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  1. Sorry to hear that you got killed by a server restart. I can refund your levels when you're online. Feel free to shoot me a pm on discord when you come online. For future reference, the complaints section is used for reporting rule breakers. Situations like this are exactly what refund requests are for. Simply use the following template when creating a new topic in the technical support section.
  2. Closed due to inactivity
  3. Sadly the system we use to restrict items doesn't allow for the exemption of specific items. It's access to all restricted items or none. Also, the builder is banned because of bugs and not because of holes in the world. Request denied
  4. Sadly we're restricted to the mod versions the modpack uses. Installing a different version of a mod on the server requires all players to use the same version in their installation. Even though it's not mentioned in the official changelogs, revelation 3.2.0 uses p455w0rdslib-1.12.2-2.2.156.jar, which is the latest version.
  5. We know that IC2 machines sometimes turn into corrupted purple blocks. I'm not sure why exactly that happens, but the right thing to do when it happens is to request a refund using the following template. You should also mention that these blocks are in your base since they sometimes crash you when trying to break them yourself.
  6. Item refunded PS: Next time use this template
  7. I rolled your inventory back to the next earlier backup from the time you provided. You already lost your items in the backup after that. Also, both of us live in the same timezone A rollback is meant to be used for when you lose items like me storage cells, for which you can't know what exactly was in them. I placed a scanner with a block scanning module in your inventory. If there is anything else, please make a list below.
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