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  1. Oh it was there? Woops sorry, I was sorting from "newest" posts, it didn't show me where it's from, haha.
  2. You should probably mention which server this is for.
  3. You should become stronger and get revenge by killing him a few hundred times. I support you.
  4. No longer needed, I submitted a refund request instead.
  5. Your Name: SnakeHackz Item Name + Amount: Enchanted Books, 11. - If it's possible for the sword to be refunded then that would be amazing, if not Enchanted Books are fine. Coordinates: 1556, 171, -4169 Description of Issue: I had placed my sword on a pedestal a few days ago to auto level it up, but it suddenly disappeared after a few days? Nobody has perms to my claim so I don't understand what happened? Screenshots (Optional):
  6. Your Name: SnakeHackz Coordiantes: 1557, 170, -4170 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 17th November. Description of Issue: I have a cursed earth mob farm, I had placed one of those pedestals which allow weapons that are placed on them to attack mobs, so I had put my sword there to level it up (Random Loot Mod), I get on and it's gone? The area is claimed and nobody has access so that is very weird. Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Your Name: SnakeHackz Coordinates: My house. Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): November 10th 18:29. Description of Issue: The server was rollbacked with around 10 mins, I lost my bow, it had some expensive enchants so i can't really refund it, thanks reverser Screenshots (Optional):
  8. Your Name: SnakeHackz Coordinates: My house. Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 18:30? Description of Issue: The server was rollbacked with around 10 mins, I lost my bow and some armour. Also I submitted another inventory Roll back for my sword 5 days ago, it still hasn't been done xd Screenshots (Optional):
  9. Oh I didn't get a notification that you've replied, I play on RAD
  10. Your Name: SnakeHackz Coordinates: 1537, 157, -4173 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Everything was fine at 19:05. Description of Issue: I was doing thaumcraft quests, I needed to create glowstone in a crucible, I was getting the vis crystals, exited the remote tab and accidentally switched to my weapon instead of the crystals and put it inside the crucible. rip Screenshots (Optional):
  11. Minecraft Username: TurtleBoi182 Time and Date: Since I've created my clan "Kamisama", around a few days after the server was wiped. Description of what happened: I can't exactly put it in chronological order since I don't remember that many things, but anyway. TurtleBoi182 was pretty cool at first, I let him into my clan, he seemed pretty excited and stuff, however a few days later he started being extremely annoying, he wouldn't even listen to me, I had to ask him at least 6 times for him to actually do something for the clan, like count a few blocks to see how much space fo
  12. Your Name: SnakeHackz Coordinates: Don't know, somewhere in the mining dimension. Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 12:20 18/10/2020 Description of Issue: I was in the Mining Dimension, looking for dungeons to try and mine some spawners, I took off my chest plate because it gave me a jetpack boost whenever I jump, then I suddenly ran into a Cyclops which picked me up and one shot me, I tried /back but it's not a safe location so I couldn't, there isn't a death waypoint either. Please can you rollback my inventory, I'm #1 on /baltop I have 200k+ I'll give the
  13. Your Name: SnakeHackzCoordinates: Mirage, Wide desertTime/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 16:54 24/4/2020Description of Issue: yes right, so I was in the wide desert, attacking some bugs then the server decided to crash, when I managed to join back like 10 mins later, I was back in the end, the mirage book was missing and It's not even mine, I was only borrowing it. SmhScreenshots (Optional):
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