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  1. DezeGames

    Inventory Disappeared

    It sounds like you want to ask for a inventory rollback. Do you want to get your stuff back (given by someone in-game) or do you want your inventory to get back to the state it was before you died. If your answer is the first one, that means you want a Refund Request which is faster then a Rollback request. If your answer is the second one, that means you want a Rollback Request which is slower than an Refund Reuqest. Template for the Rollback Request: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/24778-template-inventory-rollback-request/ Template for the Refund Request: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/19811-template-refund-request/ Thank you @Always_Ein for helping
  2. DezeGames

    Town roll back request: Mjhutto2012

    Hi Mj, I see you filled in the Town Rollback request but you tell in your story you want to have lost all your items due to dying in the coolant. You want to get your stuff back or the things you build to be rollbacked? Also I will finish the transfer and help you with your items / towny. Have you moved the town allready? If not, your town is still claimed at your old spot and you need to reclaim the town where you are. I will help you with that in-game.
  3. DezeGames

    Inventory Rollback Request

    Thank you, first of all let me clear this out, your not stupid cause aparantly you can play tekkit and make forum posts. Both of those are difficult for more players then you think. And even if your not able to succeed in the both of them, it still doesn’t mean your stupid. Second there is no need to say sorry for this, obviously you could not help your death. Our task is to help players and your always welcome to ask anything, that’s why we are here. I have contacted the manager that has helped you before, we will fix this don’t worry. I will send you my discord, then you can ask anything at any time. I’m able to respond whole day except sleeping of course.
  4. DezeGames

    Inventory Rollback Request

    No problem Bennokj, don’t worrie. Your inventory’s will get back. The time you gave above, what time zone is that? We’re not all from the same time zone so it’s easier for thme manager to rollback you inventory, or do you know exactly what items you lost? If so place it down below so we can take care of it.
  5. DezeGames

    Inventory Rollback Request

    You sure you don’t want them refunded? No problem, that’s what we’re here for
  6. DezeGames

    Inventory Rollback (DezeGames)

    Rollback was successful. T/C
  7. DezeGames

     [Inventory Rollback Request]DaBe00593

    Rollback successful. T/C
  8. DezeGames

    [Command Request] donoskaro

    Commands Work. T/C
  9. DezeGames

    [Inventory Rollback] Magm0

    Seeing the fact it’s been over a week and no further reply was posted. Magm0 if you still need assistance please make a new post. T/C
  10. DezeGames

    Inventory Rollback Request

    We will fix your issue Bennokj don’t worry. Give the managers some time to fix it. (Managers are the ones solving these type of issues)
  11. DezeGames

    Inventory Rollback (DezeGames)

    Bumped my one as last one 😁
  12. DezeGames

    [Command Request] donoskaro

    Commands will be fixed. We’re working on it.
  13. DezeGames

    [Inventory Rollback Request] taamtera

    1 week has now passed. No further replies. T/C
  14. DezeGames

    [Town Rollback Request] AkirAssasin

    Issue has been fixed. T/C

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