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  1. [Presentation] Zanda

    It's not that good that the new i9s got such a small base frequency. But if you Turbo Boost it (not overclock,meh) you will get 4 cores working at 4.2-4.0 Ghz,so I recommend you do that.The rest ones will work under 3.9 Ghz. And what water cooling are you exactly using? Sorry,I enjoy electronics too
  2. Forum Suggestion

  3. Forum Suggestion

    I remember the old times we had a chat in our forum.It was amazing and funny!Even useful when a server was crashing and you could announce the staff without messing around with creating a new post.I do understand that there were some reasons for removing it,but wouldn't it be great to have such a pretty option?
  4. Chunk rollback request

  5. Rollback Request (LOST 4 DRIVES!!!)

    Well,but I pretty think that it's your fault :/ The wood pipe actually extracts stuff out,so if you placed it "accidentally" then you are guilty in my opinion.Sorry for being rude.
  6. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted,but the tail will enter in your butt. ( Sorry for being rude ) I wish I had nothing.
  7. Some screenshots from the direwolf20 1.4.7

    Ehhh. Nostalgia.
  8. Is this water?

    What an interesting question. Depends,if it gives you bad potion effects then it's not water. If it doesn't do anything maybe it's dirty water. Anyway check it with a bucket xD
  9. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted,but you will still need water,a lot of water,to compensate the lack of food. I wish I had an i9-7900X and more RAM.
  10. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted,but you will have to go to school 25 years and a school day will last 8 hours. I wish I would be dead. (interesting what will you respond )

    Did you play on PB with us?Andrew,Imperatus,Th3Fanbus, etc.? Also it's not hard to make a server setup,as you can download the pack in Technic Launcher.
  12. Fatal mistake

    Your accident,now feel the consequences.
  13. Change of account

    Move this post to "Rank Transfer" section.
  14. ayuda :v

    Then why no one wants to close this one?
  15. been trying to find help

    I think it should be added to spawn shop.

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