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[TurtleBoi182, Harassing Players, Stealing, Annoying Players, Provoking Players.] (SnakeHackz)


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Minecraft Username: TurtleBoi182

Time and Date: Since I've created my clan "Kamisama", around a few days after the server was wiped.


Description of what happened: I can't exactly put it in chronological order since I don't remember that many things, but anyway. TurtleBoi182 was pretty cool at first, I let him into my clan, he seemed pretty excited and stuff, however a few days later he started being extremely annoying, he wouldn't even listen to me, I had to ask him at least 6 times for him to actually do something for the clan, like count a few blocks to see how much space for a castle we have, after a few more days he started harassing random players, "accidentally" killing them 7+ times, stealing stuff, he started out stealing basic stuff, like diamonds and ores, however when I confronted him, he denied it, even though I'm able to /invsee.... Later on a few weeks, there was a gargoyle accident. Somebody had spawned Gargoyles that one shot you near OverLimit's base, I, TurtleBoi182 and Witeklos teleported to help, however The Gargoyles one shot me, TurtleBoi182 and OverLimit a few times, that's when I lost some extremely important stuff, which are worth over 100k, only to find out a few weeks later that those stuff had been stolen and sold. Fischdave told me he had bought the sword from someone but doesn't remember who. The only people who could have picked it up were OverLimit, Witeklos and TurtleBoi182, now. OverLimit wouldn't do something like that, I've known him for quite some time, plus he didn't have a remote to hide them and he kept getting killed by the gargoyles, now, Witeklos would never do such a thing, I mean he's the one who actually sold the sword to me and I trust him, he's always really helpful. TurtleBoi182, however, has previously stolen stuff and usually lies, he also has a remote, so it could only be him, since there is absolutely no way OverLimit or Witeklos would do it.

-TurtleBoi182 is also extremely provocative, he complained to Witeklos about something stupid which by the way, Turtle was mostly, mostly at fault for, Witeklos easily gets angry, since Turtle spammed his dms, Witeklos broke my gear before hearing my side of the story and I lost my armour, he did let me pick new armour after that of course, however, he went offline when he was going to give me the enchants, due to being busy with work, in that period of time, when I didn't have my strongest sword, when I didn't have my good armour, Turtle provoked me multiple times, he made fun at how weak I was and wanted to fight me multiple times as well as spammed me with paralysis and banish spells, it's funny how he always teleported away when he got low from 1v1ing with my actual gear and didn't want to fight again but wants to fight when I have weak items.

-And yeah, I did grief the outside of his base, but that does not break the rules, since the rules say that I can not grief protected/claimed areas, the outside of his base is not claimed.

-I did also put a bounty on his head and told people they can keep his items if they kill him, but that's only fair no? He steals and sells my items, I might as well let others take his items and see how he feels, I don't mind being punished as long as he can suffer.


Screenshots (Or anything else) of Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)


List of eyewitnesses: Witeklos, Fischdave, Reepalot, BraidenIsekai, CocoManiac, Masaki2, OverLimit and Numan208.

(Those are the people who I'm 100% certain know about and have seen the stuff TurtleBoi182 has done. There are others who were online who have also witnessed some stuff as well as chats but I don't know their igns or I don't remember them.)


Now that I read over this, there isn't much he did except kill players for no reason even after being asked to stop, steal, lie and annoy me. Is that even ban worthy?

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First of all, setting a bounty to see someone suffer is not allowed
Second, witeklos never told me that I was bothering him.  Stop making it seem like I have no respect for anyone.
Third, what was this thing that I supposedly spammed witeklos for?
Fourth, I never made fun of you, I got revenge for the times you tried to kill me over trivial matters like the name of a waystone.
Fifth, I don't remember this gargoyle incident and I can't find gargoyle eggs in JEI.
Sixth, Griefing is completely against the rules, doesn't matter if it's the outside of a claim.  How would you like it if i poured eternal fluid and lava all over the outside of your house?
Seventh, that griefing part did effect part of my claim.  I worked for that lava well, and you destroyed it. Check the rules before you grief. Rule 8
Eighth, telling people to keep the items for this bounty is also completely illegal.
Ninth, yes, I did break rule 15.  BUT YOU WENT TOO FAR. You set a bounty on me and told them to keep the items. You griefed both my bases.  You threatened me to do literally anything.  "I can punish you for this." -snake for the 50 billionth time
Tenth,  what do you mean by provocative? You're the one who literally dmed me "I'll get everybody to kill you until you give up playing or bring staff into this, then I'll have you punished"
You think I'm provocative?  You try to make me quit the game by harassing me (once again rule 15).

Now that I read over this, you've done more than I thought you did.  Griefed my base, griefed the outside of my portals, griefed my other base.
Fine, if you reply that griefing "unclaimed" areas is fine, how about I just dump some taint on your base?
How would that feel?  I wonder...

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