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[Inventory Rollback Request]DarkKnight2107


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Your Name: DarkKnight2107
Coordinates: 5587, 64, -1854
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): near 6:00 PM GMT +1 Paris France 12/01/2020
Description of Issue: I was flying with my elytra, a tps drop happens. After the lag, I was the other side of the border near a dragon nest, impossible to /home enough quickly, I die and I loose my stuff. But weird, when respawning I have some of my inventory but not all my armor, tools, weapons; all these items was protected by a spectre anchor.

Apparently spectre anchor didn't work and items get delete...


I check on solo, spectre anchor work normally. I try to rebind the spectre anchor to a random sword, die, the sword stay in my inventory...
So problem come from tps drop, huge lag or border+tps drop...

I put all the items which stay in my inventory in a chest, coord (-4521, 188, -2127)


So if you can rollback my inventory and if it works fine, we can destroy the chest with the other items after.

Thanks in advance


Screenshots (Optional): N/A

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