request] Airio

    Items left in players inventory awaiting conformation.
  6. ShinyPorygon

    Refund Request

    Items Refunded given Directly to Player T/C
  7. ShinyPorygon

    The shop in spawn didn't give me a thermal centrifuge

    Correct item given T/C
  8. ShinyPorygon

    My Excavator Disappeared.

    Being as the Golden Bag of Holding is banned I doubt that the Golden Bag had anything to do with this.
  9. ShinyPorygon

    Spawn shop

    Problem still exists but I traded him the diamond chip for the Thermal Centrifuge.
  10. ShinyPorygon

    Move Day time from 00:00 to make terrain more illuminated

    We can try this, you can add a poll if you want. No promises that we can even change the perma time.
  11. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund Request] lorton

    Items refunded confirmed with player online T/C
  12. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund Request] lorton

    Was the staff/armor upgraded with any of the Fusion Injector Upgrades? (RF Capacity, Shield Capacitor, ect)
  13. ShinyPorygon

    Your Ideas

    Hello my Revelation friends, today I just had a sudden idea that I want to get your ideas for cool little Events, Spawn Decorations, Possible Improvements to the server, or however you want to put it. However anything in the end will have to be approved by Mr. Henk Now before I go on I will say this. If you put "for the server to be fixed" That won't help anything. That is out of my power so let's be serious now and come up with something more creative that doesn't involve the server being fixed. Yes this includes being smartbutts and rewording it. None the less. Now by little events I mean things myself and the other rev staff can put on without requiring major help from anyone higher than myself (GM) this could be something like a building contest, maybe some friendly pvp arenas. Something small like that. Improvements could be, suggesting a plugin (good luck honestly if you do it will take a LOT of convincing to get a plugin but you can try) maybe a change to spawn in it's normal aesthetics so it just isn't it's plain white blandness. The spawn decoration I personally have ideas but I want to hear yours. By this I mean maybe change it for the 4 seasons (based on one hemisphere) or maybe for special semi-worldwide Holidays. The rest is up to you, if you have any other ideas let us know. I just gave small suggestions up above. Feel free to suggest whatever you want.
  14. ShinyPorygon

    Refund Request _Huddy_

    Money refunded from old one. T/C
  15. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund Request] Hadrach

    Money added, Apologies for the wait I've been rather busy with school recently and must have missed this. Waiting for play conformation to close topic.

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