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  1. Unfortunately we don't have any backup with the filled chest in it and as such can't perform a rollback. Please provide a list of items that were lost so that we can refund them instead.
  2. I don't think removing it entirely is a good idea. Occasionally seeing the status of all the servers is a good thing. That said, I also think decreasing the frequency is something we can look into.
  3. Chunkloader removed, you have access to your full balance again. If a chunkloader gets stuck again you can try to place an iron block at the same place, using a rod and then selecting to remove. If that doesn't work you'll have to ask for staff assistance.
  4. That schematic is too large to be pasted through worldedit. Although it is more work, I recommend using the mod "Schematica", which you can install using the Craftersland Launcher, to print the schematic. It won't be as fast as pasting it with worldedit, but the server will for sure survive it.
  5. That mod sounds cool, but this server runs the Revelation modpack (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ftb-revelation) which has a predefined list of mods. It appears as though the stargates mod needs to be installed on both the server and the client and as such would require all of our players to perform the additional installation. We want players to be able to play on the server after installing the plain Revelation modpack, but if you have any suggestions for server-side only mods, we'll gladly hear them.
  6. Commands added You may sell bases, as long as it doesn't contain creatively influenced items (worldedit counts as creative influence). You can provide basemates with creative items (and worldedits) as long as these stay within the base. You may only use worldedit inside your claims. We'll evaluate the schematic you requested and make sure it doesn't break the server
  7. Claim rollbacks are meant as a last resort if nothing else can be done. Rollback denied.
  8. Your ban was changed to a 2 day ban under rule 20. T/C
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