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  1. I typed /spawn and ended up here:
  2. Is there a way to clear all my learned items without getting rid of anything else? Could you do it? Thanks! IDK what request to put this under
  3. Your Name: TheO0032Island Owner Name: TheO0032Coordinates: I can't find them; I'm banned!Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): June 30, 2019Description of Issue: Banned because an item dupe happened on my island. I hope the rollback will get rid of the duped items, so that my island won't need to be regenerated. Link to thread: Screenshots (Optional):
  4. If you could rollback my base 1 week and check, that would be great. Also, he's a liar, or you got a mixed message. We've known each other since June 29th. I have a few one-sided conversation logs (he used voice chat most of the time). He claims he was talking about someone else, and that he found the keys in the ME system. So, he's guilty of not reporting duped items to staff, and I'm guilty because it was on my island? If those are the standards for banning, I'm fine with that. If not, well, I'll pursue. The username of the guy was apparently something with dragon and kid in its name.
  5. [1] In-Game Username: TheO0032 [2] Details of Situation: I have no idea why I'm banned. I never used a hacked client. I never duped. [3] Ban Category: Duping/hacked client [4] Ban Duration: Until july 17th [5] Staff Member: <I don't know> [6] ScreenShots: I was offline when I was banned. [7] Your Reason: Where's the proof that I was violating the rules? Also, when did this happen? I've been offline since Sunday. Both Dragon_Fire_Lord and I believe we're innocent, and someone recently visited our base. He thinks that someone may have put them in our ender hopper.
  6. My game crashed when attempting to join this server after I attempted to go to the nether (I got a timeout while loading after I went through the nether portal). If you could fix this, that would be great.
  7. Why aren't console clients allowed?
  8. The exact same thing happened to me Your Name: TheO0032 Coordinates: Towilloughby's island Time/Date: 8/01/2018 CST 13:00 Description of Issue: I imported too many blocks on a chiseled leggings. Thought it would be cool to wear towill's base.
  9. Granted, but you fail at killing passives. I wish for the world's governments to come together and abolish fossil fuels by 2025.
  10. I'd try and find a survivor physically. What would you do if the internet went down for a few weeks?
  11. The island is corrupted, and I don't believe that a rollback will fix it. So please wipe my island (my name: TheO0032) I don't think there is a template for this, unless you want me to fill out a tens of thousands of block removal requests - or a rollback request to the beginning of time. I lost a ton of stuff. Also, do NOT try and destroy my island manually. There's a rendering error. Thanks, TheO0032
  12. this window has ?nco?nt???d a p?obl?? and n??ds to clos?.
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