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  1. Reverser

    [Refund Request] Hals_G_Ruch

    Confirmed by player ingame. T/C
  2. Reverser

    Refund request

    Confirmed by player. T/C
  3. Reverser

    Rev 2.6 Bugs/Gliches etc.

    Extra Utilities 2 Generators often just stop working. You can still insert fuel but they will not generate/transmit energy. I observed this with the furnace and magmatic generator so far.
  4. Reverser

    Cannot interract with my ingame pc

    Confirmed by player. T/C
  5. Your Name: ReverserClaim Leaders Name: NatronkranCoordinates of claim (use format xyz: 1845 64 2374) : -3750 112 -3211Claim members: NatronkranReason for request: The claim is in my wayScreenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): 
  6. Reverser

    Issue Caused by the Time Freeze

    The book is still obtainable through sleeping in the twilight forest. T/C
  7. Reverser

    [Refund Request] thebomb65

    We cannot refund your items since they were not claimed. T/C
  8. Reverser

    Draconic Evolution Energy Pylons

    As many of you are aware, the energy pylons from draconic evolution tend to stop transferring energy every once in a while. This is very frustrating because usually the only way to get it working is to remove one and place it again. Luckily I found a way to ensure that your base is powered at all times. Simply use multiple pylons for input and output. I've had the best results with a cluster of 4+ pylons. I've never had issues with my energy core since I started using this setup. Energy Input Energy Output
  9. Reverser

    [Refund Request] Unknown_404

    T/C confirmed by player
  10. Reverser

    [Refund Request] Reverser

    Your Name: ReverserItem Name + Amount: 1x Solar Array Controller Tier 3 40x Kyronite Solar CellCoordinates (format x, y, z): -3803, 120, -3266Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: N/ADescription of Issue: I was in the process of crafting a t3 solar array when the server crashed. My solar cells and the controller was gone, aswell as the resources I used to craft them.Screenshots (Optional): N/A
  11. Reverser

    [Refund Request] Leo1212

    Confirmed by player, closing this.
  12. Reverser

    [Refund Request] Unknown_404

    So, the mining world as such no longer exists. you were actually still in the overworld and that's why your builder disappeared. However, there still is a mining dimension where you can use your builder. see the wiki Sorry for the inconvenience
  13. Reverser

    [Refund Request] Reverser

    I got it, thanks
  14. Reverser

    [Refund Request] Reverser

    Your Name: ReverserItem Name + Amount: Chunk Loader, 1Coordinates (format x, y, z): -3795, 120, -3272Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: N/ADescription of Issue: My chunkloader disappeared without any apparent reason.Screenshots (Optional): You can barely see the chunkloader next to the energy infuser

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