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  1. Don't mean to be a bother, just giving this a little bump since it has been a week. Thanks!
  2. Your Name: AdmSirRed Coordinates: X 13171 Z -1143465 y79 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): The server time has my death at 14:15:51 as seen in the screenshot. A rollback to 14:10:00 would likely be just fine Description of Issue: I have no idea what happened. I was flying along then there was a sudden spike of lag. I froze up and seemed to just die. When I got back to the area there was an insane number of mobs all over the place as if from an event of some kind. My death screen doesn't evens how any mobs around. Screenshots (Optional): https://ibb.co/
  3. Just noticed this was never addressed and it has been a few months.
  4. Your Name: AdmSirRed Item Name + ID + Amount: Iced dragonbone rapier 5146 Legendary stats. Name : Platinum Angel The list of enchants on this one I made sure to get a screenshot of incase of this problem. Time 0906 Am east coast Base Coordinates: X -39564 Z -63451 Y 69 Description of Issue: Same issue as the last one. Sticky at the same time as a lag wipe in one of those super dungeon towers. Screenshots (Optional) https://ibb.co/vs4m5Vz
  5. Your Name: AdmSirRed Item Name + ID + Amount: Iced dragonbone rapier 5146 Legendary stats. No name Enchants Arc Slash 3 Advanced Mending Unbreaking 3 Curse of Possession Swifter slash 5 Supreme Sharpness 5 Education 3 Adept 3 Rune pricing capabilities 4 Viper 5 Envenomed 3 Base Coordinates: x-30447 z -48685 y 64 Description of Issue: Not certain, my best guess is sticky effect dragged out my sword at the same time as a lag clear. It had curse of possession with its standard item spot open but it popped out and never ca
  6. Your Name: AdmSirRed Coordinates: X 9718 Z 2752 Y69 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2/23/2021 7 PM Pacific standard time was when everything was ok. Description of Issue: Someone who had trust came in and ransacked Big_tuna_103 claim. This claim is a SUBDIVISION of my larger claim of the entire castile. I am hoping you can rollback just the subdivision to restore his home and items. Someone came in and took everything and destroyed the house. We could not figure out who sadly because what seemed to have happened was i gave trust to my entire claim to multipl
  7. Arizona0417 claim killing again was at it again. This time he was teleporting into xxdeveloperxx40 base. He kept teleporting in and attacking him as well as taking stuff from his chests. others came in to help defend (witnesses) Cords X631 Z 1729 at about 330 pm West coast part of the chests where not claimed so he also kept taking stuff out of it. The image is not good with the chests in the way. Developer tried to block him in to stop him from attacking him. Witnesses are me (AdmSirRed) xxdeveloperxx40, MortuusFever and Cedarpug https://ibb.co/0hj7hgF
  8. Arizona0417 killed LudwigsCafe in my claim which is subdivided for him. This was at about 650 pm east coast time. The subdivided Claim is LudwigsCafe's new base. Cords X9821 Z 2732 Witnessed by me and LudwigsCafe https://ibb.co/Wyr1Ccw Screenshot does not tell much other than he died. I promptly killed him to get him out of my claim.
  9. Your Name: AdmSirRed Item Name + ID + Amount: Dragon Egg - Blue 4489/0 two of these Base Coordinates: x3152 z2415 y80 Description of Issue: Trap used two eggs trying to hatch them. one of them i gave him and one he bought. He had made the nest wrong so they just instantly vanished when trying to hatch them. I made this for him since i helped him make it right and made one work. Just trying to get the two eggs he lost back to him Screenshots (Optional):
  10. I was just wondering what sort of server hosting stats the RL craft server uses if this is something we get to know about. I am just wanting to learn more about the server stuff.
  11. As i recall i just added it by dragging and dropping it into the mod folder. Then you click on it to "install" and done
  12. [Refund Request]*quackthel* Your Name: AdmSirRed Item Name + ID + Amount: Ring of the faires#5347 Base Coordinates: X2387 Z 2902 Y65 Description of Issue: quackthel and I (AdmSirRed) where around this grave thing everyone was checking out. A roc swooped in and grabbed me so i killed it. The cleave attack however also killed quackthel on accident and all his items scattered. We tried to gather everything up but my inventory was mostly full. In the end the ring got wiped. Screenshots (Optional): This can be confirmed byCuteanimebob, Crunch4Nator and bananaawesome03
  13. We have a spawn killer that has come back and is just killing everyone at spawn again. In-Game Nickname: (ThunderStaff1129) Time and date: 646 pm Westcoast time https://ibb.co/cYb5vbX
  14. Your Name: AdmSirRed Claim Leaders Name: kocabiel Coordinates of claim (use format xyz: 405 ,-355 ,73 Claim members: Reason for request: unused and in the way of others. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): https://ibb.co/YQ7DKzS
  15. In-Game Nickname: (ThunderStaff1129) Time and date: 549 pm Westcoast time Description of what happened: (IHe is just killing all the weaker players that enter spawn. He seems to be doing it while also invisible.) Screenshots or Proof: https://ibb.co/fnJLQT9 https://ibb.co/z4cNx0J https://ibb.co/NYgpC79 List of eyewitnesses: GloeGloe, DenisCon1, Bel3N, DatasianYeKnow
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