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  1. ShinyPorygon

    Revelations Bug/Glitch

    We are aware, we have been told multiple times. It is being looked into all I can say is please be patient
  2. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund Request] steellz

  3. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund request] FalconF1

    Confirmed with player in game T/C
  4. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund Request] steellz

    Items left in inventory. Please confirm either here or let staff know if anything is wrong or if everything is correct so we can close the topic
  5. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund Request] Unknown_404

    As I was told since it was not claimed there is not much we can do.
  6. ShinyPorygon


    Awesome clear to close topic?
  7. ShinyPorygon


    Are you sure it got stolen? You sure you didn't misplace it or anything like that? Just making sure
  8. ShinyPorygon


    Is the place where they were claimed?
  9. ShinyPorygon

    Quantum Quarry

    Well then can we at least fix it? Because quite frankly it's making many of us very angry with the server.
  10. ShinyPorygon

    Quantum Quarry

    So before we move on I have included a poll. Should we ban the Quantum Quarry or not? We need to show we want it banned So the quantum quarry as you all know causes major issues and we all want it banned but trying to convince bruny has been a bit hard so let's get together as a community and get this done Now for those of you that have purchased the Quantum Quarry I have also devised a solution to replace the Quantum Quarry kit on the Store (If you don't know what I mean if you click on "Store" it will take you to the page where the kit is) Now talking to some of the players we have gotten together a replacement in which we would trade out your Quantum Quarry for. Now this would only apply to those who actually bought it from the store and we would most likely require proof of this. The replacement kit will follow 1x Void Ore Miner Controller T2 4x Speed Modifier 32x Structure Frame Tier 2 16x Structure Panel 3x Laser Core 1x Clear Laser Lens 1x Crystal Laser lens All of these are from the Environmental Tech mod If you disagree with the kit above feel free to leave your own suggestion below. However also do note if this happened it would be up to Bruny in the end
  11. ShinyPorygon

    Golden Shovel

    When I do /kits it does not show kit claim.
  12. ShinyPorygon

    FTB Revelation time for WIPE? Vote here!

    Can we also get a world border increase with the wipe? It would be much appreciated Bruny
  13. ShinyPorygon

    Astral Sorcery

    If I can I will add this to spawn in an empty section with Henk and Bruny's permission. About the price that is not up to me so I can not give you anything for that however I will ask if I can add the shrine to spawn.
  14. ShinyPorygon

    A Guide to Less Lag

    Hello, this will be the start of a guide to show ways to build things that might cause lag in a way where they will not cause lag. I will keep adding to this post and create sections as I get more ideas or as people request. If you have any ideas or would like to see a section feel free to either message me on here using direct message or message me on discord and I will try to the best I can to make a section for that idea/topic. Mob Farm
  15. ShinyPorygon

    [Refund Request]Symmedy

    Sword left in inventory. Let me know if it is all good or if I managed to mess up refunding one item

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