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  1. Hello, Please use this template for that: And post your topic here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/222-password-reset/
  2. +1 Yeah, the number of dutch players is increasing significantly. And I am aware that I already asked this. But the idea is good and would be effective for people that don't talk English very well. Which may result in many misunderstandings.
  3. Your Name: DezeGamesTown Name: Rhino_ParadiseCoordinates: +967 +918Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 03-04-2019 10:00 AM Amsterdam TimeDescription of Issue: Tried renegerating the forest that my harvester was eating up. WE went outside the set borders and regenerated my entire town. Causing the losing of all the drives.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/tkNE49j
  4. what server is this from? @Itzkuben1
  5. Oke so here it comes, I will go by the events one by one, The event where swim would have had creative influenced and / or creative spawned in potions, cannot be denied or confirmed. There for there is no possible way we can give out a punishment for the usage of creative items during pvp battles. Unless there is proof of him having creative spawned and / or creative influenced potions during that one battle or other battles, the punishment will not be given. The event where swim would have been with car and his friends and killed car his friends. The story about this has been told and details have been given, there is no actual proof that he did it or that he would be claim bypassing in that situation. The situation happened a while back, there for there is no active reason or possibility that there can be given a punishment for that event. Next the event where swim would have been claim bypassing by throwing potions into someone's claim. There has been no proof supplied to me that will confirm that swim was claim bypassing using potions. Unless someone can provide me with actual proof that confirms that swim was using potions to bypass a claim and do harm, there can be no punishment given for that. The event where swim filled the chat with rage. Yet up until now there has been no proof supplied to me where it is visible that swim was raging or filling the chat with hate, there for there is no possibility that swim can get punished for that. @car you and I have talked about this situation as well as me and swim. You have honestly admitted to me that you were trying to keep swim going in his anger mode. Although I appreciate that you are honest with me, that is never the solution nor is it the way of handling with someone which you know is mad at you. Looking at the situation from an overview point, it is pretty obvious that you were playing with swim. Playing as in poking him in the wrong way. Creating a clan tag which only had 1 letter different and picking the same color schema for the clan tag. Personally I hate these type of situations where one is playing with someones anger. Obviously when someone is mad at you he or she has a reason for that, and I am sure that you know as well that going against swim will only make him more angry. Statements like: "infernal take care of scorp for me will u" is not a very smart thing to do specially in these type of situations. I have been counting up all the stuff that has been said which I have proof of, it is pretty obvious to see that you were trying to get at him. Trying to lure him out, for a reason which I am yet to understand. Whatever the reason might be, it is one of the causes for why this situation has blown up. I agree on a certain point that swim can get mad some times, and I understand swim his reason for it. But if you know that he will get mad for something, why doing it in the first place? The quesiton that now remains is, what will happen when I give out the following punishment? Will you guys be normal to each other, or are you two just going to keep fighting? Our job is to keep the server as nice / friendly / safe and as ordered as possible. I will come back to this in a minute. There is another thing that helped towards this punishment, car you had changed the colors of your clan to match the ones from swim. This is yet another small piece of proof that you are trying to get him mad. All counting up, the expected outcome can be clear as water. Well here we go, here comes the final judgement. @Swimsam777 you will receive no punishment neither will you be held accountable for any of the events that possibly have taken place. But please, try to minimize your anger / rage. The fact that there was no punishment given is because there is no proof of any of the things that car claimed you did. To make it easier for everyone, try to mind it. Oke? @car You will receive a punishment for harassment, which is a warning. The reason why is because after counting up the things you said / done, It is obvious why you did those things. I don't like it when people do that, I am aware that it is not much and is not that heavy what you did and said. But the overall situation and my hope that atfer the punishment this will end, caused me to give out the punishment. I am sure you understand why this was given to you and hope this will end the situation. Also I would like you to change the tag of your clan to not imporsonate the clan of swim. Including other color schéma. If anyone has anything to say or proof to give for any of the unpunished events feel free to contact me. For this time, this is how it is going to go. - Deze
  6. I will be looking into this, if anyone has more proof / additions or statements they want to make let me know via discord. You both have my discord. Please, if you have a statement make it based on facts or events that happened. I already have a clear view of both of your opinions. It’s sad to see that it has come to this level. @Swimsam777 @car
  7. Greeting Infernal, So let me cut to the chase here. This all started because I asked you to kindly change your nation name, that was after @Ness27 notified me about that. From the beginning of this all you are actively refusing any co-operation with me. What also caught my eye was that you had a nickname which had scramble only, which is not allowed. I told you that, and told you that "scramble only" isn't allowed, and asked you to change it. My efforts of trying to be nice and ask kindly were always being pushed back by disaggree and non-corparative behavior. In some way it almost seemt agressive. Can I ask why the nickname part can't be solved without escalation? If you are oke with solving the nation issue, why not the nickname issue? Let me get this clear, the mute was a 4th offense for Rule 7. Seeing you had received punishments for the 1st the 2nd and the 3rd offense, I was forced to go with the 4th offense. There for the mute was 1 hour. Which is again, clearly stated in the rules. You have been insulting me from the moment that this situation started, I can't seem to understand your agression and anger towards me. The only job I am executing is following the rules, making sure that others don't break them, and making sure that players are having fun. The last part is a situan on it's own, players were telling me that they were annoyed with the fact that you seem to go against staff all the time, so they said. If you don't like me, then just tell me. Don't make a whole scene like this which will not help you in any way. On the discord server of CraftersLand you also mentioned that you paid for the nickname, which I want to clearify. You actually paid for the rank itself and included with that is the ability to change and/or set a nickname for yourself. You could have easily changed it to something that had more letters rather than scramble only, which is the thing that you wanted to talk about. Like others have stated in the craftersland discord, if you would have just changed it nothing would have happened. Explain this to me please, how are you unmentionable? The fact that you call this "false advertising" is concerning to me. So this is interesting, first of all only managers can access the console. Secondly its not about what you think people need to do or you feel like others need to do, its about that the full scramble is not allowed. It doesn't matter how many steps are needed to get to something, it's about that most players don't know about this. That you know it, that's just you others (new players for example) don't know this. I find it weird that you call other people "dumb" just because they don't know how to use a certain command. Missing knowledge doesn't mean someone is dumb, it simply means they don't know. Calling someone dumb for not having a certain knowledge is bad, and shouldn't be done in any situation. In my own experience, people will that say that will find themself one day. Just because someone else has a normal nickname and you don't doesn't mean you can keep it. Let me tell you again, the full scramble is different from a normal nickname with bold. The player who had Vote God as nicknam, had a normal readable and calm nickname. Full scramble is not a normal / readable neither calm nickname. I find it concerning that you keep saying that another player with a nickname can have one but you don't, it looks like you don't seem to see any difference between them which I find scary and concerning. The reason that we are having this debate is because you refused to co-operate with a staff member over a simpel issue. Which could have been resolved pretty easily, which is what you said yourself about the nation name. So after all the following of events were caused because of your own behavior, can I ask you to please look at the entire situation overall not just from your own perspective. - Deze
  8. Town removed. Please next time put the town name which need removal there instead of your own town name, same goes for the town members. T/B
  9. You have different types of logs in your inventory? Because it might only be counting the ones that are the same type and are at least of a quantity of 16.
  10. Town Removed and regenerated. T/C
  11. Do you remember what items you had? because if so, please make a refund down below. If not, we can just leave it as a rollback request.
  12. Items refuned in a chest at last known location inside the town claim. I would recommend placing a home there or setting your town spawn there. Using: /t setspawn Or: /sethome T/C
  13. Topic moved to technical support. Can you ask your friend to make a forum post for himself? And please make your post according to the template so it’s easier for the manager. Template:
  14. Topic moved to revelation technical support.
  15. Please make your topic according to the right template: Or if you can remember the items you had, you can fill in a refund request. That will be quicker than a rollback.
  16. Items placed in player's inventory. As explained above next time make the refund request according to the template, and I will send you a message via discord to talk more about the disappearing of the cables. T/C
  17. Items placed in player's inventory. T/C
  18. Items placed in player's inventory. T/C
  19. Items refunded to player. T/C
  20. Please make your post according to the templates. Rollback: Refund: If you remember what items you had you can make a refund, if you dont know it you can request a inventory rollback. Rollbacks are done every monday and friday, this takes some to be completed. Refunds can be done within a couple hours or even faster. If you need more help, feel free to message me.
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