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  1. In game name: Zax141 Proof of Purchase: Screenshot Description of Issue: Server crashed right after I brought the party. Date/Time of Purchase: 29/3/2021 - 6:52am UTC+12 Items/Rank Bought: Crate key party Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: List of most of the people who didn't get the keys:
  2. Well her voice was very annoying, heres a non-adfly link for anyone else though.
  3. Thank you and yeah I've been considering what you're saying even before making this post so: I'm personally not entirely sold on it, but it doesn't look bad.
  4. Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've last played here and I just couldn't stand the incredibly bright forums anymore, So I've been working on fixing that, now what you see is pretty early and should only be considered mock ups based on how messy my CSS is, But I'm hoping to have a version others can use at some point too, anyway here is: Here's a few example images. Comparison Gif: Forum Home Page(Gif): Drop Down Menus(Gif): Profile Page: Forum Post: Forum Category: New Post: O
  5. @Henk already made comment on this, no point to fixing as its not pressing. When someone gets some extra time I'd presume it'd be sorted.
  6. Account Name: zax141 Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: worldedit.history.* worldedit.removenear worldedit.selection.chunk worldedit.biome.* essentials.god Reason for Request: essentials.god: I really don't like dying, and am bad at games. worldedit.biome.*: I still hate bees. worldedit.selection.chunk: So I can hate bees one chunk at a time. worldedit.removenear: Would like to remove water from fillered/quarried holes. worldedit.history.*: If I break something with removenear I'd like to be able to fix it without
  7. Welcome to the forums, While I'm not avid on SF I do hope to see you around on discord and here! -zax141
  8. I could stream it I guess, but its me on 6 of the craftersland servers at once. Edit: Ram use while doing this
  9. I used the way back machine, found a time when your profile image was on the front page, then found the gravatar link, and fished around at the style code, and found a way to find the original size image. If anyone else lost images I might be able to recover them.
  10. Man, Wald was told he's not allowed to trade after being kicked by cow, is he allowed again?
  11. From my understanding you changed your nickname to Jerox2003j after buying premium If you did, firstly check this out and fill in the template in a new thread in the Rank Transfer forum section. If you need any help filling it in, I'm free to PM, But the jest of it is you are required to supply proof of purchase for your old username and note your new username. Proof in this case would be easiest to supply a paypal transaction ID. I recommend you do this ASAP Either way, as you may miss out on the closest rank transfer date and have to wait a week. Anyway have a good day, a
  12. Hello everyone! My name is Zanda, I used to play on craftersland quite a few months ago. Anyone who knew me would have known that I just up and left one day, because I've suddenly popped back up I wanted to type up a quick reintroduction, And somewhat of an explanation of why I left. This is mostly for those cool dudes who are still kicking, though I'm also always happy to meet new players! But enough excuses lets get into the meat of the matter. I left some 6 odd months ago, This is mainly dew to being completely swamped with work. Now as I've said in the past I work(ed)
  13. Items placed in your town spawn. Will leave thread open until I can confirm you've received them.
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