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  1. You did not "find" these items on some abandoned island and instead got them from another player abusing their creative permission. Refund request denied T/C
  2. The voting has been fixed, you should be able to vote again.
  3. Are you sure this happened on Sky Adventures? I can't find a user with the name "BaBooN"
  4. Hey, there is some information missing in your post that we need to roll your inventory back. Please reply to this topic following this template:
  5. Items given to player ingame. T/C
  6. @philliusastonix I found one island registered under your name, you'll spawn there when you login for the next time. It is an empty island though. In case you gave your previous team a custom name that might be why I couldn't find it.
  7. This isn't an island rollback request. The island itself is fine but philliusastonix doesn't know where it is since his team got deleted and he can't tp to it anymore.
  8. Hey, please edit your post to follow this template:
  9. Placed in a chest near the coordinates provided T/C
  10. Thanks to @ViperBites for saving the day. T/C
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