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  1. DezeGames

    Quest bug

    You have different types of logs in your inventory? Because it might only be counting the ones that are the same type and are at least of a quantity of 16.
  2. DezeGames

    [Town Removal] TheHeel

    Town Removed and regenerated. T/C
  3. DezeGames

    [Inventory Rollback Request] MMD

    Do you remember what items you had? because if so, please make a refund down below. If not, we can just leave it as a rollback request.
  4. DezeGames

    Inventory rollback request

    Items refuned in a chest at last known location inside the town claim. I would recommend placing a home there or setting your town spawn there. Using: /t setspawn Or: /sethome T/C
  5. DezeGames

    [Inventory Rollback Request] NajtoFTW

    Topic moved to technical support. Can you ask your friend to make a forum post for himself? And please make your post according to the template so it’s easier for the manager. Template:
  6. DezeGames

    [Inventory Rollback Request] NajtoFTW

    This is for tekkit right?
  7. DezeGames

    [Claim Rollback Request] Czolgista123

    Topic moved to revelation technical support.
  8. DezeGames


    Rollback template:
  9. DezeGames

    Inventory rollback request

    Please make your topic according to the right template: Or if you can remember the items you had, you can fill in a refund request. That will be quicker than a rollback.
  10. The player who this is gerarding to, has been punished.
  11. DezeGames

    Glass Fiber Cables dissapearing

    Items placed in player's inventory. As explained above next time make the refund request according to the template, and I will send you a message via discord to talk more about the disappearing of the cables. T/C
  12. DezeGames

    [Refund Request] ShinyBless

    Items placed in player's inventory. T/C
  13. DezeGames

    [Refund Request] RazAssassin

    Items placed in player's inventory. T/C
  14. DezeGames

    I lost my stuf when i broke gravestone

    Duplicated post. T/C
  15. DezeGames

    Refund Request

    Items refunded to player. T/C

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