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  1. name; AdmSirRed I am stuck in a location that crashes me every time I log in. Can I be teleported back to spawn please?
  2. Name: AdmSirRed Can I be teleported to spawn? I cant get back into the game because it keeps crashing me.
  3. I also just noticed you cant make any of the upgrade mods at all because of this.
  4. I am trying to make a drawer key but the item "Upgrade Template" does not seem to exist which means you cant make the key which also means you cant utilize a lot of the functionality of the storage drawers mod. Is this intentional? If not is it possible to get a pair of these keys in order to utilize the drawers in some way? They are fairly simple items to make with mostly just wood and gold.
  5. So when I first started i joined the server and logged in. I had my two books and that was it. I had my skin on and went out to start the game. I played for several hours and live din a small dirt hut where i gathered some items and got my initial 20 vote keys (server bonus week) I set a home and made a claim though I did not record where. I then logged off for the night. The next time I logged in I was back to square one. I had no skin, the two books, nut now I also had a golden shovel and a claim stick. This issue has not happened again since and I am worried it may happen again (plus I would like the stuff i lost back but it is minor.) After this, I was setting up my sisters account and tested this issue. I did the register and it let me in. I had her skin, and she had both books. Then I logged out for a while and waited. Then logged back in and now I had no skin both books and the claims tick and shovel. SO far it seems that new players must register and then log out for a while and then back in before they start playing because any progress made at the start before that will be erased. Other players have also had this problem and it would be nice to know more of what is going on with it.
  6. i had 3 failed log ins and i cant seem to remember my password. i forgot what format its supposed to be entered in at. is it supposed to have a space in it?
  7. Don't mean to be a bother, just giving this a little bump since it has been a week. Thanks!
  8. Your Name: AdmSirRed Coordinates: X 13171 Z -1143465 y79 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): The server time has my death at 14:15:51 as seen in the screenshot. A rollback to 14:10:00 would likely be just fine Description of Issue: I have no idea what happened. I was flying along then there was a sudden spike of lag. I froze up and seemed to just die. When I got back to the area there was an insane number of mobs all over the place as if from an event of some kind. My death screen doesn't evens how any mobs around. Screenshots (Optional): https://ibb.co/GF95hF7 https://ibb.co/thQXKqv The main loss is the 668 lvls of xp i would really like to get back Proof of xp in screenshot of my death screen. Thanks for any help on this!
  9. Just noticed this was never addressed and it has been a few months.
  10. Your Name: AdmSirRed Item Name + ID + Amount: Iced dragonbone rapier 5146 Legendary stats. Name : Platinum Angel The list of enchants on this one I made sure to get a screenshot of incase of this problem. Time 0906 Am east coast Base Coordinates: X -39564 Z -63451 Y 69 Description of Issue: Same issue as the last one. Sticky at the same time as a lag wipe in one of those super dungeon towers. Screenshots (Optional) https://ibb.co/vs4m5Vz
  11. Your Name: AdmSirRed Item Name + ID + Amount: Iced dragonbone rapier 5146 Legendary stats. No name Enchants Arc Slash 3 Advanced Mending Unbreaking 3 Curse of Possession Swifter slash 5 Supreme Sharpness 5 Education 3 Adept 3 Rune pricing capabilities 4 Viper 5 Envenomed 3 Base Coordinates: x-30447 z -48685 y 64 Description of Issue: Not certain, my best guess is sticky effect dragged out my sword at the same time as a lag clear. It had curse of possession with its standard item spot open but it popped out and never came back. No mob was found holding it either. (yea i checked the tool belt :D) Thanks for any assist on this! Screenshots (Optional)
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