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  1. Granted,but the tail will enter in your butt. ( Sorry for being rude ) I wish I had nothing.
  2. Granted,but you will still need water,a lot of water,to compensate the lack of food. I wish I had an i9-7900X and more RAM.
  3. Granted,but you will have to go to school 25 years and a school day will last 8 hours. I wish I would be dead. (interesting what will you respond )
  4. Move this post to "Rank Transfer" section.
  5. Try to relaunch the pack. If doesn't work then reinstall it. If even that won't work then ask for some staff's help.
  6. Granted,but you will be killed with a grenade from the best terrorist. I wish I was a god.
  7. Granted,but you will be able to change it only few milliseconds forward. I wish I had a hidden treasure.
  8. Granted,but the protestants will kill you I wish to be a god
  9. The Exorcist (1973) Poltergeist (1982) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) The Host (2007) Some really old movies,but recommended,to watch The interesting thing in them is that they are old
  10. Sad,Sad Life When Everyone Hates You

  11. Sad,Sad Life When Everyone Hates You

  12. I did hit some posts!

  13. Just hit some posts!

  14. AWESOME!AMAZING!COOL!I am sure you are one of the best builders and arhitects ever!
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