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  1. It would be a good idea, also that it gives a good appearance to the page ?
  2. Account Name: AnonymusYo Rank: Sponsor+ Server: Network - Pure Survival and AC (some of the commands I already have in AssasinsCraft) Requested Commands: /time set ; /speed ; /flyspeed ; /weather ; /fix all (repair) ; WorldEdit ; /tpa without cooldown Reason for Request: In case of the time set, speed, flyspeed, weather and fix all (Pure Survival) is just for fun, also I have those commands in AC , WorldEdit (Pure Survival) to make easier when building, without abusing the command and tpa without cooldown (i mean /tpa /back /home) (Pure Survival and AssasinsCraft)is to be able to go places without having to wait for time. Note: I would also appreciate if you can give me the VIP rank in the forum
  3. There is one suggestion that I would like to do. It consists of making the tutorial easier and at the same time more accessible, for example that you appear there the first time you enter, although it is true that the current one explains clearly and in detail the game, I consider it to be some extensive, I have preceded cases that people spend hours or get bored because they cannot pass the tutorial, which by its name should be easy and explaining the modality. Thanks ?
  4. Hi ? To report someone you need to do it in the complaints section following a format, here is the template https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/7154-read-before-posting-complaint-report-format/
  5. You put the video in the drive, but it appears that you must request access to see it, I think that could be reason that makes difficult for the staff to see the it.
  6. Hi, I think it would be easier for them to see your post in the correct section. In this case in "Rank Transfer", this is the template: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/17298-template-rank-transfer/
  7. I think the translation would go something like this: I have sincerely tried to login to the server but when I type my password to log in It appears that its invalid and it has been like 30 minutes and nothing, please answer this if your followers care.
  8. They are already added, thanks for the help ?
  9. Hi, thanks for adding the commands, but the /time set ; /skull still won't let me use them. If you could add them please
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