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  1. Thanks Did you know what was the problem with "spectre anchor", death and the border ?
  2. Hi, Why not using a "storage bus" instead of import/export/interface, if your barrel is just here to store items in your ME network... When I was playing FTB revelations, I used black hole unit for huge quantity storage, maybe try this block... Hope it will help DarkKnight2107
  3. HI, Did you try to put a "Biometric Card" ,with all permissions but link to nothing, in your "ME Security Terminal" ? If not, try it. If it continue try this setup, but you wan't have access to wireless crafting anymore. https://imgur.com/a/sdrC6pM I hope it will fix your problems, first solutions works fine for me everytime but you have the second possibility if not. DarkKnight2107
  4. Your Name: DarkKnight2107 Coordinates: 5587, 64, -1854 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): near 6:00 PM GMT +1 Paris France 12/01/2020 Description of Issue: I was flying with my elytra, a tps drop happens. After the lag, I was the other side of the border near a dragon nest, impossible to /home enough quickly, I die and I loose my stuff. But weird, when respawning I have some of my inventory but not all my armor, tools, weapons; all these items was protected by a spectre anchor. Apparently spectre anchor didn't work and items get delete...
  5. My mobfarm always fit in one chunk. This one is like 14x14. But it's cursed earth and a very small amount of entities spawn. It's the problem... not normal it doesn't work at all... And for tps problem, i totally disagree, I played on FTB revelations with twice the number of players, more mods and less problems happened... In an other server, I played Enigmatica 2 Expert, same, more mods, more players, more entities, less lag... So someone need to investigate... I don't know if you play a little on the server but the restart doesn't change anything. 5m
  6. I forget to write it but it happens to my friend too. So to check, an other player need to try it... I install the modpack with MultiMc without modifying config so...
  7. Hi, I was searchin a way to create energy and I found a problem with the peat-fired generator. First image from a Youtube video https://imgur.com/a/fhYFUXe Second from the game right now https://imgur.com/a/exiJx6Y On our version, we don't have the energy bar and when the cursor of the mouse go where the energy should be, the player crash and come back to the main menu. It happens for me and a friend... Need to check if it's a global problem and if mod creator need to be informed. Thanks in advance DarkKnight2107
  8. Hi, I'm looking to mods/items in this modpack and I was wandering why the mod "Corail tombstone" is enable in soloplayer and not in multiplayer. It has some cool items and fonctionnalities and the capacity to create a grave when the player die so he can take back his stuff more easily than just (right now), /back Because /back is not 100% accurate for stuff recovery (lava, fire, dragon's breath ...) Thanks in advance for the answer DarkKnight2107
  9. RAD server have a huge TPS problem. I played for less than 2 weeks and we still have TPS drop, 0.96 tps during 20 secondes every 10mins ... I think it's one of the reason nothing works well right now...
  10. Hi, I create a mob farm with cursed earth. I put an iron block and setup with a blaze rod a 1x1 chunkloader. All my farm fit in this chunk. But when I leave this spot, the farm doesn't work. No more loot. I precise that the farm work when I'm near it and I try to put a cobblestone in a furnace/do to spawn/come back after 5 mins/cobblestone was smelt, so it's not the chunkloading the problems I suppose... Thanks in advance DarkKnight2107
  11. The server has been wipe less than 4 month ago. It won't be again a few more month. Personnaly, I stop playing on Craftersland Server for now. But 36 void miners is just stupid, like 2 ore, 1 ressource and 1 botanic is enough for one player even for late game because tier 6 with speep upgrade is OP. So it's normal that base like your just get delete.
  12. For the blue and yellow particles, 30/03/2020 1:16 PM GMT+1 No problem of items droppd teleportation for now. When i will see red and white particles, i wil post my inventory and the particles, and i will try to place and break 64 blocks
  13. I say that I tried to put all my inventory (with baubles) in a chest, and I killmyself, deconnect and connect. And nothing change. Reverser say to me on discord that I went on my claim and he saw particles too so... When I will play, if the problem still here, I will take all the screenshots you ask. Note: There are two type of particles : red and white /or/ blue and yellow. An other player saw blue and yellow but i don't know for red and white. I don't know where they come from so i don't know if there is a link between particles and i
  14. Hi, Since a few days, I have a problem. I see weird particles around me. The second problem which is the real problem is that when i break a block, there is a probability that the dropped item just teleport itself in the base or outside. Sometimes I don't find the item, even with a magnet. I'm going to take screenshot of my inventory each time i'm going to place or break expensive ressources to ask for a refound until we find the solution. I try to put all my stuff in a chest, kill myself, leave and join again the server...
  15. Your Name: DarkKnight2107Item Name + Amount: IC2 Chunkloader x 1Coordinates (format x, y, z): -3307 / 11 / 1049Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: noneDescription of Issue: IC2 chunkloader dissapearScreenshots (Optional): Don't close this topic one the refound done, I'm going to ask a refound for each chunkloader the server will eat. This topic will be for me and i won't create an new each time. As you want. 21/03/2020 near 11:50 AM GMT+1 23/03/2020 near 4:10 PM GMT+1
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