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  1. @Henk already made comment on this, no point to fixing as its not pressing. When someone gets some extra time I'd presume it'd be sorted.
  2. Account Name: zax141 Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: worldedit.history.* worldedit.removenear worldedit.selection.chunk worldedit.biome.* essentials.god Reason for Request: essentials.god: I really don't like dying, and am bad at games. worldedit.biome.*: I still hate bees. worldedit.selection.chunk: So I can hate bees one chunk at a time. worldedit.removenear: Would like to remove water from fillered/quarried holes. worldedit.history.*: If I break something with removenear I'd like to be able to fix it without spending hours doing such.
  3. Welcome to the forums, While I'm not avid on SF I do hope to see you around on discord and here! -zax141
  4. I could stream it I guess, but its me on 6 of the craftersland servers at once. Edit: Ram use while doing this
  5. I used the way back machine, found a time when your profile image was on the front page, then found the gravatar link, and fished around at the style code, and found a way to find the original size image. If anyone else lost images I might be able to recover them.
  6. Man, Wald was told he's not allowed to trade after being kicked by cow, is he allowed again?
  7. From my understanding you changed your nickname to Jerox2003j after buying premium If you did, firstly check this out and fill in the template in a new thread in the Rank Transfer forum section. If you need any help filling it in, I'm free to PM, But the jest of it is you are required to supply proof of purchase for your old username and note your new username. Proof in this case would be easiest to supply a paypal transaction ID. I recommend you do this ASAP Either way, as you may miss out on the closest rank transfer date and have to wait a week. Anyway have a good day, and remember I'm free to PM if you need something explained! -zax141
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Zanda, I used to play on craftersland quite a few months ago. Anyone who knew me would have known that I just up and left one day, because I've suddenly popped back up I wanted to type up a quick reintroduction, And somewhat of an explanation of why I left. This is mostly for those cool dudes who are still kicking, though I'm also always happy to meet new players! But enough excuses lets get into the meat of the matter. I left some 6 odd months ago, This is mainly dew to being completely swamped with work. Now as I've said in the past I work(ed) with computers, I was a senior tech, and project consultant for a decently major tech firm. While it all sounds great writing it out now, I think it honestly drove me to a mental break down. Just before I left, and the entire reason I had to cut down the amount of time I was playing on here, I was assigned to baby sit a new project. All fine right? Ahhhh god kill me, I wish it was fine, at 17 I was assigned to look after a advertising venture my boss wanted to pursue. And while not Doxxing my self, this venture required me to work with 18-23 year olds. I was chill, and everything seemed fine for the first week then they started really acting, how you expect young adults to act. Not something I was used to with this work environment, but I thought meh, I'll cope. But the work just kept piling on, I was doing repair tech work, advertising work, project consulting, and on top of that I was given PEOPLE to manage. I just couldn't cope, every day I could I was either working from 8am to 1am, or planning/researching. In November of last year, I left my job. But not before I completely snapped, so I brought a megaphone for the events we ran. And me being a dumb saw some kids (13-17) playing with some rather expensive stuff they shouldn't really be touching. So... you might have guessed it, I told them to "F*** off" and walked away. Once I realized what I did, my entire being sank, I was so stressed I just broke for 5 minutes. I said sorry to my boss, and he told me he had already said sorry to the kids but I still felt like a complete knob head. So I left a few weeks later. One month later, Mid December, I've basically gotten really depressed. Then I woke up one day, the day after Christmas , And thought. Thought about what I could do to stop living like this. I took up running, I run at 3am (no people lol). Everyday I can I do this, this was because most of my job was either in a car/plane/computer desk. I was massively overweight, I hated it, so I changed it. I'm now 128kgs (282lbs) down from 165kgs (364lbs), and I don't think I've ever felt happier. And am currently working on options for a new job, something less stressful. But until then I've a rather large chunk of free time, and I've hoped to return to minecraft! Anyway, sorry about the wall of text. And to finish off I hope to see some of you around here! Link to correct template introduction(still mostly up to date):
  9. Items placed in your town spawn. Will leave thread open until I can confirm you've received them.
  10. Refunded, Confirmed with player. T/C -zax141
  11. Items refunded, Confirmed with player. T/C -zax141
  12. Please edit the post using this template: Thanks! - zax141
  13. Sorry I fell asleep, Items refunded and placed in ME system. T/C Message me in discord if I messed something up.
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