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  1. OutcastDi has been punished according to the rules. Thanks on the report. Topic closed
  2. Player has been punished according to the rules. Thanks on the report. Topic closed
  3. About the mob farm and chunkloading, you shouldn't put too much entities (mobs) in a small radius of chunk (ideally, it should be 16x16),because if there are too many entities, eventually clearlag will happen which will result in their disappearance. About the TPS, it's a problem since the server opened because of it's heavy modpacks and very laggy chunks that players load in. Occasional server restarts should solve those hiccups.
  4. Tele camping can fall in under the next offense: [5] No PvPing with creative, god, fly, OP spawned items: 1st offense = Kick with Warning. 2nd offense = Jailed 60 minutes. 3rd offense = 1 days ban. 4th offense = 2 days ban. No PvP Scamming / use of creative healing or OP creative enchants. Arguments over breaking PvP conditions may result in one or all parties being punished. It can also be a violation of this rule: [14] No Scamming: 1st offense = Jail 30 minutes. 2nd offense = 2 days ban. 3rd offense = 7
  5. @kwekman , please use the following template so I can clearly see what I need to refund you.
  6. @TommyInnitV2OffASOOD has been provided correct evidence as he was an eyewitness himself and went on to do the correct action by muting you for 24 hours and banning you as you bypassed your punishment. As you've continued to harass him both on Discord and with signs in-game, there is no justification to unban you. Topic closed
  7. I'll take a look, and I'll notify you ASAP. If you're still having problems logging in, please use the free ''Unstuck'' package. https://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/1347141
  8. Axe has been placed in your inventory. Topic closed
  9. Item placed in players' inventory Topic closed
  10. Player has been punished according to the rules. Thanks on reporting and providing evidence. Topic closed
  11. Placed the items in your inventory, please reply if everything is alright.
  12. Sorry for the delay, I've placed the items in your inventory. Topic closed
  13. Sorry for the late reply, apparently you posted this in the wrong section of the Forums so you couldn't receive an answer from the right Staff. Items refunded in the inventory of Reeds1x (couldn't find Reeds2x). Topic closed
  14. Placed the enchanted books in your inventory. Topic closed
  15. Sorry, I did some things last night and I got carried away with something else. I'll edit this topic when I refund you all of the items ASAP.
  16. Placed everything in a shulker box in your inventory (I put an extra stack of nether stars because I'm fed up of reforging your items). Reply if anything is missing/incorrect.
  17. @MinzelkI've name-banned you on RAD, because your name contains phrases which aren't suitable for our community. Please change your nickname, and reply to this topic with your new nickname so I can refund you the enchanted book.
  18. @hypnotixWhat's your IGN? I can't find you in-game under the name ''hypnotix''.
  19. Halberd has been placed in your inventory. Please take care of it and don't lose it next time. Topic closed
  20. Pickaxe has been placed in players' inventory. Topic closed
  21. Items have been successfully placed in players' inventory (I've modified your existing bow). Topic closed
  22. Sorry for the delay. I've placed the dragon eggs in your inventory. Topic closed
  23. Sorry for the delay, unfortunately I can't refund you the dragon itself so I've placed in your inventory a red dragon egg along with some breeding components. Topic closed
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