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  1. Recently there was a series of claim rollbacks due to lycanites random event trashing a lot of basses. Mine was one of them. At the time of the request I had not realized it would also reset all items in all chests as well. That being said. I think it would be very helpful to add a note for the claim rollback template suggesting that no new items be store or removed from the claim being rolled back with the warning that any items added between the request time, and the roll back, will be lost. A note to use a separate claim for temporary storage would be a good idea. This will
  2. Your Name: AdmSirRed Coordiantes: X2400 Z 103 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11/22/2020 630 PM Pacific time zone Description of Issue: Hells fury event lit several buildings of my claim on fire and they burned to the ground. Screenshots (Optional)
  3. A number of issues have been noticed recently either from the server wipe or even more recently from the latest raid world reset. The end portal at spawn does not seem to work. This has been for a couple days. (/warp end works though) The end portal inside the end to get out does not seem to be active either, there is also no end dragon to s It seems the fixed Lycanites mobs have now been reverted back to their broken counterparts. (Such as reapers being pelicans again) Increased server wipes/lag clears. This is a little harder to pin down, but it relates to the greatly in
  4. Your Name: AdmSirRed Item Name + ID + Amount: Iced Dragon Bone rapier #5146 named Skofnung With the following enchants. Curse of Possession Supreme Sharpness 5 Arc Slash 3 Advanced Mending Unbreaking 3 Upgraded potentials Adept 3 Education 3 Lifesteal 4 Rune: Piercing Capabilities 4 Base Coordinates: x -4528 , z -3015 Description of Issue: Was fighting a group of mobs easily enough when my sword was pulled away from sticky. But instead of returning it simply vanished. Inventory had plenty of room for it to return to as well.
  5. The overworld will graduate become that way regardless. Plus some dungeon places only really spawn in the overworld initially. At least so far. And some people like converting the dungeons into bases or using them as a starting base.
  6. Another thing to add to the list is more information on the wipe. 1. What happens to your claim block allowance? 2. what happens to paid for stuff such as shop size, claim blocks, or other misc stuff.
  7. A player shop area would be cool but it may be possible to build it just outside of spawn as well, depending on the claim size of spawn.
  8. No real vote thing. Just ideas for the powers that be to possibly look Into. Doing so at a server wipe seems like it would make the most sense of able.
  9. I have made a suggestions topic on this under the link brun provided. Feel free to add your ideas to the list y’all!
  10. Let’s post up any of the known issues here to see what kinds of things can be fixed or that we would like to see fixed here. 1. fixing some of the mob skins would be nice (minor thing). Such as reapers being pelicans. Zephyrs being ents, and the reverse being true for these. (Those big chicken things as well) 2. Villagers randomly despawning when kept in captivity. This makes having them very difficult and can ruin a lot of time gathering them. 3. random deaths when teleporting home. Seems mostly connected with the fairy ring/fairy dew effect. This eats up a lot of time w
  11. Will there be any changes along with the wipe? Such as fixing the reaper being pelicans issue. Or other updates or changes? Also what happens to the things people bought? Such as more claim blocks, or more shop space?
  12. Your Name: AdmSirRedClaim Leaders Name: TilologyCoordinates of claim 2101 , -5095Claim members: TilologyReason for request: In the middle of my fort/claims https://imgur.com/a/pCEnDqU Screen shots. It would not let me upload them. The glass area is what is his claim. This player is not over the two month part but it seems to just be a barren strip of land with a door frame. He has been off for about 2 weeks it seems. Thanks for any help even if this one cant be removed yet!
  13. Your Name: AdmSirRedClaim Leaders Name: GuitarLord000Coordinates of claim 2055, 65, -51580Claim members: GuitarLord000Reason for request: Claim is in the way.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Does not show player activity but shows the claim spot as last active Dec 16 2019 tiny 80 block spot with nothing there screenshots added! Thanks again for all the claim removals!
  14. Your Name: AdmSirRedClaim Leaders Name: Neko_KiritoCoordinates of claim 2082, 65, -5220Claim members: Neko_KiritoReason for request: Claim is in the way.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Does not show player activity but shows the claim spot as last active Jan 06 2020 tiny 120 block spot with old starter base it looks. screenshots added!
  15. Your Name: AdmSirRedClaim Leaders Name: NotoriousmoonCoordinates of claim 2120, 65, -5232Claim members: NotoriousmoonReason for request: Claim is in the way.Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Does not show player activity but shows the claim spot as last active Feb 12 2020 Nothing on the land, just a tiny 60 block spot. screenshots added!
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