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  1. [Unban]KingsMan

    thanks P.S I am sorry.Will you reduce my bantime?
  2. [Unban]KingsMan

    [1] In-Game Username: KingsMan [2] Details of Situation: I was banned for Rule 18 12th offense [3] Ban Category: Rule 18 12th offense/temporary (HELL THIS ONE IS NOT TEMPORARY) [4] Ban Duration: 7000+ days [5] Staff Member: henkekalmar [6] ScreenShots: - [7] Your Reason: After talking with some staff I understood that I was banned for ban evading. The problem is that I think I got hacked or somehow a guy could login with my account,I don't know. And now I wanted to come back,and buff,7000 days
  3. Parkour needs a home

    that's a good idea to have some fun on a CL server!as the modded servers got only a tech/magic progression line and nothing more
  4. Your Name: KingsManItem Name + ID + Amount: Wyvern Helmet Wyvern Chestplate Draconic Leggings Wyvern Boots Supremium sword (damage upgraded to max) Wyvern pickaxe Item dislocator Iron backpack Backpack content: 1 External Storage 1 Lava gen mk2 1 Disk drive 8 16k drives 3 cables from refined storage drac seeds tier 5 x45 iron seeds tier 5 x45 copper seeds tier 3 x45 diamond seeds tier 5 x45 guardian seeds tier 5 x45 inferium seeds tier 5 x128 1 angel ring dragon wings 16 water mills (grid power generators,Extra utils 2) Coordinates: x168 z252Description of Issue:I just died there and no grave spawned.A friend did fly there and said that it was a 3x3 bedrock plate.Screenshots (Optional): -
  5. Minecraft Premium draw+Cape OF

    #YoParticipate I just wanted a premium account to play on servers with my friends,since I don't have a lot of money,and can't purchase it.I do not need the cape,only a way to play with my dudes. Maybe it's a short reason,but it is made sincerely. I liked your video,and subbed,good luck being a YouTuber! (I subbed as Артур Волков)
  6. Actually Additions (Recipes)

    Wait,why to DW1.10? He said it is 1.7! EDIT:Nvm it has Actually Additions,which is from 1.10
  7. Greetings, Hoblit here.

  8. I've got an idea: How about you,staff,make and set up an official CraftersLand modpack? Most modded server host their own modpack,so that would be great. I'm not talking about kitchen sink packs,with just a ton of mods thrown in,or projects like WorldAutomation neither PostBlast. An official modpack means a themed one,a modpack with a sense,with a questline. Why not? And maybe I'm a little annoying with server and modpack suggestions,but that's just an idea,you are not obligated to do so. Thanks <3
  9. I need help

    Looks like a playerdata reset is required. You try to reinstall the pack (Delete,then Install back) and check if it works.
  10. Pig and Chicken rain is killilng the FPS

    Yeah,right,it's from PortalGun.Couldn't remember exactly from which mod it is.
  11. Pig and Chicken rain is killilng the FPS

    Ahahhaha xD This is a Christmas function,added by iChun in his mods. Not a bug tho! Have a nice day!
  12. [Server Suggestion]

    Hi everyone! Some days ago I met with a very interesting modpack on Curse launcher: All the Mods 3 (Doesnt have ALL the mods,duh) This pack is hard,as its recipe we're tweaked very well!It does have all the mods that FTB packs are using,plus some of the newer ones. Opening a server for this pack would be just great,because some of the CL Server's modpacks are way too easy,like SF3,Tekkit,SF2.5. Got some Advantages and Drawbacks for the idea: Advantages: 1.Tweaked recipes in a hard way. 2.Large diversity of mods (221 of them) 3.As stated by the devs,the modpack is very stable. 4.It is on 1.12.2,AWESOME! Drawbacks: 1.Large amount of mods will require more server resources. (A singleplayer client can use up to 5 gb of RAM,so allocate 7-8 to be good) Download links : 1.Technic Launcher https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/all-the-mods-3-official.1050017 2.Curseforge https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/all-the-mods-3 (May not work.Idk why tho) @brunyman,hope you will think about it Everyone can share his/her opinion about the idea!Thanks
  13. Random Jokes/Memes

    Two Priests are walking down the street when a drunk man comes up to them. He says, to the first Priest," I'm Jesus Christ." The Priest replys," No son, you're not!" So he says to the second,"I'm Jesus Christ." He says,"No, son, you're not." The drunk says," Look I can prove it." He takes the two Preists into the bar. The bartender takes one look at the drunk and says," JESUS CHRIST YOU'RE HERE AGAIN!!!" A husband tells his wife, "Since it is your birthday, remember that yellow Lamborghini that you really wanted?". The wife screams in joy and starts crying tears of joy. Then the husband says, "Well I got you a toothbrush, same color". Kid threw the butter out the window, he wanted to see a butterfly. Teacher: Name two days of the week that start with "t". Pupil: Today and Tomorrow
  14. Random Jokes/Memes

    You guys can share jokes here too ;D

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