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  1. I placed the items in a chest next to where you logged out.
  2. Hey We have a separate forum section for rank transfers / reactivations: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/ Simply post a new topic there using the rank reactivation template and it'll be taken care of.
  3. This request is meant to be made on the discord server. T/C
  4. Items placed in a chest next to your ME.
  5. Topic closed due to inactivity
  6. I teleported to your base and crashed aswell, but the block reported in my crash log was ~5000 blocks away from the one mentioned in your log. Your base should be fixed now. You should probably look for an alternative to that brewer to avoid this problem in the future.
  7. I'm currently not at home, so all I can do is try and remove it with a command from my phone. I can look into it further when I get home, I sent you to spawn so you can atleast join the server in the meantime.
  8. I sent you to spawn, you should be able to join again.
  9. I just tried removing the block that caused that crash, but it does not seem to be there anymore. Let me know if you're still unable to join the server.
  10. Players with premium+ rank or higher have access to creative mode. They are allowed to spawn items in with it. They must keep these items to themselves and are not allowed to share them to anyone outside their town. If you find creatively influenced items like the one you mentioned in the wilderness, please message revelation staff with the coordinates on discord or ingame.
  11. That's a known issue that only occurs during the night. It's also the reason for the eternal day in the overworld. You should be able to play again after the sun rises in the mining world, optionally you can get the free unstuck package to get teleported to spawn. https://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/1270850
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