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  1. So I've been a staff member for near on 3 months now and in that time I've seen a lot of people don't like henk. And he is a hardass, But I've had enough, this can't go on. I've got undeniable proof that henk is unfit as a member of this community and as a member of staff! First off, He is a prequel fan, He even went as far to say he liked them more than the originals! But more than that, he's not watched startrek... utterly shameful. Oh and think it can't get worse? Well guess who thought 2001: a space odyssey looked too old to watch! And he claims he's into scifi... But wait there's more, he didn't like the masterpieces of films, the godfather, nor did he like ALIEN! With god fucking damn Ellen Ripley! So people, I'll let you judge this monster, this 'scifi-loving' impostor your selves. But I say we burn him at the stake! And one last tidbit for you tech infused out there, he uses a gtx 1080... at 1080p... what an utter travesty. A lavish, vulgar use of gpu power...
  2. Zanda

    vanished item

    I am comprising a list of things that are commonly lost to the clear items script, but for now please follow this template and make a refund request Otherwise, I might be able to help in game. Thanks! -zax141
  3. Zanda

    FPS issues | Infinity Evolved

    also at a decent resolution it seems? I run 3440x1440, but I get basicly the same fps at 4k and 2560x1440, might be a issue with how minecraft handles vram? Will do some testing on this and get back.
  4. Zanda

    Question about donations

    Sadly god is not part of any rank, atleast on direwolf, infinity, and tekkit. I also agree that sponsor should get all perks, it says it should. And by the current logic 2+2=3. I maybe biased considering I've got sponsor on every server apart from rev. Also for /god, make a command request in the direwolf20 1.7 tech support sub forum. Follow this template
  5. Zanda

    FPS issues | Infinity Evolved

    I run a daily oc of 4.2ghz, and can quite easily get 6 cores to 5gz. But even with an all core oc of 4.6ghz I see no increase in fps. I've also tried from 2gb to 64gb, each time with a stepping of 1gb. I see no change from 12gb to 64gb, anything below 12gb cripples my fps when in chiseled bases and places with a lot of decocraft blocks. I also just want to say, and I mean no offence, But I'm no amateur. I do this for a living, I'd of not of missed something as simple as my cpu having a low clock speed. This is not a hardware issue, from what I can tell its either resolution and or java just being java and not liking a experimental config.
  6. Zanda

    FPS issues | Infinity Evolved

    What? If you're talking about drivers, my nvidia drivers auto update every week. And my bios firmware was updated last month, also running the latest chipset drivers. If you mean hardware, https://nz.pcpartpicker.com/list/mRKFBP Multicore rendering absolutely hates infinity, constant crashes, tile entities not rendering, some entities not rendering correctly.
  7. Zanda

    FPS issues | Infinity Evolved

    No java args I've tried have done anything, sadly. Pretty sure 32gb of ram is plenty for any minecraft install. I also run fastcraft 1.25, optifine, and betterfps all in parallel. And I use a mix of fast with fancy trees and water. Nothing is ever going to stress my CPU, I've had 70 chrome tabs, and xcom 2 running in the background all the while not even touching my minecraft performance, so it was still in the 45-50 range.
  8. Zanda


    Some 21:9 shots of him
  9. Zanda

    [Game Request] Bedwars

    Yeah, I enjoyed bedwars ages ago when it was first rising. Would give me a reason to play network more!
  10. Zanda

    I got Griefed

    What server do you play? This is in the wrong section either way, Network doesn't have a smeltery. -zax141
  11. Haiya guys! Just want to see if anyone has had this issue before. I've been having really bad fps issues, I hold steady at 45-50 fps most of the time, with drops down into the high 20s. Honestly wouldn't be too bad, if I was not using TWO, 1080 ti's in sli. I've tried disabling sli, it does nothing, I've tried removing the sli bridge, nothing, tried lowering my resolution does nothing. Thank you for any suggestions or fixes, I am at a total loss here. -zax141
  12. Zanda

    Chunk loading

    Was this in the wrong area? if so we'll just close the thread. Thanks! -zax141
  13. Zanda

    [Presentation] Zanda

    No, heat makes their life shorter, OC'ing does nothing as far as physical condition is concerned. But upping the voltage means higher wattage, meaning more heat. I OC and undervolt every cpu I own/will accept being under volted while maintaining stock clocks. Also, Pardon my language, But I'm a national retailer for Intel, AMD, and basicly all AIB companies apart from colorful and evga, And thats just horseshit, overclocking does not void your warranty I've done hundreds of returns to companies like asus, intel, gigabyte, zotac where the unit (laptops, GPUs, CPUs, ect ect) have been overclocked by the users. While I'd not recommend saying outright that it died because you tried to push 9v though the core, but even if you did, I've had many returns for these issues accepted.
  14. Edit your original post, please don't make a new one. Thanks! -zax141
  15. Which server is this for? pretty sure its IE right?

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