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  1. If you could use this format that would be great Your post will not be considered if it doesn't follow this format accordingly.
  2. This may be a far-fetched idea to fix the server economy reduce the rate of which you gain money. Voting only give you 20, have less special events, reduce the amount of money donator get by 75%, and if you purchase money from the online store you get much less. This should stabilize eventually but will cause a little instability. Now for the people who already have tons of money, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I think we should cut all accounts by 75%. On top of making money harder to get, allow a player market plugin, and set rules for the certain price of objects. Such as enderium blocks costing 100. Get rid of the auction plugin, and maybe /pay for player markets. That way it's easier to monitor the market of the prices of which it is being sold. Then make player shops cost money such as 5k per a week or so that way there is always a purpose to spend money. Now price per shop could vary based on how many chunks it takes up, thus increasing the weekly pay for the maintenance. I know there are plugins for this I just don't know if they are available in 1.10. If the player fails to pay the weekly fee the shop will be closed and they have a week notice to pay up with 20% interest or their shop will be destroyed as with the items in it. This way it prevents inactive players from creating shops and leaving them to ruin. Now this economic reformation plan will be unpopular for sure, but from my 4 years of playing modded Minecraft, I am pretty sure this will fix the economy. I'd suggest doing this for the next dw20 wipe to prepare everyone for the incoming reconstruction, but first, cut all the money gain from buying it from the craftersland store or donator ranks. This way people won't stockpile money. Now I don't know the legality of cutting peoples money in game and not giving them what they were shown. However, next wipe for each modded server every players bal should be wiped to prevent player buying everything to get to end game.
  3. I do think it's a little unfair because most people, in general, can shoot a bow sideways, and while it's stereotyping that they can't shoot bow side ways it's not definitely not racist. This was a generalization of an ability of black people. Racism by definition is the: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Faves never stated one race was better at shooting bows sideways, thus he was stereotyping and not being racist. This is not a violation of rule 13 because that is specifically for racism, which this isnt. The only case this would be racist is saying white people are better at shooting bows sideways than black people, but he never made the comparison so this is unfair.
  4. I've seen other servers get away with having a thread stating the minimum prices for objects and it seemed that it was working. All objects were reasonably priced for the time of the game of which you could get them. I strongly agree that auction needs to go. Selling chaos shards for this cheap is just terrible. At this rate chaos shards and even late game items will be easily accessible to noobs and there will be zero progression on this server. One thing that I think would really help is having a player market of which players can build shops that way it would be easy to check if prices are too low, while still providing a relatively free market. There is really no fast solution for this situation, but something has to be done about this.
  5. Please use this format or your complaint may not be considered.
  6. The auction plugin and the player market, in general, is destroying the servers economy so I would propose a solution to this dilemma. Set a minimum price of which items should be sold at. Recently I was able to buy 64 nether stars for 70 dollars and that isn't that good. People who just joined can get late game materials with the money they started off with and is ruining the flow and progression of the game. There should be a set price for everything for objects commonly sold to avoid early players from gaining materials for late game at the starting stage of the game. Breaking this set wage would result in a warning and a new rule may have to be incorporated to for such a punishment. Now, this punishment isn't just for DW20, this could apply through out all modded servers to control the server market and stop players from progressing too far with ludicrously low prices for late game items. However, I am against setting the minimum price equal to the admin shop because those prices are ridiculously high. Over all, I am simply suggesting that the server has a little more control over the player market to avoid fast progression and an unstable economy. Proof of low prices for late game objects https://www.dropbox.com/s/t3ece5bk8nsc3we/Minimum price.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6t8k9m4u4l099fh/2017-08-26_10.53.01.png?dl=0
  7. Here is my log from the entire time I joined today 2017-07-26-1.log and as you scroll through it there is no /market send or teleportation
  8. I did create a unban request. I was adding on to blairs to point out that we never had any interaction.
  9. Not to be disrespectful, but do you have any proof of me teleporting to Blair or that I gave her the wings because I was my base the whole entire time. Also, the IRS thing is a gag I do when I know a gm+ is /v, and I pretend to be paranoid because I did something wrong even though I never did. The final thing is I said no because I knew Quagma was on, and I am not stupid. I would not sell a creative item to someone when I know for a fact two staff are on. So clearly, the joke backfires getting both of us banned even though we did nothing.
  10. [1] In-Game Username: -Cajun_Turk [2] Details of Situation: -I honestly have no idea about this ban, my game crashed and all of a sudden I was banned from the server. [3] Ban Category: -Rule 4, first offense, giving spawned in items [4] Ban Duration: -2 days [5] Staff Member: -Quagma- [6] ScreenShots: -none- [7] Your Reason: -Well to completely honest I've never given away any creative items of any sort. I joke about it sometimes, but never actually did it at all. However, if there is evidence of me selling creative items I would accept the ban. Though I highly doubt that any spawned in items was given away by me is possible, since I have not had done a single transaction in weeks, other than me cells from the market and buying and reselling a spawner. The only creative items I've given to, is people in my towns and no-one else. I may have several ideas of this allegation, but none of them are set in stone. Mostly this ban appeal is about is what did I gift someone outside of my town that is spawned in. I would like to be unbanned, but not necessarily because I understand that the server needs rules to prevent total chaos. Despite whether being unbanned or not, I would still like to know what I did give according to this ban because as far as I can recall I have sold/given anything of these sorts-
  11. Account Name: Cajun_Turk Rank: Sponsor + Requested Commands: World Edit Reason for Request: I would like to have world edit for building id est, clearing land, copying buildings, and replacement of blocks to make builds much easier.
  12. I can contribute to the cures, however, if its werewolves there is a bottle cap, and that is waiting for a full moon
  13. After recent events on DireWolf20, it has come to my attention that Rule 11, Magic Abuse, is quite vague and can be interpreted in various ways. As Rule 11 states, Includes throwing block changing potions on claimed territory. Includes spells that can be cast from any of the magic mods. Includes items that can cause unfair havoc or destruction. Includes using items/spells/potions for malicious intent, isn't specific enough to have a clear meaning. An example of misinterpretation is, When Yamo2000 drank somebody's blood without consent, and with the current standing of the rules it seems pretty legal. Drinking blood as a vampire is a necessity, and drinking someone else's blood is normal. However, according to the upper staff, it is not legal in any sort of way, and that came to me as a shock. Yamo didn't drink blood out of malice or even causing unfair havoc; he was doing what he had to. So, I thought to myself where in the rules does it say you can't drink blood without consent, and the only thing close enough to that is, Includes using items/spells/potions for malicious intent, which still didn't fit into drinking blood that much. There is no malicious intent in drinking someone else's blood. If it damages someone, it could be considered pvp at that point and not magic abuse. Other than that removing blood from somebody doesn't really harm them. Then getting into the technicality of stuff, drinking blood is an ability, not an item, spell, or a potion, thus it's not breaking the rules. However, this problem doesn't just apply to vampires from witchery, it applies to werewolves as well. A level 10 werewolf can spread a curse through damaging a player to near death, and in a pvp match, they can turn people in the midst of the fighting. When people get turned by the level 10 werewolf, it's not out of malice it's just an accident that happened while doing a pvp battle, and from what staff told me that is magic abuse. I read the rules 3 times weekly, and I could not see how turning someone in a pvp match is considered magic abuse if it was just a mistake, but somehow it is. The wording of the rule makes it seem like using taglocks and turning them into a ritual is magic abuse, not turning someone by accident in a pvp match. Some might say its not a big deal if you reveal that you are a werewolf, and it somewhat is. From my experience, people are repelled by werewolves and usually won't pvp with them one bit. So revealing that you are a werewolf, can ruin tactical advantages and turn away people who might want to pvp with you. I know this is witchery specific, but a lot of people now are using that mod, so I find it somewhat of a relevant problem here on the DireWolf20 server. Some of the vamps and werewolves I've asked agreed with me in the rewording or change in the magic abuse rules. In general, I think that the rules should be changed to either include turning people into werewolves and drinking blood without consent, or just get rid of it as a whole because it's just too vague for any witchery user out there. Even some magic abuser could claim it's not with malicious intent, and it very well could be, but it's impossible to know the person's trait of though at that point. I highly doubt any vamp would drink someone else's blood with malice or even intent of harming them. It's like restricting someone's diet vegan to vegan because meat was once living. It's an irrational concept humans need meat just like vamps need blood. So I humbly request that there could be some changes to Rule 11, Magic Abuse, to either include the restriction of drinking blood and turning people into werewolves in a pvp match by accident or just get rid of those two things which are considered magic abuse. I'm willing to take any suggestions and additions to this vague Magic Abuse rule that can be interpreted in various ways. Edit: A simple change such as changing Malice to consent and add abilities to the list would be nice to have for future vamps and werewolves
  14. I am stuck in a dead yet alive state in ontario's lot of land. I can't type in chat or do any commands, and whenever I try to move I get rubber-banded back to the original locations. I honestly have no clue what is happening, but I cant play.
  15. Account Name: Cajun_Turk Item name + item ID: Hand of Death 5572, Ichor silverwood wand, Moon Charm 5946, Full set of ichor tools, Kikoku 5885 with sharpness 5 looting 3 and un-breaking 5, Thaumaturge's Robes, Thaumaturge's Leggings, Thaumaturge's Boots, Google of revealing, 6 knowledge fragments, 64 cooked meat ingot 5027, 200 ender pearls, Thaumonomicon, sanity checker, Ring of Runic shielding 4828|1, Girdle of Runic shielding 4829, Amulet of Emergency Shielding 4827|1, Angel Ring 5225, and Celestial Pearl 5759, Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 7:20 pm-7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time 5/25/17 Description of Issue: Around 7:15 pm I entered the Eldritch Dimension, and explored it for about five minuets till I died. After several attempts of doing /back and failing to receive my stuff in my grave. I asked for help and nothing. I knew that the restart was happening tomorrow so I asked Pumpkin whether or not this dim resets. She said I don't think so. So I left the server since it was getting late and I had to go to work. Then about 3 hours ago I went into the dimension with Ontario_99, and it was reset. I had no clue that this dim was going to be reset because the public announcements just said Mystcraft and Rf tools dims get reset. To sum it up, I died repeatedly, asked for help, left the game, and came back and shocked that the dim was reset without any notice.
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