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Major cause of server TPS drops it from 20 to around 4


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it seems like there is a problem between Yabba barrels and Applied energetics 2 specifically the infinity upgraded Yabba barrels. It seems like when someone has a lot of resources stored on Yabba barrels connected to an ME system it drops server TPS by a lot usually around 20 to 4, and this lag persist even after a server restart as long as a someone in the server is loading a chunk that has an ME system connected by an import or export busses or ME interface connected to a infinity Yabba barrel it will cause server TPS to drop. and after trying it myself and googling , it seems like other servers are having this issue. 

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On 1/14/2021 at 3:47 AM, DarkKnight2107 said:



Why not using a "storage bus" instead of import/export/interface, if your barrel is just here to store items in your ME network...

When I was playing FTB revelations, I used black hole unit for huge quantity storage, maybe try this block...


Hope it will help


the thing is it doesn't matter what bus you use, any interaction between an infinity yabba barrel and ME system causes server tps to drop, and it doesn't take much, 1 player can singlehandedly drop server tps, black hole storage works fine and doesn't cause major issue but for some reason yabba barrels don't work well. it isn't as much as the interaction between the busses its the fact that ME system constantly updates the barrel causing major lag. this is a problem because yabba barrels are relatively cheap early game items and it would make sense for players to connect it to ME system, which again causes lag. again to clarify, im not reporting this because it is personally an issue for me, its an issue when people complain about lag and it is due to someone's base causing this major tps drop. 

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